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  1. Evernote still hasn't addressed this issue, and now you can't open a PDF file directly from EN as well. Like everything else, you have to download the file in order to open it. This is absolutely terrible. I'll be shopping for another service since Evernote support has been deplorable about addressing long-time users concerns - which shouldn't have existed in the first place. If anyone else finds something that works like Evernote, but better, please do share in this forum.
  2. I wasn't able to add tags to my own notebooks/notes I created. After a few days of checking, the option to add a tag finally showed up. This is a major problem with EN, as nothing seems to be consistent through all platforms. It's disappointing that this product was released and we're paying for it, but it isn't delivering on the most basic level.
  3. Thank you for your quick response! Here's what my screen looks like when I select the tags option: There's no . I've also tried creating tags on the fly at the bottom of the note and it doesn't give me the option either.
  4. I'm having an issue of even creating tags. Do you have steps for doing this? I can only select from preexisting ones.
  5. This is the round about way that I have been using since the update, but then you have to go delete the file from your PC after. Too many steps for a function that use to be smooth!
  6. I use to be able to click on a search button within a specific Notebook -- which helps greatly if you have more than a dozen notes. This super useful function is no longer available with the update, or I am failing to find it/add it. Please add this function back! Yes, your new EN update looks clean and easy, but when a regular user actually dives into the functions, we're all finding that most of the useful tools are no longer present, making the navigation process waaaay more complicated than it needs to be. Has anyone figured out how to search within one notebook, instead of having the use the only search bar that searches all notes?
  7. I use to be able to drag and drop files (PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.) into emails but now that function has disappeared with the new update. This is really inconvenient and I'm hoping that someone has a quick fix for this, or if Evernote plans to put this super useful function back. Is anyone else having this problem??
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