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  1. Can confirm that uninstall, reboot, reinstall resolved this - P7P, Android 13.
  2. Evernote - we pay for this product (at least a lot of us do). The clipper requiring access to all sites is unacceptable in today's privacy/security conscious world, so Google introduced a security model to alleviate those kind of concerns - you guys need to step up and make this work. Without clipper, Evernote is just a place I can cut-and-paste stuff too - there's a lot of choices for that, many free. Can we at least get a response after a year?!
  3. That said I notice the dynamic results seem to stop when you negate using a word which does not appear (as regular text) in the search. What I mean is: "photography" finds a lot of my notes. "photography -n" suggest "night photography" and "night photographer" (can't quite rationalize this as I am trying to negate the term, but that is what it does. "photography -no" - to start building "photography -notebook:photography" suggest nothing ... despite many entries with words like "not", "note" and even "know" (because it partial matches). So I tried ""photography per" - to build to "photography personal" (which has 13 hits) - it shows the suggestion ""photography peak" - no idea why ... I'd assumed this was using merged results from columnar indexing of the whole - it clearly is not. So why does the (immediately) above search work as it does? And why does negating not get considered in the suggested results (it appears to ignore the 'special' character of "-" when doing the index match which is the exactly wrong thing to do in that specific case. Ignoring some special characters possibly does make sense (maybe ignoring @ so a username might match regardless of whether prefixed) - it just does not make sense to ignore those which are functional in the actual search term.
  4. While on the subject of new search capabilities - being able to find "Bookmark" type entries with broken links would be really useful!
  5. This seems to work quite well (just found all of a particular subject matter which was not correctly 'filed'). Only issue I had was having selected 11 items using "<searchterm> -notebook:correct-notebook", I went through each using "Move to ..." - at some points it refreshed the list (dropping out ones I had moved) and others it did not. I could not workout what triggered it to rerun the search. This isn't a big issue, other than wasted cycles and reordering my results which of course caused some dissonance as I was trying to work through the list. Being able to multi-select in the search results column (to allow a group of items to all be 'moved' to another notebook together) would be a real productivity booster!
  6. I don't see a change in the inline syntax, just the container being immediately responsive with partial results and the ability to select filters suggested responses.
  7. @Shane D. - per PM, you nailed it. Thanks for figuring it out, and getting it resolved for me.
  8. Bug in PDF preview with the new editor enabled - in classic is shows the PDF link (no preview of course). In the Beta it refreshes this attached PDF preview continuously. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s75/sh/f782d080-352d-4c3f-8cdd-2d9659632509/a2e3a00368ca680c3bd932a979924688 On further examination this appears to be an issue of the UI trying to size larged attached PDFs. Small ones seem to work - mostly, though some 'glitch' back and forth between two very similar sizes. Large (2MB and 5MB in my examples) - are presumably being sized or their size is simply confusing the preview code. They seem to refresh endlessly.
  9. Looks great. Just got an invite to Beta, so logged into Evernote - search is as it always has been, no interactive results, no fixing typos. So refreshed page - no dice. Logged out. Cleared cache of all things Evernote and logged back in. Still nothing. Editor is Beta Editor, and offers feedback on that (I did not get a notification that it was there). So - is Search held up as I am flagged to Beta Editor? Or am I missing something else? Wanna try it - looks like a great step (leap even) forward! (BTW the link to forums to discuss this in the email also does not work - doesn't find that appropriate forum)
  10. Another upvote for this in the Web interface and indeed all interfaces -i t's so frustrating to have something available on you tablet, but not the web and I don't remember when I last used a desktop app other than Photoshop or a Browser!
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