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  1. I agree with most of what you say except "who uses 5 devices with different operating systems?" Well, me for a start. Currently I use 2 x MacOS, 2 x Windows, 2 x iPhone, 1 x iPad. A mix of work and home devices A couple of years ago I had no Macs but Android instead of the iPhone. Then there's occasional use of web to look something up from another device (someone else's PC or a work VDI that's locked down etc). That's the 5, albeit I never had all 5 in use at the same time. Unfortunately my phone was on auto-updates so that device is now committed to v10+. As a software architect I
  2. Oh FFS! Well I've just registered on Notion, and it's looking EXTREMELY promising. Much more flexibility and the web version is really slick. Dark mode ls luscious. Evernote import is churning away and... It. Is. Keeping. My. Notebook. Structure. AND. Tags. Intact! ❤️ And the free personal account has no limits on numbers of notes! Noice! But then I install the Mac desktop version and it look identical to the web version. OK that's fairly standard for modern apps these days. Oh... hang on... if it's a local version of the web app what about offline note access? Quick go
  3. I've been an Evernote user since 2012 and a premium subscriber since 2014. I use the Mac client (v7) on my work machine, two home Windows machines on 6.25, my phone (iOS) and iPad Pro. I've been using Mac at work since July and been loving the dark mode. The functionality seems to have some odd omissions versus the Windows client but nothing I couldn't live with. I came to this post after googling for the copy/paste issue from Outlook, which for a while I thought was user error (I've been getting used to MacOS keyboard shortcuts) or a setting. So I didn't even know there was a v10 ver
  4. @gazumped Thanks for the reply. I agree it's as quick* to take a doc picture in the evernote app, but this is one of those "I wish I'd..." moments. *I'd just gone into camera mode from the lock screen to take a quick snap of something and didn't have much time to do anything else. I guess unlocking the phone first might add an extra second or two, not that much in the scheme of things but I was focused purely on capturing it. Later I realised I would want that in Evernote and wouldn't it be nice if if was cleaned up. I don't have photo processing software like Lightroom or P
  5. Related to this post below I share the concerns about unsolicited and intrusive digging into photos by Evernote or any other app. However my query is a reverse of this; effectively to "collect photos" on demand. When I want it to do so on a specific photo, not when Evernote thinks it should after rummaging through all your photos. I can add a photo to a note from the phone's photo roll but the problem is I cannot find a way to apply the image cleanup that Evernote does automatically when you capture a document from camera directly. Clearly the "collect documents" invokes t
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