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  1. Has anyone found a good alternative to the old quick switcher using Cmd + J ? I use that all the time and now I'm really lost how to jump to my notes quickly. I've been tryinig Ctrl + Cmd + E but it's way slower and it doesn't open notes in a new window :(.
  2. That could be useful. Now I sometimes use [-] for that.
  3. Not sure if it helps but I rarely use the "main window" (All notes) to jump to notes; Instead I'm working in one of notes opened in a standalone window and I press Cmd + J there to find & open desired note in a completely separate window.
  4. It's not a completely fluid experience by I use Keyboard Maestro macro for this. It looks like this:
  5. +1000 for this. I'm not in position to judge how difficult this is but it would be a big improvement, imho. Adding Table of Contents on top of that would be awesome too. Nowadays, I use Keyboard Maestro macros which basically format the titles with a different font (bigger size, special color, prefix with markup style "##") - like this: While a reasonable workaround it's not smooth enough and I guess it has some performance costs. And I don't have Table of Contents which I still (sometimes) create manually. I'd really love to see this feature
  6. I'm suffering from a very similar issue. After a while, my Evernote Mac App is barely usable and the memory consumption goes to 3+ GB. Note editing is often very slow 10-100 seconds! (cut/paste or even a simple edit) I'm currently using following version: Version 7.2.3 (456885 Direct) Editor: 47.0.5287 (17d18b5)
  7. The feature that I miss a lot though is a proper indentation of code blocks. As far as I know, you cannot create indented code blocks anymore. See the following link for more information: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/106520-indent-and-code-block-issue/
  8. I also have a big problem with it since it breaks the text flow. It used to work in former versions of Evernote but it doesn't work anymore. In some of my old notes it's still shown properly: But it's not possible to create such a list anymore - only this:
  9. This may also be interesting for you: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/106520-indent-and-code-block-issue/
  10. I use links a lot - this would be very helpful. Together with table of contents and linking to subsections:
  11. Doesn't typical Full-Screen mode work for you? On MAC, you can press Ctrl + Cmd + F to get into full-screen. While not everything is hidden, I think it's a pretty good start.
  12. So, please, consider upvoting ;).
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