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  1. Oops. No it hasn't. Just tried to attach an image (via "Attach File") and while I was at the very bottom of the note , EN thought it would look better a few paragraphs up in the middle of a sentence. Oh well, back to 6.16.4. It has the same problem but it's a bit less likely to misplace the attachment.
  2. I found a simple workaround to this as it has been a real problem for quite some time. Just stick 30 or 40 blank lines in the note, close to where you want the attachment to go. Drag-and-drop the attachment somewhere in this blank area. It won't be anywhere close to where you dropped it but if you are really, really lucky it will be in that monster blank area. Then just delete the blank lines you don't need. May not be a sensible way of curing the problem but it's faster than waiting for EN to fix it. I've got about 1500 notes I need to format so adding and then deleting 40-50 thousand blank lines is all I can do. As was said earlier by someone, EN likely won't be doing anything about it any time soon. As well, when the attachment goes somewhere totally bizarre, just hit Ctrl-Z to remove it and try again. I found that after doing this a few dozen times it will usually attach where your cursor is, but you may have to try/retry a few hundred times. Eventually it will work. So what if it takes a week to enter a single note. Who's in a hurry?
  3. I looked at it and even went so far as to pay for a year's subscription. Then I got to work at transferring some data. Uggh. Their formatting is horrible (Evernote's editor is not that great but shines compared to what Nimbus does. One example - do an indent on Nimbus and it adds a non-removable blank line before the indent.) It's basically ugly. If you read their documentation you may notice it has that translated feel to it. As if the original Chinese writing was translated by somebody not fluent in both languages. I've got the account but won't be using it. I just don't trust them to be around for long and I'm nervous about who they really are and where they're from. Can anybody name a country that's famous for producing shoddy knock-offs of every successful product? At the very least, it feels like an Alpha product that may or may not get to the Beta stage. It's close to Beta but still far from a GA release by Evernote standards. I looked at them all and EN wins every time. It's far from great in a lot of ways but for my purposes there's no alternative.
  4. I've been playing with that myself the last few days. Works well until you need to sync. I've been sharing notes as well from my "Premium" to my "Plus" account. I don't know the exact reason but it seems a tad slower than even OneNote when it comes to syncing. OneNote can, on a good day, sync 40 notes in five minutes. Granted I'm only running 8 cores for a CPU and a Samsung EVO SSD for storage. This sharing between the Premium and Plus, for the same 40 notes, has been syncing for a bit over 13 hours. If I try to exit I get dire warnings so I've just let it go. Must be a Windows thing like the business card scanning that doesn't work and the PDF search that doesn't work. I'm not really surprised that sharing doesn't work either. I'm thinking that perhaps when it comes time for my credit card to be charged for the renewal I should be like Evernote and say "It doesn't work."
  5. I thought that "paste and match style" had been settled. Beta 2 was fine but with beta 3 I never know just what will end up on the page or where it will end up. Pasting what used to be plain text now requires that I paste into Notepad first and then copy from there. Beta 2 didn't require this. "Attach file" seems to just put the file or image wherever it thinks it might fit. The cursor is blinking away where I want the attachment to go but it may end up 6-inches down the page or it may jump to the top. I find the only sure-fire way to get an image on the line I want it is to open the image in some other program and copy it to the clipboard. Then I can paste it in my note and it goes where I want it. I'm back to Beta 2. I'll wait for the GA before upgrading (is it still called an "upgrade" if it's worse?)
  6. Switching to a Mac is not an option for me. I started with an Apple 2 but I've been with Billy G. since Dos 1.0 and have no intention of switching now. Jumping to the web every time I want to do a search would be a real pain in the nether region so that's probably not going to happen either. I guess I'll stick to leaving all my PDF files in s folder in the PC and search with Foxit. I don't often need to search from a mobile but I can duplicate the files on the Surface Pro for those rare occasions. There's only a few thousand. Won't be needing that "Premium" level any more either. First I discovered business card scanning didn't work (tried that a few years ago) and now I discover PDF searching doesn't work. Sure glad I never upgraded my other account to "Premium." But, if I was a user of those little smiley-faced thingies I'd forget about the other flaws. I should get my priorities straight. I should probably have picked a more obscure author as well. ;)
  7. They are not images so OCR should not be necessary. That would be like OCRing a text document from Notepad. Anyway, I did the Ctrl-Help/Fix Note bit and the result is the same. I then opened the PDF and copied a paragraph from there into a new note. EN instantly locates the required word but not in the PDF, just in the copied text. The PDF in question is a conversion from an EPUB anthology. I grabbed one paragraph, pasted it into Windows Notepad, printed to PDF and EN can't find the term I search for. It's a single paragraph and the search term I'm looking for is the very first word in the paragraph. Bonus points to whomever identifies the author... Notepad.pdf
  8. The vast majority of these PDF files are created via "Print to PDF" from Firefox using the Foxit Phantom PDF driver (not the Foxit Reader printer driver). This generates PDF files where you can select text whereas using something like the Foxit Reader printer driver generates what appears to be an image in a PDF wrapper and text can't be selected.from within the document.. That is, with the former you can see a cursor while the latter there is no cursor. To test I created a PDF which I can view and I can also highlight and copy the text. I attached this to a note and then synced. I can view the contents of the PDF on any device but when I search my notes for a specific word that I know is in the PDF there is nothing found. If I search the PDF from Foxit, the word is there. It's only Evernote that can't search the PDF file. And it's never been able to search any PDF since I started using EN back in 2014. That's why I got Foxit.
  9. That's what I mean. I'm on Windows and PDF search has never worked for me and I'm wondering why I've been spending the money for "Premium" when it seems that this search is Mac only. I've always kept my PDF files in a folder on my PC and not in EN, just so I could point Foxit at the folder and tell it to find all the PDFs with a given term. People keep talking about searching them with EN but attaching them to a note doesn't seem to make them "searchable" in a Windows environment. These are real PDF files consisting of text, not the "image in a PDF" type. There's no need for OCR as these are already text.
  10. I've been premium for 4 years or so and have always used Foxit Phantom PDF to search my PDF files because I've never been able to get EN to do it. I put a PDF in a note (as an attachment) and do a sync. I then select "All Notes" and enter a term I know is in the PDF (and nowhere else) but EN always comes back and tells me it was not found. That's why I had to buy Foxit. People keep talking about searching PDFs but I've never been able to do that. Is this a Mac thing?
  11. That's nice. But, it now "throws everything" any place it wants. I put the cursor on a blank line and "Attach File" and there's only a 10% chance the attachment will be placed where the cursor was unless it was a brand new note. Usually the attachment will get stuck somewhere way further up in the note, the number of blank lines before the attempt to attach seems to have an effect. 1 blank = position 1 line up 2 blank = position 4 lines up 3 blank = position 6 lines up until it gets to the top and can't put the attachment any higher. Then it just puts it after the previous one on the same line. So, I'm jumping between 6.14GA to get the more accurate positioning and 6.15GA to get the horizontal lines. Back and forth. It's not a big problem going from 6.14 to 6.15 but the other way I have to uninstall first. Really slows things down all this install/uninstall/install 4 or 5 times a day. But then, it could be worse. Both might have the same issues.
  12. Yup. not just table cells but anywhere. A blank line seems to take on whatever formatting was last used on the previous line unless there is "something" to hold a different format. I tried a space but while it works fine in a note, it's no good in templates. Spaces in templates come out looking like the attached screen clip.
  13. Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and did I mention thank you! The hrule works again so I can get rid of the 1px high image of an hrule I have been using for quite some time. Attaching a picture of a horizontal rule may not have been efficient but was necessary when the regular one stopped working a few versions back. The templates are wonderful and I have a minor suggestion that would make them even better. Allow the user to have formatting (like bold, underline, italic etc.) as part of the template so that when the user types in a particular spot the result is automatically bold type, and somewhere else it is not.
  14. Is it just my system doing this or is it normal behaviour. I have notes where there is a label (eg: Tahoma/10pt/bold/blue) and the next line should be the data (Tahoma/12pt/normal) indented. This requires that line 2 of my "template" note always have that space to show what formatting EN is to use on that line. Label1 Data1 Label2 Data2 Because EN does not allow a font/format selection unless there is some character to apply the font/format to (ie: you can't have a blank line where Tahoma will replace the previous line's Arial,) a space character (or something, anything) must be on every line that requires a format change from the previous line. If it's visible it must be replaced but spaces are nicely invisible. Label1 Label2 The new template feature is wonderful except that every time one of my placeholder spaces is encountered, a "&nbsp" is printed in the note body. Not just a non-breaking space, but the characters "&", "n", "b", "s", and "p." All over the place. Label1 &nbsp Label2 &nbsp So, to use my template I have to then replace all these 5-character sequences with my data rather than just leave the space character and type my data. Double-clicking highlights only the "nbsp," not the "&." This replacement also sometimes removes my formatting and the label format is then applied to the data. If I don't review every note carefully, I end up with "&nbsp" in places where there should be nothing but empty space and oftentimes, data that looks like the preceding label. A really ugly mess. Label1 Data1 Label2 Data2 This extra vetting of each note means I can't, unfortunately, make use of the template feature and will just have to continue to muddle through with a "Template" notebook and copy/paste as other have been doing. The copy/paste is much, much, much faster than create from template as it is now. It was a great idea, something that OneNote has had for eons although they took it a step further and allowed a template to be a default for new notes, but EN's implementation won't work in my situation. ... or is it just my system acting up?
  15. I've tried 6.15 twice in the last three days. The first time it blew up completely as I was editing a note and trying to attach an image. I lost that note. I then got scared and reverted to 6.14 GA where I stayed for the next day. Getting brave again, I installed 6.15 B1 again and the first note I edited, again attempting to attach an image, ka-boom. While I didn't lose the entire note this time (just the formatting) a table below the insertion point suddenly grew an extra column. Sort of like operating on your left hand and your right foot sprouts an extra toe. Bye-bye 6.15 B1 and hello 6.14 GA again. Wow! The extra column is gone and my note looks normal. This is on a Win 7 machine. I'm running 6.15 B1 on my notebook under Win 10 and all is well although I don't use that for editing.
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