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  1. It does appear a bit quicker. Thumbnails show up faster and the note gets loaded faster although the latter depends on the connection I imagine. Without an internet connection, loading the note still takes forever (literally.) I can't use it if requires a connection to access my previous notes. It looks very nice and I even tried creating a new entry. I had to quit and go back to v6.25.1 as I couldn't create the new note. I hate having to constantly search for the key combination to do basic tasks. Ctrl-Backspace? Give me a break! And how do I insert the date/time in my system format "2021-01
  2. Fuzzy searching? All my stuff is fuzzy. I'm retired remember and my eyesight is getting bad so everything is fuzzy these days. But seriously though, I would have to say their search is not up to Evernote's standards. Searching PDF/Word files is not there, nor is text recognition in images and a search can't be restricted to specific items (eg: search in title only) but Joplin is pretty new. It's still version 1.xx so there's a lot of enhancements possible by the time it gets to version 6.xx. Hopefully they don't follow Evernote and come up with a version 10.xx BTW For those who like dark
  3. Security is far better than Evernote's. Full end-to-end encryption is built-in although since I'm using my own NAS (with its own encryption) Joplin's is not required. So whether the data is stored on your local file system, on Dropbox, OneDrive or wherever, it's encrypted. It can even be stored on gdrive although for privacy reasons I would never put anything on a Google controlled system. That's another concern I've had for quite some time - the fact that all the Evernote data is on Google servers. I don't care who says what about it being secure, Google is Google and if they decide to read i
  4. I've been using EN Premium under various accounts since about 2014 and I don't have a lot of notes (< 2500) which are all probably better suited to some sort of database rather than as "notes" but EN worked so I kept at it. I have tried the new version 10 a few times and it looks very pretty but for my purposes doesn't work very well. I use portables a lot (Acer laptop & MS Surface Pro along with Android phones and tablets) and not having all my stuff instantly available is pretty awkward at times. Lack of the usual shortcuts as well as changes to them (I like '2021-01-20' for a date vs
  5. I too have problems with this but I found that the Ctrl-Scroll wheel with the mouse allows me to adjust the display zoom in Evernote (or a browser) so it is easier to read.
  6. I reported this "nbsp" and template issue about 30 minbutes after the template feature came out years ago. I wasn't even using a table but I was using different fonts with different attributes. One line was a label (eg: 10pt, blue, bold, underlined) and the next I wanted to have indented with a larger font. The only way to get Evernote to "remember" that the line was to be a larger font was to have something on the line, I chose a space to be invisible but keep the font selection alive for that line. Every "place-holding" space character in my template was translated into the 5 characte
  7. Dark Reader is also available for FireFox for those who would prefer that Google not watch their every click.
  8. I too did that, but I have more than one system and rather than download 125MB for each, I figured I would grab the installer and save the data. I eventually located a link to it but am unsure how to stick that link in a forum posting so I tried to point to the specific forum section where I found it. Not sure if even that worked but I did get my installer and updated everything.
  9. I'll toss in a "me-too" for that link. But I finally found it at https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-evernote-for-windows/ or at least that's a link to the link. I think.
  10. Too bad I'm in Canada. On this side of the pond we are left swinging in the wind for this stuff. The only thing that can be done is to cancel the card. I suspect Nimbus is very close to shutting their doors and are just trying to grab as much cash as they can before shutting down their servers.
  11. I only started using their application because, unlike Evernote, (me big fan too!) the Android version allowed "local" notes. I found the thing very easy simply because I was used to Evernote and the ability to do a quick note that stayed local was attractive. There were tons of notepads available but the Evernote UI was familiar. Oh, well. Win some, lose some. The $60 they lifted from me won't kill me and replacing a prepaid card is easy. It's the principle that irks me. They steal the design of Evernote, they steal the UI of Evernote, they basically came up with a counterfeit version and not
  12. Just an update to my experience with Nimbus Note. They released an update a few months back that erased ALL my notes. I complained and got the usual (for them anyway) "We reserve the right blah...blah...blah". So I stopped using it. I sent them an email via their website telling them I did not want to renew. Well, I just got a charge on my credit card for another year. I used one of those "prepaid" cards when I signed up just in case they were a fly-by-night outfit. They must have tried a few times to charge it as the card didn't have that much on it. So they must have tried lower and l
  13. OK. Who's doing the magic? The search did not work on Thursday. I tried it on two tablets (S4 and S6) and tried it on my phone (S10+) and it did not find the text/word I entered. I read your replies this morning and was going to grab some screenshots to show the non-result and presto - it worked. I haven't done anything different in the last few days. Just routine PlayStore updates and the occasional Evernote sync on the tablets but now it works. Maybe I was searching too soon after adding the records to Evernote. I've been running EN on Android for years but never tried a search bef
  14. I tried a search (for the very first time on android) and got a pop-up telling me that since I was "Premium" I could search attachments and PDFs too. This is wonderful but the search I tried had the text in the body of the notes (Windows finds 5 notes) rather than in an attachment. Nothing was found. It just says "Try another search." As I mentioned, Windows reports 5 matches and what's even funnier is that the very first note in "All notes" had the text in it. Actually it was the very first word of the very first note (sorted by title) that I was searching for so I expected it would be f
  15. Switch from "plus" and you are stuck with "Premium" forever. They will have to come up with a better deal for Plus users if they want to get them into a higher price bracket. Basic (I have one of those as well) is essentially useless. 60MB wouldn't cover a dozen photos from a typical camera these days and even scanned PDF files can be huge just because they are images rather than text. Plus was a happy medium that was quite useful.
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