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  1. No app comes close to Evernote, at least the old Evernote, and I doubt if any will ever come close, not even the new Evernote, the modern shinny V10. It has been my go-to-app since 2011, an extension of my brain that helped me get organised both in my personal and professional life. But then came the clamour for change, even from me, wanting something new and beautiful and more "modern". With the challenges that came with V10 I decided to explore other options. It hasn't been easy finding a like-for-like replacement. I don't think I ever will. I am however slowly putting together about 4 or 5 separate apps that in the past, could have been done with only Evernote. It hasn't been easy but it sometimes feels like an addict trying hard to get rid of an addiction and the hope that with time, it will get better and I will find the perfect solution. An email reminder came in last night reminding me about a pending end to my subscription. I haven't actively used Evernote for over a month now, just the odd login as I try getting all my information out, pending the arrival of this day. But It still felt sad, very sad. Move on I must, even though it is tearing me apart. Who knows, one day Evernote will end up being the Evernote I got to love and never missed an opportunity to introduce to everybody I came across, as the next best thing, heck, the only thing better than sliced bread. So long!
  2. I think they should have maintained the old features before thinking of adding new ones. My workflow which requires editing of pdf docs in an external app is now completely broken. A workflow I spent countless hours mastering and perfecting. It is all well and good adding new features, that may or may not attract new users but I still believe they should have, at the very least maintained the old features when v10 was released.
  3. You may be surprised at the number of people that still believe that Santa brings presents, me not included though 😁😂. I think loads of people out there still make decisions on app choices based on play store ratings. May not be accurate or may be totally hogwash but some still do. So as suggested in my earlier post, EN may just want to look at the comments on the play store and take a few of them on board. That is if they are not already doing that.
  4. It's happening folks. Evernote review on the Google play store is now at 3.9!
  5. Yes, the option does not exist in V.10 for Android, not on my phone anyway.
  6. Sorry, lazy me. The issue with the internal links opening in the external browser still seems unaddressed even though I am on the latest version. I guess I may have to contact support. Thought I could get help here considering how long it takes for support to give a meaningful feedback. Thanks.
  7. Internal links created in the Android app are showing up as web links in the Windows client and opening in the external browser. Can anybody direct me to the forum that has tried addressing this issue? Thanks
  8. Has a solution being been found yet? This is really frustrating.
  9. Still waiting for Still waiting for my update. Hopefully my "annoying" bugs have also been squashed 😆
  10. You may be right but this view is obviously not shared by most of the users, and again I use the reviews on play store, if this can be termed a true reflection of what actual users, not just the developers, think. Change must be beneficial to the end users. It might be worth finding out what the actual expectations of these end users are and why they believe it is not being met. Like I said earlier, personally, I love Evernote, it has made me more organised and more productive. However, if people don't use it, it might end up going under and that for me is a major concern.
  11. Very sad that most reviews on the Google play store for the month of January are just a single star. I really hope the developers will get their act together. A lot of people are obviously not too happy with this new "Electron" powered version. Love Evernote too much to see it go under. Thanks.
  12. Uninstall the current version 10.4. Search online for an "APKMIRROR" for the legacy version, 8.3.13. Stop Google play from auto updating apps in the Google play settings. Install the downloaded apk. You may have to allow "Install for other sources" warning. I also had to install the legacy app because 10.4 didn't allow me to edit pdfs. Enjoy!
  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to get back to me. That is quite a long winded way of achieving something they can so easily be done with the legacy app, just long press and edit. I am really hoping the find a solution soon even though I know the developers have tons of really critical bugs they need to work on. Thanks once again.
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