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  1. I am interested in using the "Quick Snapshot" feature to scan and OCR business cards. There is a link below, but I cannot seem to find the quick snaphot feature on Android. Is the latest client newer than the documentation per attached. Can anyone provide best practices on using this feature. Thank you. http://www.guidingtech.com/11587/quickly-add-business-cards-to-evernote-snapshot-feature/
  2. I am using the latest Evernote on Windows 8 and have a question. I use the tags feature primarily to organize my notes, and am commonly using the "Find a Tag" function as per the screen shot attached . I have been trying to find a keyboard shortcut (or how to configure one) to jump directly to this find a tag function. To go there now, I typically navigate the UI on the left pane of the UI and then click Tags, which brings up this dialog. Am I missing something... is there an easy way to do this?
  3. Ctrl-shft-T does not work... actually I had already checked the article you referred me to, and it results in opening a "create a new tag" dialog, which is as per the article. I am looking for a shortcut to the "Find a tag" function as per the screen shot I sent. This dialog appears when I click Tags on the sidebar -- as you type in that field it real-time narrows down the tag list to match what is being typed. I use this a lot, as I have been using many tags to organize my notes, and I find the tag I want, then double click to get all the notes associate with that tag. -- unless there is an easier way to do this?? I know I can also use "tag:<tagname> in the notes search field, but this implies I remember the exact name & spelling of the tag :-). Thanks in advance for any insight.
  4. I am looking for a keyboard shortcut (either global or application wide) to bring up the Tags search function (see attached) - the same one that would appear when selecting tags from the sidebar. I have searched various forums and online and have not been able to locate a shortcut for this. Thanks.
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