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  1. Hi Shane, I received an email from Claudia in Support relative to Ticket# 3166213 and provided my log as requested. It was sent from thebylers@icloud.com. Thank You!
  2. I have to respectfully disagree. I have been using evernote since 2008. I have never edited the same note on more than one device at a time, however, if I am editing a note on say, my iPad, the other devices are still running in the background and sync on their own time patterns. I have never before now had a problem with note duplication like this and I don't expect to if I am not going outside the parameters of normal use relative to editing a note.
  3. It was an older note that I use for my monthly journal. I continue to reuse it monthly as my iOS shortcut is pointed to that specific note link for daily journaling UPDATE: Although that note was an older note... I now had it happen this morning with a brand new note I created on my iPad.
  4. Update.. I was super excited and thought this may be resolved with the update, however, I had one note duplicate this morning. It definitely is doing it less infrequently now! The note in question was simply plain text, not even Bold or Italics, as someone mentioned previously it may have been an issue with notes containing formatting, etc. So, you are close.. but it's not quite completely resolved yet.
  5. Just got this back from Support We discovered that there is still an occurrence of the duplicated notes issue that can happen in Evernote version 10.0.2. Our developers are urgently working on solving the root cause. We hope to have it resolved before the end of the week.
  6. Yes. This is still a major problem for me. I am running an iPhone XS Max and a 10'5" iPad Air, both with iOS14, both with Evernote v10.0.02. Additionally, I have a 2020 Macbook Pro and Windows machine. The problem with duplicates only occurs on the two iOS devices. Reach out if you need additional info
  7. The title of the thread... Duplicates are not fixed with the latest Evernote build for iOS...
  8. KnutK You say "We've seen a few reports regarding this issue, and have been able to reproduce it." So then, what is the holdup exactly? I have been with you guys since 2008 and am a paying member. When are we going to see a fix in place? The lackadaisical approach isn't appreciated by your users. Evernote has done nothing but go downhill since Phil Libin left, in my opinion, and this laid back approach to problem solving is doing nothing but pushing users to other note repository services.
  9. Big Sur (latest public beta) Won't Stop Syncing Just started with the last public beta. I have the version of Evernote installed from the App Store. Worked fine on the last public beta. Uninstalled the app completely using AppCleaner and reinstalled. Problem persists. My notes are sync'd to to my iPad and iPhone just fine. However, the little spinner just keeps going on the Mac.
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