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  1. That said I notice the dynamic results seem to stop when you negate using a word which does not appear (as regular text) in the search. What I mean is: "photography" finds a lot of my notes. "photography -n" suggest "night photography" and "night photographer" (can't quite rationalize this as I am trying to negate the term, but that is what it does. "photography -no" - to start building "photography -notebook:photography" suggest nothing ... despite many entries with words like "not", "note" and even "know" (because it partial matches). So I tried ""photography per" - to bu
  2. While on the subject of new search capabilities - being able to find "Bookmark" type entries with broken links would be really useful!
  3. This seems to work quite well (just found all of a particular subject matter which was not correctly 'filed'). Only issue I had was having selected 11 items using "<searchterm> -notebook:correct-notebook", I went through each using "Move to ..." - at some points it refreshed the list (dropping out ones I had moved) and others it did not. I could not workout what triggered it to rerun the search. This isn't a big issue, other than wasted cycles and reordering my results which of course caused some dissonance as I was trying to work through the list. Being able to multi-select in t
  4. I don't see a change in the inline syntax, just the container being immediately responsive with partial results and the ability to select filters suggested responses.
  5. @Shane D. - per PM, you nailed it. Thanks for figuring it out, and getting it resolved for me.
  6. Bug in PDF preview with the new editor enabled - in classic is shows the PDF link (no preview of course). In the Beta it refreshes this attached PDF preview continuously. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s75/sh/f782d080-352d-4c3f-8cdd-2d9659632509/a2e3a00368ca680c3bd932a979924688 On further examination this appears to be an issue of the UI trying to size larged attached PDFs. Small ones seem to work - mostly, though some 'glitch' back and forth between two very similar sizes. Large (2MB and 5MB in my examples) - are presumably being sized or their size is simply confusing the preview c
  7. Looks great. Just got an invite to Beta, so logged into Evernote - search is as it always has been, no interactive results, no fixing typos. So refreshed page - no dice. Logged out. Cleared cache of all things Evernote and logged back in. Still nothing. Editor is Beta Editor, and offers feedback on that (I did not get a notification that it was there). So - is Search held up as I am flagged to Beta Editor? Or am I missing something else? Wanna try it - looks like a great step (leap even) forward! (BTW the link to forums to discuss this in the email also does not work - doesn'
  8. Another upvote for this in the Web interface and indeed all interfaces -i t's so frustrating to have something available on you tablet, but not the web and I don't remember when I last used a desktop app other than Photoshop or a Browser!
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