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  1. If Evernote wanted help from users, they'd allow any user to submit a bug report. Any free-to-play game or free app I've used allows you to do this. I'm not expecting live chat support, just the ability to - as you say - help them solve their issues. As a non-premium user, when I try to submit a ticket I get stuck in a repetitive loop of web pages. I didn't understand why I kept getting sent back to the start screen ("EVERNOTE SUPPORT. What can we help you with?"). They never explain that you can't do it if you're not a premium subscriber. That is bewildering to me, why you wouldn't have the respect to clearly state "you can't report a bug or send an email if you aren't premium." People have wasted so much time trying to help Evernote, getting lost in that cycle of submitting a ticket, and thinking they're doing something wrong since Evernote consistently says in its help and how-to sections "feel free to submit a ticket".
  2. At this point, I'm done, too. The most important issue is that I don't trust that my data is safe with Evernote. The webclipper issue - prior to a certain date (2015 I think), anything you've clipped from the web is a broken link. This destroyed so many important things, and I have no idea where to find the images (some were from a course website that I don't have access to anymore since graduating). I have seen no fixes. Missing notes - Now and then it's been relevant to search for an older note, and there are maybe a dozen that I'm unable to find no matter what I try. I'm sure a portion of these were my fault - perhaps I exited before the note was saved, or perhaps I thought I made a note but didn't. But there are some that I can visualize the exact wording of, especially if I uploaded an image that I remember so well, and I cannot find them no matter what search terms & synonyms I use, even if I go back to notes I know I created around the same time and scroll through a few hundred, I can't find them. I have 2,000 notes - that's a lot, but not so many that I'm just not finding these notes due to not looking hard enough. Unsaved edits - similar to above, I'm sure some issues were purely my fault, like exiting before the edit was saved (although usually Evernote is constantly saving changes so it's hard to predict when an edit would or wouldn't be saved). Other issues were due to switching between platforms, and unfortunately a conflicting version wasn't saved. Like you, I also have issues with bugs that take forever to fix or are still unsolved (bulleted lists being stripped of formatting when opened on a browser; having to double-click to continue writing a note if you clicked outside the Evernote client; fonts randomly changing when I go back to a note). And there are also some features that I want, but don't see coming on the horizon (symbols list for degree symbol, greek letters, accented letters, etc.; different highlighter colors; and so on). Considering all this, plus the maddening inability to create a ticket if you aren't a premium subscriber, I am planning to leave Evernote.
  3. I'm done with it, too. I'm also looking for tips on migrating my notes to something else, like OneNote or Google Drive.
  4. Still having this issue as well, after months. I'd love to report it, but I'm not a premium subscriber (and I don't have Twitter), so this is the only way I can communicate about an issue.
  5. Just adding my voice that this has been a huge issue for me as well, and would really like to see it fixed. It's been 2 months.
  6. My issue occurs no matter what I try to do, not just with pasting, and it's 100% of the time. I'm using Windows 10 Desktop version. It doesn't happen on the mobile version. If I leave a note, then come back to it, I click where I want to start typing, the cursor shows up, I start typing and nothing happens. I have to click again. It seemed like a small complaint, but it has grown incredibly inconvenient and interrupts my workflow. I have two windows open side-by-side; Evernote and a web browser. I'm taking notes in Evernote, then scrolling further down an article, then clicking on Evernote to resume typing. I keep typing an idea and then realizing none of it got recorded because I have to click a second time to actually type.
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