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  1. Please, can you provide the part of the T&C of Evernote or Google Cloud where this is allowed? Becasue you're not inventing it, isn't?
  2. No, it it isn't, and in the case of Google Cloud services it is even less loose. But if you think that the privacy language in the Google Cloud services can have loopholes to mine the data of their customers, please, point the exact lines in the TOS
  3. Taking into account that Google actions when they were hacked were totally opposite of what Yahoo! did and that Google Cloud has nothing to do with GMail then no, I don't understand why you post this if it is not just for irrational FUD.
  4. Taking into account that Google was the first company to encrypt their servers, the communication between servers and their were the first to have Transparency reports, yes, PR for Apple works very well.
  5. Not only you're wrong, not only it is clear that you don't know about what Google Cloud platform is. It ois clear that you don't want to understand the terms of TOS, it is clear that you don't want to read what other people is telling you. This has a name, you're just trolling, posting FUD and plainly lying. Time to put in the "ignore list"
  6. https://cloud.google.com/terms/ 1.7 Modifications. a. To the Services. Google may make commercially reasonable updates to the Services from time to time. If Google makes a material change to the Services, Google will inform Customer, provided that Customer has subscribed with Google to be informed about such change. b. To the Agreement. Google may make changes to this Agreement, including pricing (and any linked documents) from time to time. Unless otherwise noted by Google, material changes to the Agreement will become effective 30 days after they are posted, except if the chan
  7. No, sorry, the law is black and white. Google can't access Evernote data. Can you give just one example of Google pushing boundaries in Google Cloud Compute? Please, I would be glad to know examples of that And you're wrong, the TOS doesn't allow Google to access Evernote data if they decide to do so. The TOS allows Evernote to grant access to the data to everyone they want. In your points 2 and 3 you didn't highlighted anythiong that is worse with Google than with Evernote. In fact, Google/Microsoft are ways better at handling security than an small company like Evernote. And,
  8. Apart that the original post implied that Google themselves would illegally mine and steal the data, the points 2 and 3 of your post already apply to Evernote. And I would bet that security in Evernote or other small company are worse than the big boys of cloud computing like Amazon, Microsoft or Google. And regarding the first point, you're talking about an hypothetical future. A future that also can happen with Evernote themselves. So yes, the post I was answering was just irrational FUD
  9. Are you talking about the same Getty images that is being sued for selling 18.000 pictures from a photographer that gave them to the Library of Congress? The same Getty images that is regarded by photographers as a copyright troll? The same Getty Images that can put a robots.txt if they don't want their images to be indexed? Cry me a river Do you people know the difference between Google Cloud Service, Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure and the other part of those companies or are you just spreading FUD without any real knowledge of the things?
  10. Spotify is available in almost worldwide. If Spotify is not blocked in Chinese government, then Evernote should not be blocked by Chines government. You're confusing Google company with companies using Google cloud offerings
  11. Yes, it would be stupid and illegal to do that. But as you have said, you don't trust them, so no fact will change your opinion
  12. Oh, no, it is not a binary decision. One thing is believing that we need more privacy and another totally different making false accusations without any base. And no, NSA and Google are not the same level of threat to our society
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