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  1. Has anyone yet confirmed if this is fixed in iOS 13 Developer Beta 5?
  2. Has anyone yet confirmed if this is fixed in iOS 13 Developer Beta 5?
  3. Saw your message after I upgraded. I’m boned on my iPad and iPhone. This is just awful...
  4. I too am getting this CONSTANTLY on the Mac version. It's quite frustrating. Fails first time, succeeds on second attempt every time.
  5. I don't know how to move a post and I don't want to retype and get another screenshot, but here are some bugs for this release
  6. Just upgraded to 7.1 on the Mac. I have always used Snippet View but in this release the top note in any notebook or tag, is cut off vertically. Screen shot attached. Another thing that's been bugging me for a few versions is the note count for folders. It is never the correct note count (in the sidebar) until you click on the folder then it magically refreshes. Was hoping it would be fixed this release but no luck. Finally, another bug. In the sidebar when you expand a stack of tags, if keeps auto collapsing if it exceeds the max vertical height of the side bar. You have to try to scroll the sidebar to the bottom, thing back up and expand the tag stack. Sometimes it works, sometimes you have to try a few times. Again, this bug has been around for a few versions.
  7. Ahhh, that's the problem. Thanks for clarifying Jeff Time to stop following the thread.
  8. Funny Olestros, I put you on my ignore list. WHY ISNT IT WORKING???
  9. I'm with you pd826. I pulled 6000 of my 9000 notes (which I deemed sensitive) and put them in a local notebook this weekend. This will buy me the time I need until I can get them imported into Apple Notes.
  10. Ben, I have one very important question for you. I plan to move the bulk of my notes offline to a local folder. However, I know that Evernote keeps history of each note (so we can go back to a previous version of that note). Does that mean that even if I take my notes offline before 10/10, the history of said notes will still be transferred to Google's cloud platform? Please advise... Thanks, Cherice
  11. Yes, exactly what I meant Understood on the backups. Time Machine has never let me down.
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