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  1. Thanks, Paul. That would make sense, bBut that is not what is happening. I am having this happen when I have all notes selected and the tags that are added have nothing to do with the notes around them. I know that because I thought the same thing, but one in particular that seems to be consistently showing up is a tag I used a long time ago that is actually structural for my tag hierarchy and not even used in any actual notes.
  2. Newest version (and I noticed it before) back to no ability to sort by due date. - a bit of a step back. It seems this should always be the ONE view. If you can have ONE view on reminders, it should be by due date. Other filter or orders would be additional options.
  3. This seems random, but frequent enough that it's annoying. When I create a new note by clicking on the new note button, sometimes three tags are added to the note and other times they are not. It is usually the same three tags, but there is nothing I'm doing that has anything to do with them. I am not aware of a feature that automatically adds tags and I cannot find a behavior I am doing that makes sense for them to be added, but there they are. Anyone else?
  4. Thanks @AgnesP. Yes, the update helped a ton. The reminders are now ordered by due date, however, they are ordered in the inverse direction of what seems to make sense to me, with upcoming reminder dates at the bottom rather than at the top. I have to scroll for quite a while to get to today's reminders. Any chance this can be reversed, or provide a sorting option once again? I appreciate the update. I know and trust Evernote will keep working to get things right, and I definitely appreciate the support of more "power-user" features. It keeps me here and keeps me recommending Evernote to others.
  5. I'm with Joe on this one, however with a a twist. It depends on my IOS device (I'm running the current version as of today 02/10/21). On my iPhone, the default reminder sorting order is by reminder due date. Perfect! Which is good because... as mentioned... there are no longer sorting options. On my iPad... same version... I have no idea what it using for sorting. It is not reminder, created, or edited date. I see no reason for the order of my list. Since I run with about 150 reminders every day, completing between 50 and 60 each day, this makes my iPad useless which was very painful since, until this morning, the Mac version was also not being terribly helpful with reminders (the legacy version is rock solid). Anyway, I want order options, and at least, consistent ordering on devices with reminders sorting by due date.
  6. A week or so ago a group of 30 or so messages spanning the last six months will not sync. Exported them all and imported them one at a time. I've copied the content and pasted into new files - deleting the originals. I've tried everything, but every one of these just will not sync. I've even completely removed my local application and database after removing the files. Everything worked fine until I imported them once again. What can I do to get this error to stop? It's not size. The largest is about 400 KB.
  7. Thanks DTLow, but I need to view them chronologically like you can with the reminders view in all Notes. My day is scheduled by my reminders.
  8. Maybe I'm missing this, but I was previously able to call up my reminders separately from a shortcut view by tapping the reminders button on the top or bottom (strange that it bumped around). With 8.0, I can see my reminders in the general "notes" area by selecting "Reminders" from the top. It then shows all reminders in order of due date, BUT my shortcuts no longer have the ability to view reminders by due date. I can only arrange by created date or edited date for all notes. This is important if you hope to manage reminders for specific tags or notebooks - to exclude non-associated reminders... like say... shared notebooks. I can see reminders owned by others within a notebook I do not own. I want the ability to restrict my todo list to what is definitely mine, within the category I have defined. Looks great though.
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