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  1. What good are reminders, if you don't get a notification. I have the same problem on both Android and Windows 10; I set up reminders for tasks and never receive any sort of a notification. Am I expected to be staring at the task list all day; do they pop up there?
  2. When I converted to Ver 10 some time ago, all my hyperlinks to other notebooks became weblinks. I work in the Windows 10 version 90% of the time. I'm tired of having to convert them to App Links one-by-one as I come across them. Is there any way to change all Evernote web links to App links?
  3. I am also terribly disappointed in this new version 10.1.7. I have also been a premium subscriber for years. I miss the ability to add tags from the top, and especially to tap on the notebook name above the note and move it from there, rather than having to go to a pull-down menu from there. My biggest problem, however, was that I bought a new computer at about the same time as this new release, and getting Fujitsu's ScanSnap to work with it has been a nightmare. After multiple hour-long sessions with Fujitsu's support we finally got it to scan directly to Evernote, however it scans to a newly created notebook each time!
  4. At least make it possible to copy the link to a note while within that note, rather than having to highlight it in the notes list, right click and selecting "Copy Internal Link." It's so cumbersome, requiring multiple steps. I agree that there should be options to edit the text of an existing hyperlink without changing the hyperlink.
  5. That is great, but it would be so much better to be able to select the whole table then click the indent icon in the formatting bar.
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