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  1. If the prior common editors were not abandoned back then, are they being abandoned now for this common editor?
  2. @dcon To be honest, I don't think I quite understand some of the jargon around CE, CEF, frameworks, etc. Are you saying that Evernote started a common editor from scratch as announced in this thread, then abandoned that, then started a whole new common editor project, abandoned that, then repeated this cycle a third time, and now @Ian Small is announcing a fourth cycle? If so, what happened to all of those abandoned versions?
  3. I use a SSD on both of my Windows devices, so this has nothing to do with spinning disks. The copy/paste problems are widely reported in these forums going back to, I believe, the very launch of these forums. I think that means the copy/paste problems are widespread enough to be prioritized... As for "rewriting important bits of software" and "use [of] the proper forums", the other reason I'm posting is because the recent announcement of creating a common editor to fix a lot of bugs made me wonder what the heck happened to the prior announcement of creating a common editor to fix a lot of bugs. So I'm already in the right forum and specific thread to ask those questions.
  4. I do not believe Evernote employees are actually very aware of the bugs, so I hope to raise that awareness. In emails with Evernote support, various employees have stepped in at different times, often weeks apart, and then I've had to retell the whole story of bugs, resend videos, etc. Perhaps these forum threads are a more permanent record that they won't lose?
  5. I have made pictures/videos/posts/twitter messages/etc. about all of those bugs. None of them have gotten fixed. Evernote customer service has even - and I'm not kidding you - lost the videos I've sent them in the past. I've deleted most of the videos since then. Overall, Evernote employees just say things like "Maybe we'll fix them one day... that whole touch-the-screen-then-Evernote-crashes-bug, well, that's on our backlog. We have other priorities..." Should I make a bunch of short video clips and post them in these forums to demo the bugs?
  6. I wrongly used the word "bug". What I should have said is "basic functions" have been glitching badly or outright failing for 8+ years. For example, on a Windows device, cursors still leap around weirdly in lists, such as when you press CTRL + RIGHT ARROW while at the very end of a list. Copy/Paste still misses ultra basic things like line breaks and spaces or inserts them unexpectedly or does other weird formatting things. There are tons of posts about this in the forums. Cursors still disappear below the note if you're using tables, horizontal rules, or lists. If I use my touch screen to put the cursor in the note, there will be two blinking cursors, one of which is fake. Evernote tends to crash completely after this. Evernote is an 11-year-old note-taking app and cursors and copy/paste are still unreliable! Just as important: Evernote's motto is (was?) "Remember everything", yet it has had all kinds of sync and data loss problems for years! This is nuts! Especially when they've poured resources into logo redesigns and business socks. I was relieved to hear that the CEO announced fixes rather than new features would be the priority for 2019... But it sounds a lot like previous Evernote CEOs' promises to get the core product working. According to @dcon, there's too much turnover and "shiny new object" syndrome to persevere with such promises. I expect that, over the next few years, there will be more useless visual redesigns, a bunch of endeavors only tangentially related to note-taking, and then a 4th CEO promise to get the core product working. Evernote: Please prove me wrong!
  7. I can't tell if you're serious or sarcastic. If serious, why the heck is Evernote building 4 different common editors and how, exactly, are 8+ year-old bugs surviving all of those versions?
  8. Can an Evernote employee please give us an update on this project? This thread was all about a common editor which was started in, I think, 2013, and announced publicly in 2015. Instead of having 5 different editors for 5 different platforms, this common editor would fix a lot of bugs, make for a common experience across platforms, allow basic markdown to become a reality, make it easier to roll out new features and smooth out the kinks, etc. Now it's 2019 and there is an announcement of - wait for it - a common editor. This will replace the 5 different editors for 5 different platforms, fix a lot of bugs, make for a common experience... What's going on? Is the 2019 announcement a new, second common editor? Or is it just a bunch of changes to the common editor announced in this thread? What happened to the original 2015 promise of a common editor? Can an Evernote employee comment on the company's follow through? On a related note: 2.5 years after posting my dream/exaggerated announcement [directly above], a CEO of Evernote made my dream announcement come true. Unfortunately, it sounds similar to Chris O'Neil's promises and Phil Libin's promises. I'm really hoping that the third promise is the charm, that the CEO really means it this time, and that he will force the company to follow through and make the core product just work.
  9. I'm seeing exactly the same problems. Evernote has struggled with copy/paste for many years, with much documentation in these very forums. I'd say that if you need to copy/paste a lot, then you should consider switching note-taking programs. The current CEO says he'll make sure the company fixes super basic things like this, but Evernote CEOs have made similar promises in the past... and now it's 2019 and users still cannot rely on copy/paste functions in a note-taking application. If you'd like to be more proactive about this bug, contact Evernote Support on Twitter.
  10. In 2015, Evernote said they were going to make a common editor which would fix a lot of the ultra basic features and functions, such as typing, cursors, font sizes, etc. Bug fixes and new features would be easy to roll out. I vaguely remember them working on this since 2013, though my memory is hazy. The blog post linked in that thread appears to have, quite ironically, vanished. I guess Evernote doesn't want anyone to remember it? Now it's 2019 and now this thread appears to represent a second pledge to create a common editor that will fix a lot of the bugs in the basic features... of course prior CEOs have promised to fix bugs and UX weirdness in the past (Phil Libin, Chris O'Neill) and my cursor still jumps around and basic touchscreen functions don't work and tags and fonts and alignment are still wonky. I do greatly appreciate the fixes that have been implemented, though... Can someone tell me what's going on with respect to: What happened to that first common editor project? Is this a continuation of that first common editor project or is this really a second common editor? Will this pledge from Evernote to fix basic bugs and UX really happen? Or should we expect a similar announcement in 2022 where the CEO says "Yup, we sure need to fix bugs and we will. This time is different. We really mean it this time... But first we're going to work on a superficial brand refresh."
  11. This bug is about 3 years old now, so i don't know if Evernote will ever ACTUALLY fix it, even though the company claims to have fixed it already. Check out this thread, especially the posts near the end of it.
  12. Have you heard anything from Evernote staff about this? My touchpad scrolling is still pretty laggy most of the time. It would be nice if scrolling just worked.
  13. I experience this as well, though intermittently. About 10% of the time, touchpad scrolling works well while 90% of the time it's slow and laggy. All types of scrolling on my computer, other than Evernote touchpad scrolling, work just fine. Has anybody filed a bug report? Or contacted Evernote support on Twitter?
  14. Evernote staff seems far more responsive to Twitter messages than to this forum. Try contacting them there and hopefully an employee will file a bug report and get back to you. Evernote on Twitter Unfortunately, as Dave-in-Decatur said, Evernote frequently allows bugs like this to live for many years. If this is a real show stopper for you, then you should seriously look for another note-taking program instead of waiting for the staff to fix the bug. The company has always spent money on the ultra superficial while telling users to endure these bugs, and the recent past was no exception. I've migrated a lot of my stuff to Simple Note and just plain text files within Dropbox and haven't run into a single bug in those applications, ever. Typing letters, backspace, enter key, cursors, focus, etc. all just work!
  15. That's false. You do have some information on how much money was made from that exercise. Not enough to keep it going. Yes, I'm sure the marketing department wanted more money. I'm not sure if the extra $$$ that went to them is more important than a functioning backspace key. It's not so much whining as it is, I think, fair criticism of a multi-year and ongoing misallocation of resources. I would also really like anyone - Evernote staff or otherwise - to justify spending money on tasks such as (presumably) professional designers on iterating logos while ultra basic features, such as cursor, backspace, and focus, are so broken. As soon as someone answers with a clear explanation OR if Evernote stops spending (wasting) $$$ on ultra superficial aspects of the software OR if Evernote makes their software work even 50% as reliably as this forum editor, I'll stop pestering them for an explanation. Until then, curiosity still drives me to post!
  16. This assumption is obviously unreasonable. If they made a lot of money doing it, they would have kept doing it. They stopped. Is it more important than copy/paste, backspace, enter key, having letters appear on the screen, etc.? You may not be an employee of Evernote, but you sure sound like you've decided to defend anything and everything they do no matter what!
  17. No, of course not. But that's not how resources get allocated. It is not about a manager telling a current software developer to drop what they're doing to knit socks. Instead of spending $$$ on sock knitters and logo/UI redesigners, Evernote could have spent that same $$$ on improving software quality. Evernote could have fired the knitters and logo/UI redesigners - or even better, not have hired them in the first place - and used the $$$ to decrease the frequency at which data randomly disappears, the enter key goes bonkers, backspace fails, copy/paste fails, etc. Is there something about this you don't understand or disagree with?
  18. Evernote staff is much more responsive to Twitter messages than to this forum. Send them a message there. This sounds like yet another bug to an ultra basic feature (backspace) that has been created and preserved while they pour tons of resources into rebranding and logo redesign...
  19. Ditto. I'm on the latest version [ (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483)] and horizontal rule continues to appear or disappear depending on the zoom.
  20. Thank you for doing this. There is some hope for a fix before 2030, but given that Evernote has known about these kinds of cursor bugs for, I believe, as long the company has existed, it's fair to say that fixing bugs - including cursor bugs like this - is not a company priority and it's possible (likely?) they will never consider these bugs important enough to fix.
  21. Well, I agree that that there are multiple sources of cursor bugs and that these cursor bugs go back many years. This thread is discussing the cursor bugs caused by one of those sources. My point, though, still stands: One should not expect Evernote's cursors to work properly any time soon.
  22. I've also gotten frustrated with all the stupid cursor bugs described here and reverted back a couple of versions where they aren't as show-stopping. It seems that not upgrading might be the best way to keep Evernote functioning and usable. Let's not hold our breaths for Evernote to fix these cursor bugs. Everyone from the Evernote CEO to bloggers to famous tech reviewers have known about these kinds of bugs for many years, they've frequently promised to fix these bugs, yet nearly all of them are still alive and well. It's 2018 and cursors are failing badly. Sad!
  23. Some Windows versions, too, have had some improvements (e.g. tables) but many other massive, show-stopping steps backwards as well. For example, I literally cannot type anything into V6.11.
  24. It has been well over a year! The first public announcement was in September 2015 and they said they had already been working on it for a little under two years. Before that were CEO announcements in 2014 that quality would be a top priority. So, we're rapidly approaching the fifth year of promises to fix bugs to the extremely basic features, such as not crashing when you open the program or try to type something, copy/paste, and having only one cursor that doesn't jump all over the program, etc. It's fairly sad to think about how much greater Evernote would be if the company focused more on bug fixes and less on shockingly redundant buttons and branded business socks. Can someone with a technical background explain to me why such ultra basic features would take 5+ years to fix?
  25. I'm not a programmer or anything like that, so I can only guess. And my guess would be that the bugs are baked so deeply into the system that fixing them would risk ruining access and ability to edit billions of notes that were made with the buggy code. Other than that, I cannot think of any reason why Evernote would still struggle so badly with ultra basic features like typing a word and having it appear on the screen, the location of the cursor, copy/pasting plain text, font sizes, blank lines, etc.
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