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  1. No. I drafted it using Joplin then did a copy/paste. I need a dark mode (eyesight issues) and don:t trust EN10 after losing a bunch of notes yesterday. A bunch were in multiple notebooks at the same time and vanished when I tried to move them around. Not the first time either.
  2. A number of posts recently have asked the question "Does Evernote v10 just work?" and a recent post drew a comparison question of the automotive sector, "Do the brakes work?", thinking it should be s simple answer. In order to use the automotive analogy the question would have to be rephrased "Does the car work?" rather than just the brakes. The answer would be, yes. The car works. But sometimes when you step on the gas, the brakes come on and sometimes the opposite happens. Hit the brakes and it speeds up. Sometimes when you steer to the right the car goes to the left. Sometimes it shifts into reverse without you doing anything. Lots of times it will stall halfway through an intersection. But yes, the car works. Evernote v10 is similar. One minute you are typing away, laying down some earth-shaking notes and everything you typed about saving the planet in the last hour has turned into a recipe for cupcakes. Some would say this is not all bad, cupcakes might actually save the world, but is Evernote working? Yes. But not the way it used to. It's not as reliable. You can't depend on it to keep things safe the way it used to. Access to a particular note used to be instant or pretty close. Now, the cupcakes may burn before EN gets the note rendered that tells you how long to keep them in the oven. Or it may tell you that you should change the oil every 5000 miles when you urgently need the information on where that new cancer treatment was located.. So is Evernote v10 just OK. Does the car work? Yes. But I wouldn't pay money for that. There's no warranty, so while it works, it may not work for you. If it works today, there's no guarantee it will work tomorrow and while you can search for a particular note, it may not return the one you want. Save the planet or make cupcakes. Flip a coin. That's Evernote 10. It works. Just.
  3. It's certainly not for everyone but I found Joplin suited my needs. I needed only a note taking app with attachments and wanted something that could work offline. It will sync with many providers like Dropbox but I needed something that would sync with my NAS using WebDaV. Joplin was the only thing I found. Plus, it's free.
  4. I too tried Nimbus Note but that was quite some time ago. I didn't renew my subscription as I was nervous about sending money (as well as my data) over to Russia where they are located. They did open a Cleveland office (mail drop?) but I never went back to them. After I had cancelled the subscription and had confirmation it was cancelled they still went ahead and billed.my card. Joke was on them since I had used a prepaid card and there wasn't enough left on it to cover their new charge. Jokes on me then as they kept trying, a dollar lower each time, until one went through. The card issuer told me this after I filed a complaint. Maybe they have changed but I've still got a bad memory of them and won't be going their way again.
  5. No idea but it's worth a try. I'll give it an hour or two and see what happens. If that helps then we will know to write a note, go away for an hour, write next note Allowing for 8 hours sleep we could write or read 16 notes every day. Can't beat that!
  6. I'm not on the fastest box in the world. Core I7, 6-cores, 12-thread, 4.2GHz, 16/256GB, 512GB SDD (15% used) but it's no slouch either. Looked really good right after install of the update from 10.11 to 10.13 but got slower and slower as I looked at different notebooks.
  7. Perhaps I spoke too soon. I did some "real" work using V10 on Win10. Didn't do too well so I tried a super-scientific test. I'm a two-finger, hunt-and-peck typist. I clicked on "New note" and started typing the alphabet. When I finished I looked at the screen to see what had registered. My note consisted of "yz" and nothing else. Is that called "lag" or is it considered the new normal?
  8. Got it working and I must admit they have made some major advances towards making it usable. Lag at startup is much reduced and the delay bouncing between notes is minimal provided the note has been previously opened. There's still some issues (probably always will be) such as inserting the date (doesn't follow system settings) and the thumbnails being permanent, but at first glance it's looking pretty decent. Android though is another story. I can't test that because instead of "just" working, it just doesn't work on my S4 tablet. I'm going to keep playing with the Windows version. It's going in the right direction.
  9. I'm not sure. I just tried it on a "test" system. Started and then got "The window is not responding" Does that mean it's "just" working?
  10. Those who don't want to run their own server or don't have the necessary knowledge to get one running and keep it so should stay well away from the things. I went with a P&P Synology and while I had no experience with that particular device, I did have some experience years ago in setting up and managing large corporate networks. It's not something a non-techie newcomer would do in a weekend. That said. For me it works. Took a few days to figure out the thing but I now spend zero time on making it work, it's just there. It will tell me if there's a problem with a drive and I'll replace that drive, but drives are more reliable than they used to be so there's very little maintenance. I did knoct it off the shelf a while back and it fell 6-feet to the floor. Lost a drive on that one but the NAS simply took the replacement drive and made it work. No work on my part after snapping in the new drive. It's not for everyone. I'm not saying it would work for you or anyone else. But in my case it works. That's all I can say with confidence.
  11. I've only got about 3000 notes, a small number compared to many people here. Moving to Joplin required that I export ENEX files and then click import in Joplin. The resulting markdown is not pretty. I use tables a lot and tables in markdown are not the easiest thing. But when you toggle from markdown to WYSIWYG all is fine. The WYSIWYG editor is not up to EN 6.25 standards but it's acceptable and you can use external editors of your choice if desired. The big thing for me is that the data is on MY server (NAS) and if I don't want to switch to a future version, I don't have to. What I have will always work and can't be shut down by anybody but me. Ever. I'd happily purchase it but it's free. Maybe they will start charging someday but what I currently have will always function so I don't have to switch if I don't want to. Ever. It's missing the thumbnails but that's better than missing the notes themselves as I have found with EN10. It's certainly not for everyone. But for my purposes it works well. My stuff would be better in a database but I prefer the lack of formal structure of a "notebook" style application.
  12. I am running 6.25.1 (and 8.3 on Android) while moving away. At some point EN will announce that these versions will stop working. Maybe they will give 6-months notice. Maybe they will give 6-days notice. Maybe they will simply stop with a message to switch. I no longer trust EN's judgement and am concerned the latter scenario may be the one they choose. I'd rather get out gracefully than in a panic with a set of notes I may or may not have reliable access to. And there is no way v10 can be considered reliable. Missing notes, duplicate notes, notes that sort differently on different platforms. Not at all what I am used to or require. 6.25 (and 8.3) work very well but that's today. Tomorrow or next week may be vastly different.
  13. I elected to go with Joplin so I could sync with my own WebDaV server. No more subscriptions and the data stays on my hardware (Synology NAS) where it can remain private. I never liked the idea of having my data stored on Google servers. I predict that within a year Google will buy EN at a rock-bottom price, slip a new privacy policy past people who don't read those things, and gobble up all those notes as advertising fodder Or maybe not. Either way, my stuff won't be there
  14. I have had 2 Premium accounts for years. When I first saw the V10 I was overjoyed. For about a day. Then after a few weeks of hoping it was just a bad dream I realized they were serious and this was no practical joke. Both accounts are now cancelled, one expired last month, the other in a few months. Been migrating away and am almost done. Perhaps in 5 years I may look back at EN but it's useless to me now so I have to move on.
  15. Unfortunately for me, I need the Android version as well and the V10 there does not work. Notes, when it finally starts, are missing, notes are duplicated and I even found one that was in two notebooks at the same time. Not a copy, but the exact same note. Notebook A had the note as did notebook B. I changed the note in notebook A and the one in notebook B was changed as well. I had to scrap V10. Too worried it was going to do bad things to my notes. I tried to make the notebooks offline and it locked my tablet. Had to power off and back on to clear it. Uninstalled. Won:t be going back to it. Moving elsewhere.
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