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  1. Hi, I'm trying to list all notes with reminder and with tag @Home or tag @Errands. I have tried " reminderOrder:* any: tag:@Home tag:@Errands" and does not work. Separately all works but it looks that Evernote does not like the combination of reminderOrder:* and any:. I tried several combination and orders and does not look to work in any way. Any thougths?
  2. Thanks Got it. But still I have not found a way to get Sticky Notes synchronised on both Mac and Windows pc I have. I was wondering if there is any way to make Evernote Notes sticky to desktop for both SOs.
  3. Hi, i got stiky notes 1.5.9 and during installation required validation through a link where to log with evernote crediantial. I want just to be sure it is a validate application from Evernote side, does anyone else used it? If yes, there is also a MAC version? Regards, Vincenzo
  4. Thanks Techspeeder. I did it and works. Unfortunately it is a work around that reduces protection, hope that Evernote will solve soon. Thanks again
  5. I have installed Evernote 5, we clipper does not work anymore, got an empty error message from the rigth click clip command. While from tools -> add to Evernote 5 error message is: We cannot establish connection with Evernote application. Most likely you have 'Enhanced Protected Mode' enabled. To enable Evernote Clipper please perform following steps: 1. Navigate to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced 2. In Security section unmark 'Enable Enhanced Protected Mode' 3. Save changes 4. Restart Internet Explorer If it does not help, please submit support ticket at http://support.evernote.com IE security is not in Enhanced Protected Mode. Opened a ticket but not yet received a solution. Any thougths?
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