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  1. @jefito - that link is mainly IOS/Android apps. I actually wanted something for MacOS - yes I know I'm in the Windows forum. Yeah I twigged it was a Premium feature - it was staring me in the face :facepalm: For the 'application' in question there are other reasons to think of Evernote apart from PDF annotating. But I'm not sure that the person who has the 'problem' will be willing to pay annual subscription for Premium. It's a pity there's not a Premium Local for a one off price (e.g. $50) - I can get a couple of 4Tb drives for the price of a years Premium. Thanks RP
  2. I just tested PDF Annotations in Free and it says I can only annotate 10 PDFs. What do I need to have unlimited use of this feature? Do I need Premium or is it an add-on of some sort? tia RP
  3. RightPaddock:  Thanks for your comment on the Evernote icon.  I highly appreciate the quality solution you presented.  I have been in touch repeatedly to Evernote to clean out the irrelevant poster like Super Guru.  If you know nothing about Evernote or the basics of efficient use of a computer (Super Guru) get a hobby. 

    In any event, we out here in the computer mega universe appreciate those posters with solutions!  Thanks to all of you for taking the time!

  4. I went this route. It allowed me to some tidying up along the way. And it it was far less fiddlesome than I anticipated - a snap really. Thanks all
  5. Thanks all, looks like I have the right idea I'll try a couple of different sequences of - install, connect, relocate data (don't want it on my SSD), replace what's there with backup.
  6. I have access to the server located databases. But I repeat "most of my notebooks are local." The local notebooks are in whoever.exb, Attachments etc. I am not seeing them. I see the Tags but not the Notes. The path D:\Application Data\Evernote is the same on both the old and new systems RP
  7. I'm building myself a new computer (old one is playing up) - most of my notebooks are local, I've moved the data and configured local data to refer to that location, but I'm not seeing and local databases
  8. Thanks Jeff & Ed The ctrl/synch did the trick - one duplicate, and one 'tagged' as being in NB One when it was in fact in NB Two. What I don't understand that both errors referred to notes in LOCAL notebooks - so why is Synch even looking at them, I could assume synch does an integrity check on all notebooks, or I could assume something more sinister. I copied the msg re the colours to the other thread
  9. I like the dark side bar, but why stop there, make the menu and toolbar similarly dark. And allow users to set different colours for the index and content panels depending which one has keyboard focus - e.g. #ADD8E6 if panel has keyboard focus, otherwise #CCCCFF. They should tone quite well with the midnight blue sidebar.
  10. I just noticed this when I updated to the 'dark on the left version', I assume it's trying to tell me something - I resynchronised and it remains there. If EN had a status line it could show a message or it could show a message in the tooltip I can read in English and French, but I can't read Hieroglyphia. By the time I went to school they'd stopped teaching it and moved on to Latin and Greek. BTW I like the dark side bar, but why stop there, make the menu and toolbar similarly dark. And allow users to set different colours for the index and content panels depending which one has keyboard focus - e.g. #ADD8E6 if panel has keyboard focus, otherwise #CCCCFF. They should tone quite well with the midnight blue sidebar.
  11. Remove the bodgy pinned icon from the taskbar with right click->Unpin Start Evernote from a Win+S search Right click the Elephant that just appeared on the taskbar and pin to the taskbar When you exit EN, the Elephant you just pinned to the taskbar should still be there. @gazumped - tip: if you pin your most often used programs to the taskbar you can start them with WinKey+1, WinKey+2 etc. Also WinKey+T will give focus to the first item in the taskbar, you can then traverse the items with arrow keys (up arrow wraps to last), press Enter to run the program, press MenuKey to access the context menu. Whilst typing the above I solved the issue I came to ask about - too embarrassed to say what it was, but the solution is to hit Escape
  12. Not only on a phone on all platforms, on Windows via a keyboard shortcut please
  13. Are there any add-ons, tricks or processes that will make EN Notes available in a general purpose search tools such as - Windows Search, X1, Recoll, Spotlight etc. I think it would have to be search tool that maintains an index rather than one that wanders through files at search time like Agent Ransack. My expectations aren't high regarding an addon, but maybe someone has a trick or a process they could share. rp
  14. Notebooks are a unit of storage - if I delete an EN notebook, then it and all the notes in it are deleted. If I delete all the notes in a Notebook I'm left with an empty notebook. Much like a directory/folder in a file system. Tags are a means of reference - if I delete a tag no notes are deleted, if I delete all the notes that reference a tag the tag is deleted, if I remove all the references to a tag the tag is deleted. Most tagging schemes are likewise ephemeral - i.e. they are created when they're first used and they're deleted when they're no longer used. It's that characteristic that leads to them being nothing more than a label with a reference count perhaps. Onenote may not have Evernote's ephemeral tags, but you can set up a keyword vocabularies via keyword notebooks. And because the keywords are in themselves notes, they can have data, whereas EN tags are a just label. In ON it's easy to browse from a note into a keyword notebook and establish a link - doing the same thing in EN is awkward and error prone. With ON keyword notebooks you won't have as many problems with keyword (tag) proliferation due to misspellings etc. The phrase 'keyword notebooks' is mine, you wont find it in any ON doco. I use EN and ON for different purposes, they each have there strengths and weaknesses - eg if I need the notes to be available on Android then I prefer using EN.
  15. [Solved] - as a long shot I ran an sfc \scannow, When the links are pasted in HTML documents they are pasted as Hyperlinks - i.e. <href="blah" Title></a>. I assumed that's what EN Copy Note Link put in the clipboard. But it doesn't do that, it just puts the URI in the clipboard. It's only if its pasted into something 'HTML', such as Evernote itself, or a blog post, that the raw URI gets encapsulated in an HTML <a href...> tag. And the fact that an sfc \scannow fixed my problem means that Windows is somehow involved in the encapsulation process. Everything into which I paste the links (such as EN itself) is HTML under covers, so I never needed to consider what was actually in the clipboard. For me, that's the first time since XP that sfc \scannow even found anything to repair, and maybe the first time ever, that a repair actually solved a specific problem. I could try to figure out the precise cause of the problem from the CBS logs, but I probably won't unless it happens again. But I still get that bizarre EN Firefox clipper dialogue - I'll test it on a vanilla profile. Firefox Extensions often tread on one another's toes. Added - the bizarre EN Clipper dialogue must be due to another Firefox add on - its OK if I add the clipper to a vanilla profile <sigh>
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