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  1. @jefitoI think that's unfair. What I'm sure is meant is this: Please sell working software; do not spend almost a decade figuring out fonts and then roll out something that is broken. That's not an unreasonable suggestion. I appreciate that you love Evernote. I wish I had as good of an experience. A really strident defense of Evernote's mistakes just makes them look worse to unhappy customers, though, because we are trying to come together to share input, ideas, what works, and what doesn't, so that we can have the best possible experience. We're invested -- we're here. Coming in strong to shut down anything except compliments is not so great from a customer perspective. Maybe something to consider, depending on your ultimate goals here on these forums.
  2. I just updated my post to show the issue in various fonts. My post should now show 3 screenshots.
  3. @Austin GSure, here are three screenshots. I'm using Evernote Desktop for Windows, version (306387). The picture with the word "Journal" circled is viewing a note on my screen. The font is Tahoma, 10 point. The word Journal is followed by a comma which is also italicized. As you can see, the letter L is clipped. The picture with the word "phrase" circled is from a note that was printed to PDF and is identical to printing to paper on a standard HP printer. It is also Tahoma, 10 point font, and again here the comma after the word is italicized. After the comma is a space and then the word "and" -- as you can see, the space is clipped to the point that the comma even touches the letter A in the next word. The third picture shows the same sentence in 8 different fonts. Tahoma (a sans serif font) and Century (a serif font) are both clipped. The others are either not clipped or the font has enough space set around the comma to make clipping not noticeable. This was printed to PDF. All sentences are in 10 point font with the comma italicized.
  4. @JohnLongney I'm using the oh-so-exotic Tahoma font on a Windows computer. Which font did you find works correctly and consistently? And would you happen to know if there's an easy way to change fonts throughout all notes?
  5. @Austin G I am still experiencing issues with italics after picking up the non-beta release today for the Windows Desktop version. I've left my thoughts and findings at the end of this thread if you are interested in taking a look.
  6. @JohnLongney, I installed 6.8 (Windows Desktop non-beta version) today. I don't know how long it's been available, but it's available now. I didn't find that it fixed the italics issue entirely; I left a comment at the end of this thread with my findings and thoughts if you'd like to take a look before installing.
  7. It's still not really fixed (based on the non-beta download I got today). If there is punctuation after italic words, the punctuation marks get lost because they aren't kerned correctly. If a note is open in the Desktop version and you click File > Print Preview, you get the Save As window (to save as .pdf instead of previewing). Interestingly, some italics look correct online while others are still clipped. I mostly wanted italics for school notes -- I was keeping all my notes and their citations in Evernote. Every citation uses italics for book or journal names, so not having italics was a serious problem... and I have about 5,000 notes... so this was a really important and urgent for me. But I stopped being a paying customer, I've been slowly migrating notes out as I needed to see their formatting, and I've almost finished my degree. It's a shame because the hundreds of thousands of people taking university-level courses all need a way to manage their notes and citations and Evernote would be a perfect solution if it weren't for this one critical problem. It seems to me that Evernote is leaving a lot of money on the table by not providing something so simple that would really mop up all those student dollars, but I'm sure there's a business reason for their decisions.
  8. @gazumped you're right. When I saw your response to @Samyboy I conflated it with a similar set of responses on another thread (also about italics, and also with comments that people will leave over this bug) and mistakenly thought you were the same person as in the other thread. But that person was @jefito who scolded us that we should not talk like that (about importing and exporting to and from other note-taking applications) on these boards.
  9. @gazumped I ask because you sometimes come across as rather strident in your defense of this product. If you were a representative of the company, I was going to recommend that you let people engage in discourse without insisting that they are wrong at every turn. Using this thread as an example, I think it's completely reasonable for people to want to print from a note-taking software, use italics and other standard formatting features, etc., and I think it's completely reasonable for people to indicate their discouragement in seeing a commercial product not responding (by fix or even comments on this board) to bugs that have been reported by paying customers for 7 years... especially when the new framework has been available for years now. Evernote provides this forum to share ideas, and originally to provide a platform in which their staff and their customers could communicate (although that seems to have fallen by the wayside). There's nothing wrong with sharing the feedback that there are deal-breakers, things that will drive their customers to a competitor. Far from it, in fact -- Evernote should find it tremendously valuable. You're entitled to your opinions of course, but I wish you'd give others the same courtesy and not shut down conversation when you feel it is not sufficiently supportive of the product.
  10. @FuzzyDoug I heard back from the Evernote team with an update. They said italics don't work because the Evernote system uses an older version of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). The problem is actually in that framework, and so they are changing over to a newer version of the framework (CEF3). It's taking them a long time to change over to the newer version, so they don't have an estimated timeframe for when we'll see it working, but when they finish moving to CEF3 we'll have italics. After getting that response from Evernote, I googled for issues about italics in CEF3. I found one person discussing an issue with italics in version 3, but that was in 2013, so hopefully they fixed it in patches and Evernote is using one of the patched versions. Keeping my fingers crossed on that.
  11. @FuzzyDoug, in my last contact with the Evernote support team (on Nov. 2016, which was a follow-up on my bug report of Feb. 2016), they said that a fix was coming soon. I'm using the most-recent Windows desktop version, and it is still broken for me as of today. I sent another follow-up email, though, and I'll share any info I get from them. I would offer a word of caution: Don't get too invested in Evernote if italics are important to you. They are important to me, and I've got 4500 notes now, which makes any change really painful. Learn from my mistake! Obviously I remain very hopeful that a fix will come soon, but it's been broken for 7 years now, so...
  12. @WeCanLearnAnything Did you know they recently fixed this in the desktop version, at least? It's not in the menu path nor the buttons, put your cursor in a cell (don't highlight a row or column) and then right-click. (See screenshot at the end of this post.) It was about that time, though, that I noticed another table bug, which is that if you delete the text out of one cell and continue to hold down the Delete key, it will start to delete text from the cell to the right. Keeps you on your toes! For a lot of tables, I just use an HTML editor and copy/paste it into the note. I've noticed that you can even somewhat copy/paste tables from Excel and Word and it will more-or-less keep the formatting and look like a table. But that does go back to the bigger issue, which is that if you must use a handful of other software to do basic things like print and make tables, then that decreases the overall usefulness of Evernote and makes you wonder if you can get the Evernote features you like in one of the other tools you are having to use, or if there is another tool that offers it all. @jefito I understand that you are saying we shouldn't discuss leaving Evernote on their forum boards, but wouldn't you agree that any software's import/export options should be investigated thoroughly before one even starts using it for anything important? That Evernote exports to HTML files was one of the main reasons I chose it over other similar tools. I wanted to be assured that I would not get "stuck", with all my hard work in obsolete software... and most software becomes obsolete over time, with only a very few exceptions. I have praised Evernote to family and friends to a ridiculous degree, but as simple bugs remain unfixed for years I start to feel that Evernote is overextended on the credit I've given them. I'm a paying customer. I want them to be successful. I do feel that they would benefit from having one massive release that is nothing but fixing pretty much all the bugs. Possibly they haven't upgraded Chromium into their software since 2010 -- and Chromium is open-source, so, you know, anyone can work on it including Evernote staff. My bug report in Feb. was numbered 142,939; this week it was 1,908,742. That's 1,765,803 bugs reported between Feb. and now. Maybe they've done silly stuff in their project management system, such as designating a "core" and then branching for each of their release types (desktop, web, etc.), and then duplicating user stories, tasks, and bugs into each of those, thus bloating their total count, but still! That's such a big number I don't know how to make any sense of it at all.
  13. @JeffreyC @WeCanLearnAnything I received a response from the Evernote team. The short answer is that it will be fixed in an unspecified future release. It was a rather long email, but here's the pertinent part: I notice that in the desktop version, if you click Help > About, the scrolling area of the About window lists a copyright of Chromium as 2006-2010. So either they haven't updated their About window since then, or they haven't upgraded Chromium since 2010. If the latter, I imagine it's a Herculean task because so much would have changed over the last 6 years.
  14. @JeffreyC @WeCanLearnAnything I submitted a follow-up ticket to the Evernote team, asking for an update on my ticket from February of this year. I'll post back with details as they come in. (My original ticket was #142939. My follow-up was assigned #1908742.)
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