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  1. Yes. This is still a major problem for me. I am running an iPhone XS Max and a 10'5" iPad Air, both with iOS14, both with Evernote v10.0.02. Additionally, I have a 2020 Macbook Pro and Windows machine. The problem with duplicates only occurs on the two iOS devices. Reach out if you need additional info
  2. KnutK You say "We've seen a few reports regarding this issue, and have been able to reproduce it." So then, what is the holdup exactly? I have been with you guys since 2008 and am a paying member. When are we going to see a fix in place? The lackadaisical approach isn't appreciated by your users. Evernote has done nothing but go downhill since Phil Libin left, in my opinion, and this laid back approach to problem solving is doing nothing but pushing users to other note repository services.
  3. Big Sur (latest public beta) Won't Stop Syncing Just started with the last public beta. I have the version of Evernote installed from the App Store. Worked fine on the last public beta. Uninstalled the app completely using AppCleaner and reinstalled. Problem persists. My notes are sync'd to to my iPad and iPhone just fine. However, the little spinner just keeps going on the Mac.
  4. I was REALLY hopeful that today's iOS Evernote update would fix this horrendous problem but alas it has not. Come on guys, this needs to be fixed! 😤
  5. Same here. I have to finish editing a note then log on to my mac client and delete all the dupes. Quite frustrating!
  6. I checked and on both macs the db size is 11.55gb. So, both are completely sync'd and yet the spinning on the new macbook continues...
  7. I will check for sure, thanks for your response
  8. I searched the forum but couldn't find any recent posts on the topic. I just got a new MacBook Pro with touch bar (2020 version). First I installed Evernote via the AppStore. Everything was sync'd from the server just fine. But, the sync constantly ran thereafter. I uninstalled using AppCleaner. I then downloaded the .dmg directly from the Evernote website, thinking maybe the one from the AppStore was buggy. Same behavior persists. On my older MacBook Pro, I do not have this problem. I am wondering if it is specific to the newer macs. I say that because, I am also having a problem with the Debit & Credit app and the developer is working with me directly as he said, and I quote.. a very limited number of users with MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have this problem. I even had a lab session last week with an engineer from Apple to discuss this. I should further mention, it is in fact syncing my notes. If I add a note on the MacBook, it is immediately sync'd to my other devices. The problem is, the sync button just never stops spinning. I did not restore this new mac from my old mac via time machine or carbon copy. I installed everything fresh so I wouldn't have any baggage or clutter just to avoid problems like this. Any thoughts?
  9. Has anyone yet confirmed if this is fixed in iOS 13 Developer Beta 5?
  10. Saw your message after I upgraded. I’m boned on my iPad and iPhone. This is just awful...
  11. I too am getting this CONSTANTLY on the Mac version. It's quite frustrating. Fails first time, succeeds on second attempt every time.
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