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  1. However when you delete the title, the buttons appear again. So just cut away the text in the title and you can select a template. Would be a temp fix.
  2. Hi, I got a reply from support Evernote. the copy past issue on my side has to do with the fact I'm using "dark" mode in Outlook. With normal mode, it works. Jonathan
  3. Hi, Thank you for the information, have submitted a ticket as you mentioned. Jonathan
  4. Hi, when copying data from email in outlook to Evernote, I can't paste the data. Nothing is displayed. However when copying it first into "notes" (Mac) and then in Evernote, it works perfectly. What information do you need to further go with this? Jonathan
  5. Hi, With the new Evernote web, I can't see the content of my notes and the notes aren't synching. in the previous version, they are synched and the editing works too. with Chrome it working fine. Safari Version 12.1.1 (14607.
  6. Hi, The web version for me isn't showing the note, using Safari. However in Chrome it is visible.
  7. Hi, Can you pls implement the new feature that was introduced to Mojave release of OS X, request your phone to take a picture to insert into your notes. (Continuity Camera) So I don't need to first take a picture with my phone, sync Evernote from my Mac to my phone and then insert the photo in Evernote and sync it back to my Mac. Thanks, Jay
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