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  1. Today we released Windows 6.17 beta 1. It's available here! What’s in 6.17 beta 1? New: - Now there’s one easy place to find everything that’s been shared with you, including notes and notebooks. It’s a new feature called “Shared with Me,” and it’s in the sidebar below “Notebooks.” We think you’ll love it. Fixed: - Notes go missing if all of them are dragged and dropped from one shared notebook to another shared notebook - User can't remove a tag from a new note after doing a search using the same tag name - Performance issues with note loading - Sharing a notebook with new member of Business account shows as external sharing - Fixed several crashes
  2. Iriska

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    We had an issue reported on the forum about tags created in black (default color) and bold/italic/underline style were invisible in Tags view when logging in on another computer. So we fixed it.
  3. Today we released Windows 6.16 GA. It's available here! Whats in 6.16? Fixed: We took care of some of the top sync and crash issues that were getting in your way. We squashed some annoying editing and note title bugs that were buzzing around inside the app. Now you’re 100% able to rename hidden tags from the toolbar. Up from 0%, so that’s quite an increase. We had some attachment issues related to YouTube clips, PDFs, and shared notes. But we got professional help and worked through them. There was a problem with dragging and dropping emails from Microsoft Outlook into a note. Things should be back to normal now though. Switching notes would cause you to lose any edits you’d made to a business card. Since you probably made those changes for a reason, we fixed it. We fixedd teh spel cheker. Updated: We tweaked the note list header to match its look on other platforms. That might not sound like much, but trust us, it was super annoying. Now you can export a note with a missing source image (and all you see is that smug little icon instead) and import it back into your account. We’re still questioning the icon, but it refuses to tell us what it did with your image.
  4. Today we released Windows 6.16 beta 2. It's available here! What’s in 6.16 beta 2? Fixed: - Space between two URLs is removed after copy/paste into Evernote - Unable to edit Biz card (updated information is reset when switching notes) - Local file link doesn't work correctly when using 2byte character - Created tags with black color (default color) and bold/italic/underline/strikeout style are invisible in Tags view when logging in with the same account on another computer - Horizontal Rule disappears at various zoom levels - Note panel is blank on all notes view - Unable to copy a PDF attachment from Outlook mail to note - Cursor jumps to the beginning of note title in SingleNoteView window - Drag and drop local PDF file into note fails on second or third try - 'Shift+Alt+N' does not open Notebook selector on Note List Updated: - ENEX import/export: Allow empty img source tags - Tweak note list header size and positioning
  5. Today we released Windows 6.16 beta 1. It's available here! What’s in 6.16 beta 1? Fixed: - Upgrade button should not show up for 'Plus' subscription users or reappear in toolbar after it's removed and app is relaunched. - Client crashes unexpectedly when dragging notes to notebooks - Unable to rename personal hidden tag from the note toolbar - Intermittent issue where the cursor jumps to the beginning of note when typing in a new note - Template creation fails if an apostrophe is in the note title - Table fits to page even if content doesn't take up full width - "YouTube" clip option cuts off video thumbnail image on Windows - Attachment updating is not reflected on single shared note via workchat - If your sidebar is in light mode, hovering over a notebook causes the note count to be invisible. It is the same font color as the hover color - New notes don't sync up to the service immediately after being created - Unable to drag and drop email content from Microsoft Outlook to note content in Evernote - Some PDF files are lost when attached - Accented and other international characters are not displayed properly in Note title - Please note that emoji in the note title will appear as squares. Emoji in the note body will render properly Updated: - We've updated the Note List header to align with our new branding and for consistency across platforms