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  1. Either a new note or an existing one, at the top you have an area to put tags, I have a lot and I don't remember every one of them. It'll be very helpful to have a droplist or something that shows all the tags you have and can select the ones you want for that note. Right now the only way is to start writing and it will suggest the tags you have with the words you're writing, but once again with a droplist you could add tags that apply to the note that you don't remember they exist.
  2. Let's vote to have a checkbox with 3 options: ✓ DONE (first click) ✘ Couldn't be done (second click) "blank" PENDING TO PUT A STATUS (third click) The intention is when you create a checkbox it will be blank as it is right now. The change is that it will have 3 options, instead of the 2 there are right now (done and blank)
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