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  1. Not my problem Your problem. You should care more about your feeling than your company or it's products!! Oh wait...
  2. Dave - stop trolling. I said outright I'm a programmer, so yes, I *know* these are bugs. I've participated in 100x more forums than you. The only way to make people fix anything is to "not be nice". Nice people get tickets closed and no action. If you bothered to open your eyes, you'd notice the very response above yours is an evernote employee, who's now investigating a fix. You should READ what you reply to, then you'd see I already did the support time-waste, which is what started this post in the first place: they've got 7 stupid suggestions to work around their pile of bugs as a response to bug reports: bug tickets are getting stuck at the helpdesk, and not reaching developers.
  3. This response perfectly illustrates my entire point. option (a) - fix the bugs option (b) - do nothing and make customer jump through hoops until they go away which option did you pick? "(b)" as usual... When my customers tell me I've got bugs in my products, I *immediately* work to fix the bugs; and we almost always get them solved within a few hours. It's rare that you get a customer willing to work for you, for free, to help you solve problems. For every "me" out here, there's 1000+ other people who just think "***** - evernote is ***** - I'll find something else..."
  4. Hi @briancaldwell I'm on ADSL, so why do those dots stay there after I click the sync button? Why does the sync animation stop after I click it, if those dots still say? If something is broken, why are your systems not getting a "this user clicked sync and ***** happened" warning? If ***** is happening, as it clearly is to me in multiple situations, why do I get no errors or warnings or messages of any kind? You have at least 2 very serious problems: #1 - nobody is paying attention to customer bug reports: I know this, because your help desk have thrown SEVEN ridiculous desperate guess-steps into your help page: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313378 - go look at all the suggestions from #3 onwards, and you can see that "Evernote is broken" is getting stuck at your help desk, and not reaching developers to fix. #2 if course, is the software quality: stuff is clearly going wrong for me, unacceptably often, and you're not fixing it when I report it, and it looks like you're not doing anything to try and work out automatically when it's broken (eg: those dots not going away) so you can hunt down causes. I'm submitting crash reports to apple - are you reading them? I'm using the latest evernote on everything; I've got the latest non-developer O/S on my mac, Win 7 on my 2 PCs, and latest update on my Samsung S7
  5. Everything kindsof syncs by itself without me telling it, so I guess it's enabled. I say "kindof" because as I mentioned, I'm getting "conflicting changes" *way* too often, the dots don't seem to go away, and one note in particular regularly vanishes... Hitting the "sync" button does not make the dots go away ever. It's incomprehensible that such an obvious flaw just lives on year after year. Does anyone in Evernote even *use* evernote ? I suspect not! How could anyone work for a company and never bother to fix such basic and obvious faults???
  6. I'm a programmer; I know and understand "diff" and timestamps. I "get" that these guys want money, and are about to kick off everyone with 2+ devices, but when they have proven totally inept at understanding basic pre-school coding concepts I'm finding it a hard concept to handle: pay money to clueless idiots who never fix anything, or, go through the pain of moving to something else ? So basically about half the time I update notes, I end up with a "Conflicting Changes" version - and this even happens for no reason at times, so I get TWO *IDENTICAL* notes. That's the first idiotic thing: why are they not even checking if a note is identical before marking it as duplicate? I am a programmer - do not tell me about spaces and tabs - this is a 101-basic problem that evernote should have solved. Next: I see a "dot" in the Sync column of some notes... why? What's that about? Looks like some ghastly bug they're perpetually not fixing. This is a rhetorical question: I do not want to know why. This is a bug Evernote needs to fix, not anything we need to waste breath on. Next: My mac version crashes *every* time I close it. No matter how many times I submit a crash report to apple... same every time. Next: I've got one "note" that I use semi-regularly, and it's mysteriously "vanished" at least 3 times now - first time I thought I was going crazy, second I realized I wasn't, third I just got angry: that kind of programmer screwup is unforgivable: it is REALLY HARD to notice something that's "missing"... it should never be possible for anything to "vanish" EVERNOTE: If you're reading - blacklist all "feature creep" for a month, and go back and fix everything that's broken!!! Finally: I *am* a programmer: this page stinks of total ineptitude: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313378 - the first 2 suggestions are cool - no worries - but EVERY ONE OF THE NUMEROUS ONES THAT FOLLOW HIGHLIGHT THAT THIS PRODUCT IS A STEAMING PILE OF BUGGY RUBBISH. The mere fact they've got SEVEN different suggestions for how to overcome their inbuilt bugs (e.g. " Uninstall/Reinstall Evernote") tells us that they get loads of complaints about this - but have never taken the time to fix anything. GUYS: How about you make this thing work before you demand money from us???
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