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  1. @John in Michigan USA you're right about the amount of help support has been, but fortunately doing the un-batched sync and turning on all the logging details enabled me to fix my database. I was able to narrow the search to two notes with attached PDFs. One PDF appeared to be corrupted and one was on the large side; but not excessively so and I couldn't see anything wrong with it. It was viewable both in Evernote and a couple of other viewers. Removing these two fixed it, but only after deleting and recreating the database exb file and all index files. I might try to re-add the large PDF from the export to see if that was actually problematic or a red herring. I'd love to know why these notes were fine on all other versions but 6.25., but the main thing is I can again use (a usable version of) Evernote on my work laptop. As a one time developer my suspicion would be they've implemented stricter validation of some sort in this version.
  2. Just looking at some of the options under the extended help menu (CTRL-click Help) and noticed Enable HTTP Request Batching. Hmmm, I wonder. That should help identify the suspect. The sync is going to take a while though.
  3. I've got a ticket open with support for this issue at the moment but just throwing it out to the hive mind, as we've tried a few things without success. I've got a new work laptop (a Dell XPS 9310) on which I've installed the Legacy client, but it will not complete a sync. It gets to roughly the last 200 notes and then gives the red sync icon. It syncs "inward" (i.e. note changes done on other clients appear in the app) but not "outward" (no new notes or edits from this machine go out). I use Evernote on several other devices: another windows PC with 6.25.1 (green icon, pre "Legacy" tag), a Macbook with Legacy 7.14. My previous work laptop was a Macbook with the last green icon 7.x client (can't remember the version) and that worked fine. There are no sync issues with iOS or Web. I've had the 10.x client on this machine with no sync issues either... just the multiple and well documented issues that make me want to stay with the legacy desktop clients for now. So, assuming most other folks with 6.25.2 on Win 10 are ok, there must be some change in this version that conflicts with something in one of my 4000+ notes. Here's a log excerpt. It's always that same error message, and always just after an INFO event saying "96% Submitting a batch of 70 note calls, size=7.6 MB" 14:35:47.782 [INFO ] [2052] [29184] 96% Submitting a batch of 70 note calls, size=7.6 MB 14:35:47.931 [DEBUG ] [2052] [25664] 96% CSyncThreadPool::OnPooledThreadFinished: 0d1f3b68 14:35:47.931 [DEBUG ] [2052] [25664] CAppController::OnENThreadEnding: Ending thread [25664] threadPoolThread 14:35:48.681 [DEBUG ] [2052] [29184] CGoogleAnalyticsBasicEvent::ctor: crash EDAMSystemException NoteStore:getResource 14:35:48.681 [DEBUG ] [2052] [29184] CGoogleAnalyticsExceptionEvent::ctor: EDAMSystemException:%201529a327fa885059ab9844ac0f368b12%20(4) 14:35:48.681 [ERROR ] [2052] [29184] 96% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=INTERNAL_ERROR message="1529a327fa885059ab9844ac0f368b12" 14:35:48.681 [DEBUG ] [2052] [29184] 96% CGetNotesDelegate::dtor: 1637df40 14:35:48.681 [DEBUG ] [2052] [29184] 96% CSyncGetNotesTask::Run: FINISHED tid=7200 14:35:48.682 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncTaskList::WaitForAll: 17 tasks done, result: 0 14:35:48.682 [DEBUG ] [2052] [29184] 96% CSyncThreadPool::OnPooledThreadFinished: 16227a18, syncGetNotesTask 14:35:48.683 [INFO ] [2052] [5752] 96% Connecting account xxxxx 14:35:48.683 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CNoteStoreClient::CreateNoteStoreClient: shardId=s122 14:35:48.683 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CThriftTransportProvider::Get: REUSING 0948c6a0 1 www.evernote.com/edam/note/s122:443 14:35:48.683 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncTaskList::WaitForAll: 17 tasks 14:35:48.683 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncTaskList::WaitForAll: 17 tasks done, result: 0 14:35:48.914 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncAccountDelegate::SaveSyncUploaded: syncState.uploaded: 3317443 bytes 14:35:48.916 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncAccountTask::Run: FINISHED tid=1678 14:35:48.917 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncAccountDelegate::dtor: 17898378 14:35:48.918 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncAccountTask::dtor: 0d2a9b18 14:35:48.918 [DEBUG ] [2052] [5752] 96% CSyncThreadPool::OnPooledThreadFinished: 0d1fd790, syncAccountTask 14:35:48.930 [DEBUG ] [2052] [24828] 0% CBaseController::OnBaseTranCommitted: C:\Users\xxxx\Evernote\Databases\xxxx.exb 14:35:48.930 [DEBUG ] [2052] [24828] 0% CSyncClientTask::Run: FINISHED tid=60fc 14:35:48.930 [DEBUG ] [2052] [24828] CSyncController::OnSyncClientTaskStopped: flags=00000031 14:35:48.930 [INFO ] [2052] [24828] Client synchronization finished, status: failed The string in the INTERNAL_ERROR error message (and in the CGoogleAnalyticsExceptionEvent above) is obviously an object ID, presumably a note or attachment. That string is the same every time (on 2 separate machines). Any Evernote API gurus who can decipher this log? If I could narrow down the problematic note it would help. Or at least the 70 notes (or less, as it says 70 note calls) it's in, I could export and delete them one at a time, but I don't know the ordering.
  4. I agree with most of what you say except "who uses 5 devices with different operating systems?" Well, me for a start. Currently I use 2 x MacOS, 2 x Windows, 2 x iPhone, 1 x iPad. A mix of work and home devices A couple of years ago I had no Macs but Android instead of the iPhone. Then there's occasional use of web to look something up from another device (someone else's PC or a work VDI that's locked down etc). That's the 5, albeit I never had all 5 in use at the same time. Unfortunately my phone was on auto-updates so that device is now committed to v10+. As a software architect I fully understand the drive for convergence in terms of codebase, tech stack and UI. However in the process to throw away basic taken-for-granted features of the core apps is not on. There's no reason why using Electron per se should necessitate any of that. It's probably just the opportunity cost of (re)building those in the new codebase vs "shiny new" features. It might be their strategy is move (nearly) everyone to 10 then implement the features that most people cry about losing, while keeping Legacy around to try to avoid losing those who would jump ship and can't wait. It's a little disingenuous if that's the case though. I'd much prefer them to be totally upfront about this. An admission that they made a couple of mistakes in deprioritising these features would help a lot. Personally I'm still playing wait and see, sticking with 6.25 Windows and 7.14 or Legacy on Mac. Crunch time is September when my premium renewal is up. I need some pretty good assurances before stumping up another year, though since Notion blew it by not having offline notebook access the hunt is still on.
  5. Oh FFS! Well I've just registered on Notion, and it's looking EXTREMELY promising. Much more flexibility and the web version is really slick. Dark mode ls luscious. Evernote import is churning away and... It. Is. Keeping. My. Notebook. Structure. AND. Tags. Intact! ❤️ And the free personal account has no limits on numbers of notes! Noice! But then I install the Mac desktop version and it look identical to the web version. OK that's fairly standard for modern apps these days. Oh... hang on... if it's a local version of the web app what about offline note access? Quick google: https://www.notion.so/How-can-I-use-Notion-offline-de55148f97c84de3b6e71aa058906be4 Yes that's right. Open the pages you want while you're still online. Is that the best you can do FFS! 💔 Sooo I'm in major rant mode now. Why the absolute feck can't developers of note apps get the frikin basics right? Full offline access to 100% of your data without having to pre-prepare, intuitive tagging, sorting by title, date created, date modified and lightning fast searching. Stuff that Evernote used to do well
  6. I've been an Evernote user since 2012 and a premium subscriber since 2014. I use the Mac client (v7) on my work machine, two home Windows machines on 6.25, my phone (iOS) and iPad Pro. I've been using Mac at work since July and been loving the dark mode. The functionality seems to have some odd omissions versus the Windows client but nothing I couldn't live with. I came to this post after googling for the copy/paste issue from Outlook, which for a while I thought was user error (I've been getting used to MacOS keyboard shortcuts) or a setting. So I didn't even know there was a v10 version until googling. I got excited for a minute or two... then I started reading the feedback and got worried. I've got 3700+ notes , about 3000 of which are work related. I'm very concerned about the time and effort involved in migrating them to another platform, and the cognitive effort to get used to it. I just don't have the time for that right now! A while back I tried to migrate to OneNote due to restrictions on my old Win 10 work laptop, and it was a disaster. The import mangles the notebook stack/notebook/note structure and doesn't do multiple tagging! So I'm now thinking I'll have to find something else. I'm yet to find something that meets my requirements. Having recently paid my yearly subscription I've now got just under a year to research and switch. UNLESS some of the things I'm reading here change! No local notes?? That's ridiculous! My internet is pretty good but if I couldn't refer to my notes during an outage it would be disastrous! The web version is ok as a backup if I'm on a different device but isn't a suitable platform for the main reference. This might be the kick I needed to spend some time rolling my own.
  7. @gazumped Thanks for the reply. I agree it's as quick* to take a doc picture in the evernote app, but this is one of those "I wish I'd..." moments. *I'd just gone into camera mode from the lock screen to take a quick snap of something and didn't have much time to do anything else. I guess unlocking the phone first might add an extra second or two, not that much in the scheme of things but I was focused purely on capturing it. Later I realised I would want that in Evernote and wouldn't it be nice if if was cleaned up. I don't have photo processing software like Lightroom or Photoshop, and in any event these are quite heavyweight for my purposes. I don't have a vast array of snapped documents to process. I just wanted the Evernote app to do its document capture stuff on an existing camera roll pic. I'm not familiar with the single-option wizard. Is that an Android thing or an Evernote thing? Anyway I got an answer to my question: is there a way? The answer seems to be not within Evernote. It's something I'd like to see and wouldn't be hard to implement, but is not something I'll lose sleep over.
  8. Related to this post below I share the concerns about unsolicited and intrusive digging into photos by Evernote or any other app. However my query is a reverse of this; effectively to "collect photos" on demand. When I want it to do so on a specific photo, not when Evernote thinks it should after rummaging through all your photos. I can add a photo to a note from the phone's photo roll but the problem is I cannot find a way to apply the image cleanup that Evernote does automatically when you capture a document from camera directly. Clearly the "collect documents" invokes this function but that seems to be either on (Evernote rifles through your photos unbidden) or off (you don't get the option to "collect" specific photos at all) Say you were in a hurry and snapped a pic using camera as you didn't have time or didn't think to open Evernote and capture a document. Any ideas?
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