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  1. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    Is it just my system doing this or is it normal behaviour. I have notes where there is a label (eg: Tahoma/10pt/bold/blue) and the next line should be the data (Tahoma/12pt/normal) indented. This requires that line 2 of my "template" note always have that space to show what formatting EN is to use on that line. Label1 Data1 Label2 Data2 Because EN does not allow a font/format selection unless there is some character to apply the font/format to (ie: you can't have a blank line where Tahoma will replace the previous line's Arial,) a space character (or something, anything) must be on every line that requires a format change from the previous line. If it's visible it must be replaced but spaces are nicely invisible. Label1 Label2 The new template feature is wonderful except that every time one of my placeholder spaces is encountered, a "&nbsp" is printed in the note body. Not just a non-breaking space, but the characters "&", "n", "b", "s", and "p." All over the place. Label1 &nbsp Label2 &nbsp So, to use my template I have to then replace all these 5-character sequences with my data rather than just leave the space character and type my data. Double-clicking highlights only the "nbsp," not the "&." This replacement also sometimes removes my formatting and the label format is then applied to the data. If I don't review every note carefully, I end up with "&nbsp" in places where there should be nothing but empty space and oftentimes, data that looks like the preceding label. A really ugly mess. Label1 Data1 Label2 Data2 This extra vetting of each note means I can't, unfortunately, make use of the template feature and will just have to continue to muddle through with a "Template" notebook and copy/paste as other have been doing. The copy/paste is much, much, much faster than create from template as it is now. It was a great idea, something that OneNote has had for eons although they took it a step further and allowed a template to be a default for new notes, but EN's implementation won't work in my situation. ... or is it just my system acting up?
  2. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 1

    I've tried 6.15 twice in the last three days. The first time it blew up completely as I was editing a note and trying to attach an image. I lost that note. I then got scared and reverted to 6.14 GA where I stayed for the next day. Getting brave again, I installed 6.15 B1 again and the first note I edited, again attempting to attach an image, ka-boom. While I didn't lose the entire note this time (just the formatting) a table below the insertion point suddenly grew an extra column. Sort of like operating on your left hand and your right foot sprouts an extra toe. Bye-bye 6.15 B1 and hello 6.14 GA again. Wow! The extra column is gone and my note looks normal. This is on a Win 7 machine. I'm running 6.15 B1 on my notebook under Win 10 and all is well although I don't use that for editing.
  3. This again? Why does Evernote remove the URL? Well, it's because you asked for "plain" text. If you want formatted, don't ask for plain. It's like Evernote also stripping bold and underline. These are text attributes and "plain" does not have attributes. It's, well, plain. When I ask for a plain doughnut, that means I don't want any sprinkles on it. Nor do I want powdered sugar. It doesn't mean take off the sprinkles but leave the powdered sugar. It means I want nothing but the doughnut.
  4. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    Sorry, I saw it in the "beta 3" section and just assumed it was referring to "beta 3" software.
  5. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    But then ... I wonder what the Judge's reaction would be to the plaintiff admitting they installed knowingly faulty software (that's what "beta" means) and then wasted the court's time with a frivolous lawsuit. It's doubtful any lawyer would even take the case. Suing over flaws in "beta" software? I can hear the laughter already.
  6. OrbWeaver

    Did you know?

    It appears that way. Uninstalled the "Did you know" version and installed an earlier one. I do that all the time on my PC and never lost anything but should have realized Android is different and I was going to lose everything. But, done is done and I've got a $650 device I can't use until I reload everything at local Wi-Fi hotspots, and a few others I don't like using because of the latest version. I tried turning the tutorials off but the "Did you know" just came back the next time I ran it so I got PO'd and uninstalled. Why does EN spring this stuff on its users with no notice and no instructions on how to undo their damage?
  7. OrbWeaver

    Did you know?

    That you can very quickly alienate your subscribers when you constantly ask them "Did you know? Try it! Well I didn't bother trying it, I just quit. I went in and thought I disabled it but no, next time it's there again. I'm heading back a version just because of this stupid "Did you know?" every single time I try to do anything. Update: Well, this "Did you know?" has now rendered one of my devices totally useless. It's was a device that rarely was within range of Wi-Fi so it had everything "offline." Well it's sure offline now. Data all gone. Device useless. It would take months to reload everything. Am I having fun yet?
  8. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

    Call me a cynic but ... Chromium was designed with two things as priorities. One, it had to make it easy to pump out advertising. Two, it had to make it easy to harvest whatever the user is doing. Anything else is strictly bells and whistles. Google's sole purpose in this world is to make money by pumping out personalized advertising. Of course the browser will be given away. It's a major source of data for Google's advertising machine. Rendering speed is top priority only for advertisements, all other rendering gets done when it gets done. Drag-and-drop PDF doesn't contribute to the data harvest (especially if the PDF is encrypted) so it's not a priority. Ever wonder why notes can't be fully encrypted? So we have all our data on the data-gobbler's servers, we render all our notes (secret and public) using the data-gobbler's browser, and we wonder why storing that top secret cake recipe ingredient list has suddenly caused a flurry of ads from all kinds of places offering to supply some of those once secret ingredients. And if the data-gobbler is busy munching your data, my Chromium will slow down and hold my data until yours has been fully digested and appropriate ads picked out for you to see later. Gotta love those conspiracy theories eh?
  9. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.12 Beta 1

    I'm not having any problems with 6.9. I tried 10. I tried 11 which came up with zero notes and insisted it would download them all over again. Reverting to 6.9 magically found them. I just tried 6.12 where the first time it ran it went "Not responding" for a minute-and-a-half and the second time NR lasted 5 minutes before I restarted the system, uninstalled 6.12 and reloaded 6.9. I try them all but most versions don't last very long. I have nothing really important stored and it's just a hobby, not work-critical stuff, so I can always restore the previous night's backup if things go bad. Still, I expect "Not responding" from Corel stuff (every 5 minutes or so,) not EN, so that was a bit of a surprise.
  10. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

    Wait for it ... wait for it ... new release is coming ... Surprise! It's here.
  11. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

    I'm baffled (as usual) but I was about to edit my previous post and replace every possible word with an emoji. Surprise, surprise, the version I'm using ( doesn't even have these things. I can see them on the forum editor toolbar just above where I'm currently typing, but in EN itself, there's no sign of any similar tool on the toolbar. I never noticed that before. I guess that shows how important they are to me.
  12. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

    I'd be surprised if any priority was ever attached to emoji inclusion. It's more likely that this, essentially only for fun, feature was something somebody did in their spare time and it just got thrown into the pot. Spare time? What? They have spare time? Shame on EN! These developers are obviously not being responsible developers if they have spare time. And the overseer with the whip should be fired for allowing "spare time." It would be nice if all the bug fixes were in there as well, along with every feature everybody has ever asked for, but from many years developing software I know that bugs are a bi*ch to track down in even the simplest piece of software. and every new feature is going to break something else. An application used by many millions in a million different configurations must be next to impossible to sort out unless it's something very basic and easily reproduced.
  13. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

    I was much the same way for the longest time. I was still using 6.33 when the 6.9 was released and even moved everything over to OneNote for a short spell (very short as it turned out) when I got too frustrated with EN. Still, the roulette game with EN releases is nowhere near as dangerous as the Russian style played with OneNote where maybe your notes are synced, and maybe they are not. It depends on the time of day or the phase of the moon or something. I needed a reliable sync more than I needed some of the other bells and whistles so I moved everything back to EN and renewed my premium for another year. The betas are flaky and the GA releases are only a little better but hey, it's a free country and there's nothing and nobody forcing you to install anything. Personally, I think things have gone downhill since Google took over but that's just one opinion. EN is still the only real choice for serious note keeping and as long as you don't put anything there that you don't want Google poking through, it is still a lot safer than OneNote for note integrity.
  14. OrbWeaver

    Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

    It's a general release because of all the emojis that are now available. All the 12-year old "Premium" subscribers were demanding these oh-so-important emojis so they could chat with their pre-teen buddies. They didn't need reliability as a 12-year-old's chain of thought generally doesn't last more than a few minutes. Those lost notes were forgotten almost as soon as they were created so they are not an issue. EMOJIS are far more important. The EN people had to decide whether note safety or emojis represented the cash flow and the emojis won. Now how do I write a semicolon and a close parenthesis without getting some silly smiley winking at me?
  15. Just got some brand new (to me) messages from EN on my Android phone saying it had found new photos containing text and would I like to save them to EN. Huh??? Does every photo I take (or just put on the phone) get sent to EN for analysis? Can this be turned off? If I load 13000 new photos (as I did a week or so ago) will my phone be unusable until this examination is complete? Am I overly paranoid? Well, as to the latter, that's not possible in this day and age of FB and UA type stuff. But what about this examining of all my photos? Where is this examination being done? When was I asked if this would be OK? I never would have renewed my premium (or any) subscription if I knew I couldn't have EN on my phone(s) and if it's going to be watching everything I do, I can't have it on my phone(s).