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  1. I miss a lot of features. But will try to use the typing tip suggested. Thanks
  2. HI, there are several features I miss from the old version of evernote. For example on android I was able to put some note on my home screen and now is not possible. But going back to Windows, my question is: there is any way to create a link to a saved search in evernote? On top of it there is any way to build up a link that open the note directly in a new windows? Br, Vincenzo
  3. HI, Before updating to V10 (and I will not comment how many troubles I got from then) I was used to generate note using Zapier. Then the Link of Notes property was visible at side of note title and easy to click. Now: a) Link is hidden and I have to go in note Properties to find it and is not cliccable. b) Moreover even the link in the body of note generated through Zapier are not cliccable. Any suggestion how can I create cliccable links with automated processes thorugh Zapier? Thanks in advance
  4. HI, I just moved to 10.3.6, but I'm used to work with list of note on top and Note preview on bottom. Is still possible to have it in this verion? Moreover Shortcut on toolbar is not visible as well. I'm a bit disappointed from current dahsobard, even in side view you cannot resize properly the preview of the note, but if you zoom out, the list of notes restrict while the note preview remains predominant. Finally, when you have a note preview and list of tag on the bottom, how you can scroll the view ???? (is it crazy that you cannot scroll the full list of tag there and if possible for sure is not intuitive since you have to raise a topic in the forum) Vincenzo
  5. Hi, Maybe I do not know Evernote enough. i see a Synch error signal (esclamation point on Synch icon) but I cannot find anywhere an error message telling me what's wrong. Thus I cannot trouble shoot. I tried disconnecting the account, rebooting computer but i still there and of course is not syncronizing the note. Any thought
  6. Thanks Gazumped, this is the kind of solution I was looking for. Unfortunately I do not know why I’m not able to connect Evernote account with Filterzie. Will send them a request of support.
  7. HI, I use Evenote in combination with other services like MindManager. When a task is completed then MindManager tags the related note in Evernote as "Completed". There is any way to automate Evenote (or an external service with API) to delete notes tagged as "Completed"?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to list all notes with reminder and with tag @Home or tag @Errands. I have tried " reminderOrder:* any: tag:@Home tag:@Errands" and does not work. Separately all works but it looks that Evernote does not like the combination of reminderOrder:* and any:. I tried several combination and orders and does not look to work in any way. Any thougths?
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