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  1. I only started using their application because, unlike Evernote, (me big fan too!) the Android version allowed "local" notes. I found the thing very easy simply because I was used to Evernote and the ability to do a quick note that stayed local was attractive. There were tons of notepads available but the Evernote UI was familiar. Oh, well. Win some, lose some. The $60 they lifted from me won't kill me and replacing a prepaid card is easy. It's the principle that irks me. They steal the design of Evernote, they steal the UI of Evernote, they basically came up with a counterfeit version and nothing can be done, and when they also steal people's money, again, nothing can be done according to the VISA people.
  2. Just an update to my experience with Nimbus Note. They released an update a few months back that erased ALL my notes. I complained and got the usual (for them anyway) "We reserve the right blah...blah...blah". So I stopped using it. I sent them an email via their website telling them I did not want to renew. Well, I just got a charge on my credit card for another year. I used one of those "prepaid" cards when I signed up just in case they were a fly-by-night outfit. They must have tried a few times to charge it as the card didn't have that much on it. So they must have tried lower and lower amounts until one went through. I'll have to scrap that card. So, if you want to go with Nimbus, good luck. They have no respect for your data and the only way to stop your subscription will be to cancel your credit card. I suspect that Cleveland address they use is just a mail drop to give the impression they have an American presence.
  3. OK. Who's doing the magic? The search did not work on Thursday. I tried it on two tablets (S4 and S6) and tried it on my phone (S10+) and it did not find the text/word I entered. I read your replies this morning and was going to grab some screenshots to show the non-result and presto - it worked. I haven't done anything different in the last few days. Just routine PlayStore updates and the occasional Evernote sync on the tablets but now it works. Maybe I was searching too soon after adding the records to Evernote. I've been running EN on Android for years but never tried a search before, so perhaps it was just timing that foiled me. But, it's working so I'm happy. Thanks for the assistance.
  4. I tried a search (for the very first time on android) and got a pop-up telling me that since I was "Premium" I could search attachments and PDFs too. This is wonderful but the search I tried had the text in the body of the notes (Windows finds 5 notes) rather than in an attachment. Nothing was found. It just says "Try another search." As I mentioned, Windows reports 5 matches and what's even funnier is that the very first note in "All notes" had the text in it. Actually it was the very first word of the very first note (sorted by title) that I was searching for so I expected it would be found there at least. I already knew exactly which notes had the text, I just wanted to see how long it would take Evernote to find it. Is there something beyond "Premium" that I have to subscribe to in order to search the body of notes? btw - This was on a Samsung S6 tablet so CPU power/memory speed isn't an issue.
  5. Switch from "plus" and you are stuck with "Premium" forever. They will have to come up with a better deal for Plus users if they want to get them into a higher price bracket. Basic (I have one of those as well) is essentially useless. 60MB wouldn't cover a dozen photos from a typical camera these days and even scanned PDF files can be huge just because they are images rather than text. Plus was a happy medium that was quite useful.
  6. Yup. Works for me. I use the "Duplicate" all the time and this will help a bunch. Thanks muchly.
  7. I've got both a Plus and a Premium account and the "Plus" is NOT eligible (that's what it says when I try) for this upgrade discount. I had considered it but if I can't do it I really don't care. The "Plus" is just for testing stuff anyway.
  8. There's a URL that appears at the upper right above the toolbar. It's always been there I guess but I only noticed it recently. It can be cleared easily enough but I was wondering how to stop it from getting there in the first place and is there a way to automatically go through all notes and clear it, or is it one at a time manually?
  9. At last! Halle-loo-ya! No more added lines with "paste and match style" and attachments drop where you tell them to drop. My life is now complete. Excellent work folks.
  10. This has been happening in all versions after 6.16.4 and I've pointed it out for every new version since then. Hence I am still running 6.14.4. I see it with a "Paste and Match Style" though where a couple of extra returns are put into the text. It really makes the cut/paste operation into a cut/paste/now-fix-it operation and takes forever to correct if there's a lot to do. The 6.20.1 beta was the first time anybody acknowledged the issue and I'm expecting version 99.99.9 (or some version thereabouts) will cure it. Forgive me if I seem a tad cynical, but new "features" have a higher priority than ancient "bugs".
  11. My screen in Windows shows AAAAABBBBB, followed by a blank line followed by the final 5 A's. Started as one line of 15 characters and now the count is a line of 10, a blank, and a line of 5. That's two returns to go from 1 line to 3. Or is my math as bad as my eyesight? It may not be a problem for most people but cut and paste is a big part of what I'm doing and re-editing after every paste is a wee bit time consuming. After the first few hundred copy/paste operations it gets downright annoying. So, I'll be sticking with version 6.16.4, the last version that did the paste properly.
  12. Here's the problem. I snipped a few bits of the screen to show what it does. The first image shows what I start with. The second shows my selection of the middle 5 characters and the third shows what happens if I do a Ctrl-C (copy) followed directly by a Ctrl-Shift-V (paste & match style). I was pretty sure the thing started out all on one line but my poor eyes now seem to see more than one line. If the general opinion is that the 15 characters are still all on a single line as they started out I'll get new glasses.
  13. Well, it no longer inserts an extra line when you "Paste and match style." It now inserts TWO extra lines. Sorry, but that's not my style. It's back to 6.16 again.
  14. Oh, well. It's back to 6.16.4 again. Paste & Match Style still doesn't match style in even the most basic paste. A very simple line of text. Note there are 10 "A", 5 "B", and 10 more "A" (that's a rough count, my eyes are tired. I highlight the 5 "B" characters and "Copy" and immediately "Paste & Match Style". One would expect the line to have zero changes. The cursor hasn't moved, the text hasn't changed, there should be NO changes at all. So how come ... ... the text has changed? My eyes must be getting worse than ever because I could swear the original was all on the one line. I guess it's time for new glasses.
  15. I was just about to clarify my post to note this. I had the "switch Ctrl-V / Ctrl-Shift-V" option turned on. I'm not sure what "style" the extra CRLF is matching but it makes it unusable for me. Version 6.14.x works so that's where I'll be staying. It may be a small thing but notes look really ugly with those extra line breaks and they sure mess up URLs.
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