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  1. Your post for me is not addining anything to this discussion. This button was mentioned before and there is reply that this is not what we need.
  2. This might be part of strategy The strategy may be to follow what the users need
  3. Yes, I agree that there was logic in move they did. Don't like new versions, but there was logic in this decision and good they have recorded those movies with CEO. But it's past. My question is about now + future. Reading your replies it seems to me there is nowhere anything about strategy and they don't like to share anything about where they want to go. It's ok if they do like that. But wanted to ask - maybe somebody knows something what I don't.
  4. Thx for link. Yes, I seen all videos with Evernote CEO when there was new versions pushed out. It's not nice for me but I understand why they did all this. BUT I'm still interested in strategy If there is not, than ok. Just asking. No hard emotions or judgment.
  5. It's interesting for me as I'm person who is involved in strategies in companies - this is way I think about producs when I make decisions about them. If it's not interesting for you than why you reply to my post?
  6. This sounds nice, shows some bigger perspective. PS. I have asked question about strategy. This is not emotional complain post. It's not nice for me to read posts with senteces like "change your computer to mac" or "use other product".
  7. Ok, I'm aware that there are other users of Evernote who like all new features. I know. But do anyone know what is Evernote strategy?
  8. I like to use sometimes caps but you are right -> message edited.
  9. Looking on new features I ask myself question - > What is Evernote strategy? For me evernote key features are: -ability to fast search in many ways (all notes, in notebook ect) -stability -ergonomic pane (I turn off most of addons) For calendar and tasks I have Office 365 + some clients use G-SUIT like most companies. If not MS/Google than for teams planning there is already mature solution -> NOZBE What the hell is Evernote stratedy with all those taks, widgets, calendar sync ect? 😟 I feel that Evernote is slowly loosing it's unique features up to now (since long time I read that new version will have legacy features being added). It was the same with BlackBerry, when they left their unique technology and devices with physical keyboard they lost their uniqunes at all and there were gone from the market... That's why I ask what unique value is Evernote planning to have and develop for it's users. I would love to pay more for new legacy version with just dark mode added.... Don't need all other garbade like skething, tasks, calendar, bla bla bla...
  10. Same here. Using legacy because of such stupid things like this -> can't hide note preview
  11. What does it mean? Should we have empty widget space or there should be something? I have empty widgets space and after reinstallation it freezes the same way on home screen.
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