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  1. Hi Billbert, I am afraid that at this stage you need to log in everyday to get a list of your reminders and kind pay attention on the timeline (which is not helpful at all I agree). Please upvote this feature here and reply, we need this basic feature ! here
  2. To vote and push for an implementation of the feature go here
  3. Hi, Very basic and essential feature for dated Tasks/Reminders to be complete: ENABLE iOS/Android/Windows notifications. The notification sent to email is just not enough at all. - i.e : an Evernote notification pops up on your lock screen saying "Your "Correct notification is due by Date" Ticket raised/More on that topic
  4. Yes they do, which quite frankly is already good. Still Evernote needs to work on the basic task/reminder notification it is a basic and essential feature to be reliable and useful. Attend to it quick please. I'll post an up.
  5. @gazumped @Claudiofpiga Thanks for answering but I believe you did not get me. I know how to create tasks and reminder to it that is not the issue. I would like to add a notification showing on my phone's lock screen without opening the Evernote app. Same applies for windows I'd like to have a notification popping on my desktop. (N.b these notifications being at the date and time I've defined on the reminders)
  6. Hi there, I am a personal member of Evernote for many years now and have to say that it feels good to see Evernote moving in the right direction. The issue I am encountering is a very basic one. I'd like to be able to receive notifications on my phone (android) or computer (windows) from reminders of my tasks & notes. - Android: My notifications are enabled but nothing is showing up. - Windows: Got no idea of how to proceed whatsoever. Thanks in advance for your answers Nicolas
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