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  1. Just popping in to say I had another go at Evernote on my 2017 iPad Pro and it’s performance is still unusable. I’m off Evernote for the time being, but it’s still I’m annoying. I’m paying for this and I can’t use it.
  2. Did it do this on iOS? I honestly never noticed it until recently.
  3. Its really not about tags vs notebooks, its about using hierarchies, which Evernote has never offered for either tags or notebooks. A quick scan of OneDrive shows I've been part of over 100 formal meetings over the last two years, each one of which had a full set of meeting papers. Using a unique tag somehow for each meeting would mean over 100 tags in Evernote, which would just trash the tags view (plus Id need to know the exact tag to search for a meeting). On the other hand, sharing tags between them would make picking out the items from just that one meeting impossible. Neither is much use, which is why they're in OneDrive not Evernote. Thankfully nested tags now means that you can get some hierarchical organisation in Evernote (once they work out the kinks in their search). Its just a pity it took this long.
  4. I imagine this is the case. Most people don't organise their emails either, they just have an ever-growing mix of read and unread emails that they never see the bottom of, and when they need to find a message or attachment, they search for it. As much as that makes me feel queasy as a serial organiser, I bet most people's Evernote is just the same, a long, long list of notes each containing a single line of text, or a completed checklist of half a dozen items. The interesting question is, how many people are also paying for $100 a year for this simple usage? I'd always assumed that the people paying were the ones using the tool more fully, but maybe this isn't the case.
  5. Agreed. That 98% of users not using tags line strikes me as a politician's answer. That could well include anyone who has logged into to Evernote to make even a single note in the last 12 months, for example, even if they never used it again. I suspect the % among paying subscribers is much higher, and the % among people who have paid several years in a row is higher still.
  6. The problem with the Notebook vs Tags argument is that Notebooks have always been a second class citizen in Evernote. I've been testing a different app recently that lets you have both tags and folders/sub-folders as deep as you like, and it really reminded me how much of a missing feature this always was for Evernote (their justification for this never stood up to scrutiny imo). Evernote's simple stacks & notebooks mean that you can't really organise using it, unless you come up with tortuous naming conventions or what have you, which is exactly the kind of thing computers should be doing for us. While tags aren't really great for primary document management (they're better for refined or cross sectional searches), but they're way better than Evernote's simple Notebooks, especially given that we now have nested tags.
  7. Had a quick play around on the iPad, no change, still slow and stuttery. 5 to 10 second delays before notes open. I’d laugh, but I’m still paying for this.
  8. This has been removed I believe, as has all applescript support (which is what the services options are I think). They haven’t ruled out bringing it back but I’d be surprised to see it return.
  9. I just updated and the new version is actually worse on my iPhone 12 Pro. It was bad on the iPad but ok on iPhone before now. Haven’t tried it on the iPad yet. Swiping to edit/delete notes is completely hit and miss, sometimes it doesn’t respond at all. Moving between menus is laggy and opening notes is as bad as it was. It also stutters a lot. The whole thing has this kind of airy imprecise feel and I keep having to swipe or tap multiple times to make things happen. This is just infuriating.
  10. Yeah looks like you have to have your notebook specifically set for offline mode. If I turn off internet I can’t search for a note, even if that note is available to view manually.
  11. Noticed that while I was on the tube, search stopped working. Since then have confirmed that when there’s no internet connection (using airplane mode) i can’t get any search results, even for notes I can see are synced offline.
  12. I had to uninstall/reinstall to get the update.
  13. Ok, got some more info. I had it installed from the app store. I uninstalled it and installed it directly from Evernote, it all worked fine. So I uninstalled it again, downloaded it from the app store again, and the problems back. So the issue seems limited to App Store downloads, not direct downloads from the Evernote website. By the way, installing Evernote from the App Store uninstalls the Legacy Version automatically. I doubt it's supposed to do that.
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