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  1. It's strange seeing notes with thumbnail images when the notes no longer have any attached images. I used to depend on the thumbnail changing so a quick glance at my tablet would tell me if I had synced recently. Used one as a sort of a picture of the day and changed it when necessary.
  2. I've found that as long as I reboot my system every 15 minutes or so I can keep the lag down to 20 seconds when switching notes. Without a reboot EN just stops responding after a while and will never recover without rebooting. It's on a test system and will never move to a real.machine until it is stable. Like next decade perhaps
  3. Maybe it is in sync, and maybe it is not. That's just part of the fun and adventure EN is trying to give us. I've found on Android that even though you tell it to make the notebook available offline, and it confirms that it is available, the notes themselves may or may not be completely available. I can see a few perfectly when online but only partially if offline. Thumbnail behavior has changed as well. The thumbnail seems to be set to the first image in the note when it is first synced. It can't be changed after that. Nice for some, not too nice for others.
  4. I think it comes down to business. They may lose a few thousand old-timers who can't stand the slow response but they may get a few million newcomers who don't know it's slow simply because they never saw the faster versions. So those of us who kept them afloat for years are expendable. I've got about half my stuff converted to Joplin via cut/paste (it has direct import but I don't need everything) and have 4 months left on one of my Premium accounts. Lots of time to finish the migration.
  5. I'm currently loading my stuff on a lesser used tablet using EN10. I don't care if that is slow and I will be using it for read-only access. I tried it elsewhere a few times and hat to revert to older versions.
  6. And the Chinese Premier will order Trudeau to send whatever he can dig up as well. I think the only way Nimbus avoided a copyright suit was their location. It was an exact duplicate of EN at that time.
  7. I tried Nimbus when they first started up. Was no competition to EN back then and I felt uneasy sending my money, not to mention my data, off to Russia. They may have a Cleveland office now but they were Russian then. Even after I cancelled my subscription they went ahead and kept billing me. Had to cancel my card to stop the charges to it.
  8. It's difficult to try this over and over. I did it twice but found that since it wipes out ALL the existing data it's too expensive to reload every time. I have only cellular connections I tether my tablet to (S7+) so downloading a few GB of offline data is bloody expensive. I will use v8.13 until my subscriptions to Premium both run out and then switch to something else. And yes, the "basic" functions are unusable in the v10.?? I tried a month or so ago. Lost 3.7GB of notes testing that one.
  9. It's unfortunate indeed. They are simply repeating what so many others have attempted and failed since I first saw the "write-once-run-everywhere" fiasco with the 8088 and 6502 CPUs. It didn't work then and it likely won't work now. Using some intermediate scripting language is always going to slow things down. ANY scripting language is going to slow things down compared to writing in a lower level language with a compiler optimized for the target platform. Want speed? Use assembler. But there are very few programmers these days, everyone is writing scripts (we used to call them script-kiddies
  10. My problem is not exactly this but it is similar. I instructed Evernote to NOT renew my Premium subscriptions (I have 2) when they come due. I changed my mind about one subscription but it seems that that is not allowed. There is no place I can find in "My Account" or "Account Status" or anywhere else that would allow me to turn the renewal back on. If they don't want my money, I can use something else. I could always just create a new account but that's a major PITA what with a few gigabytes of notes to reload. Strange how they make it so easy to close an account but so hard to "unc
  11. It does appear a bit quicker. Thumbnails show up faster and the note gets loaded faster although the latter depends on the connection I imagine. Without an internet connection, loading the note still takes forever (literally.) I can't use it if requires a connection to access my previous notes. It looks very nice and I even tried creating a new entry. I had to quit and go back to v6.25.1 as I couldn't create the new note. I hate having to constantly search for the key combination to do basic tasks. Ctrl-Backspace? Give me a break! And how do I insert the date/time in my system format "2021-01
  12. Fuzzy searching? All my stuff is fuzzy. I'm retired remember and my eyesight is getting bad so everything is fuzzy these days. But seriously though, I would have to say their search is not up to Evernote's standards. Searching PDF/Word files is not there, nor is text recognition in images and a search can't be restricted to specific items (eg: search in title only) but Joplin is pretty new. It's still version 1.xx so there's a lot of enhancements possible by the time it gets to version 6.xx. Hopefully they don't follow Evernote and come up with a version 10.xx BTW For those who like dark
  13. Security is far better than Evernote's. Full end-to-end encryption is built-in although since I'm using my own NAS (with its own encryption) Joplin's is not required. So whether the data is stored on your local file system, on Dropbox, OneDrive or wherever, it's encrypted. It can even be stored on gdrive although for privacy reasons I would never put anything on a Google controlled system. That's another concern I've had for quite some time - the fact that all the Evernote data is on Google servers. I don't care who says what about it being secure, Google is Google and if they decide to read i
  14. I've been using EN Premium under various accounts since about 2014 and I don't have a lot of notes (< 2500) which are all probably better suited to some sort of database rather than as "notes" but EN worked so I kept at it. I have tried the new version 10 a few times and it looks very pretty but for my purposes doesn't work very well. I use portables a lot (Acer laptop & MS Surface Pro along with Android phones and tablets) and not having all my stuff instantly available is pretty awkward at times. Lack of the usual shortcuts as well as changes to them (I like '2021-01-20' for a date vs
  15. I too have problems with this but I found that the Ctrl-Scroll wheel with the mouse allows me to adjust the display zoom in Evernote (or a browser) so it is easier to read.
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