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  1. Recently, it's been happening every other week or so, on ALL of my devices (work computer, home computer, smartphone, tablet - hence my disgruntlement). I don't understand why EACH device has to confirm the ONE email address associated with the ONE evernote account. I have had a paid Evernote premium account since 2010 (or something like that) with the SAME email account since day one. I don't know of ANY other service that nags me to confirm my email account (including my finance accounts). If their security is so bad they need to keep checking in to make sure they can reach me (maybe add a cell number then they can always text me if in doubt that the email isn't working), perhaps I need to reevaluate if I want to store my info in such a leaky service. Agreed, it's not the end of the world, but really Evernote you have soooooooo many flaky problems I'd have thought you fix the easy ones by now.
  2. Please gawd, stop this nonsense. If I'm too stupid to update my contact info then trust me, I don't want to be contacted. In other words, stop asking me if my email changed and you can count that if I ever change my email address, you'll be around the 107th or so that I let know. Geeesh, Evernote seems to be getting more annoying with every freaking update.
  3. So you lowered your infrastructure cost, your system and network administration cost, increased the ability to scale, decreased your bandwidth cost (a lot), and yet you doubled the cost of your premium account subscription. Usually I like a dinner and a movie before I get screwed over. With all these cost reductions, I expect to see a BIG reduction in subscription cost.
  4. Unfortunately, not for me (see screen cap below). I didn't subscribe via any app store, it's always been thru the web interface on this site. And no, I didn't go thru any ridiculous hoop jumping just to renew early, it's not worth it for such a small dollar amount, I'll wait until I can actual renew by, you know, clicking on a renew button/link. As to Nancy's explanation - bwhahahahahahaha - oh you're serious. There are 100's of examples of companies "doing it right", how Evernote can be so incredibly blind to simple account management is beyond belief. There are dozens of ways to prevent the problems you described, yet instead Evernot has chosen to turn away paying customers. Good thing I really (REALLY) like how Evernote the App works, or I would be using my remaining time before my renewal is up to find a company ready to take my money. I posted, not in any great hope for a real (i.e. easy) solution, but in the hopes that some bean counter would be forwarded this thread and after picking his jaw up from the floor, fix the problem. From the posts so far, I'm guessing that's not going to happen.
  5. Evernot Weirdness - you can't renew before your renewal date. My premimum renewal is up in mid-Feburary 2015. I have some money in a biz account that must be spent by the end of JAN2015, so I thought I'd get a jump and renew my premium account now. After searching thru all the account settings and finding nothing, I turned to Chat Support. According to Chat Support - it can't be done (shy of canceling my current account, losing a month or so, and then signing up and paying again). Really Evernote - you have a customer with money in hand, ready and willing to give it to you, and you're saying Nope, wait your turn? Really? This has to be the dumbest business practise I've heard of in a very long time. EVERNOTE - I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY. Please get your S**t together and figure out how to actually sell stuff. Thanks - Tom S.
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