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  1. Thanks. I'm familiar with this. I was looking for answer more from a workflow perspective. Not from he mechanics of who to do it. I should have made that clear.
  2. Thanks! This is helpful. I'm currently using Evernote for storage and workflowy for take and project management, but firm they workflowy fails when it comes tr email. (The only workaround is to view your email in browser and copy the unique email URL into a workflowy note. In my constant search for "one app that rules them all," I thought about using Evernote for task and project management and having certain or even all email routed to Evernote for internal processing and linking might work. I love Workflowy for the outlining ability and how it let's your drill down into minutiae. I'm going to spend some time trying to recreate that in Evernote and see what I get.
  3. Does anymore you route all emails to an Evernote inboxec via auto-forward. I been thinking about this setup would love to hear drawbacks and positive results.
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