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  1. I truly appreciate the effort the new team has been putting into Evernote. Frequent updates/fixes. I was skeptical at first, but I'm happy to say that the product is definitely worth the price. I use it all the time, both as a Windows app and on mobile.
  2. Red, I hope this is only an occasional issue. I have recently noticed this a couple of times on Android. But typically closing the app (sweeping it off the screen) once or twice and the note comes up. Interestingly I can see part of the note in the search results that bring it up. There is usually no issue with it, but I have seen it once or twice in the last few weeks. This -could- simply be an Internet glitch, where the data is "stuck" somewhere between server and user. This remains much less an issue with current versions (they are still issuing regular updates) than it was in the past. I am not trying to be a yes-man for the Evernote team. I really find Evernote invaluable, and hope it continues to improve.
  3. Happy to say I'm not posting here to complain. This thread hasn't been appended-to in some time, which is a good sign. I was initially not pleased with the price increase, given how buggy Evernote was, and also wondering if the new owner was simply milking the user base for profit. I was investigating other options; then I got a discount offer and renewed Evernote. Seems to me now that the product continues to improve, with a seemingly endless stream of updates/patches - none of which has damaged/lost any of my data FAICT. So here's hoping that the Evernote team keeps up the good work. So far I'm quite pleased with where the product is going.
  4. I suggest that you report all issues to the Evernote people. Seems like every other time I open the Windows client, there's an update. This leaves me thinking that they are serious (for a welcome change) about getting this thing right. I hope I'm not wrong about this!!!! As do many of us, I live in Evernote so much of the time, and have found the desktop, browser and Android versions to be improved (Windows 10 / Pixel 6 Pro).
  5. OK will try that! Hoping that either the reload thing goes away OR I get some kind of status report of why the hangup.
  6. October 5, 2023 - Android app, Pixel 6 Pro, fully patched, stock ROM. LATEST version of the app. Some notes take FOREVER to load. I sometimes FQ and try again. Saved some IMPORTANT info to a note and ONLY THE TITLE survived. Body info was completely missing. Luckily I still had the data, so I needed to re-enter it. Evernote needs an option to SAVE and REFRESH a note which could be used optionally. Self-explanatory: It should save the note and refresh the screen to show it's saved.
  7. I have taken the $6.50/mo offer for EN Personal (does all I need and has stuff I don't need but there you are). Good for the next year. Hoping to find a usable alternative by the end of the 12-mo sub. NoteJoy negatives: Search issues as noted previously, and no serious offline mode - I think you need to specify just what notes you want to use offline. This is effectively useless. OneNote is a sync nightmare so it's out of the running for the time being. FAICT, fat chance of Microsoft actually fixing this.
  8. FYI Now that I'm on the free version of EN, I just got another offer, good until 9/7, for 40% off, or $6.50/month.
  9. As I said, that kinda speaks volumes. I don't recall an "official" forum (in which I participate) where some company representative or another doesn't take an obvious interest. This here ain't Reddit.
  10. To me, the fact that anyone from Bending Spoons or Evernote isn't making comments here is notable in itself. No pun intended.
  11. EN could easily have been sold because of its profitability or perceived market potential. These kinds of things happen every day. But yes indeed, folks airing their grievances is fair play here. Just hope it doesn't stray into abusive ranting, which does no good.
  12. It's not that I don't like OneNote. It's simply not completing the sync process. All my EN notes are in there, but there are constant sync errors. I have a case open with Microsoft, but that's moving along much too slowly. We'll see.
  13. Noted (no pun intended) again and again: One size does not fit all. The EN price increase is to me predatory and unacceptable, so I've switched to the free version, but have migrated all existing notes to NoteJoy and OneNote. Putting all new entries into NoteJoy. Previously-reported issues with OneNote sync are still not resolved, and NoteJoy works fine except that its searches are sub-optimal, also as previously reported: If you enter two words in NoteJoy search, you'll get back ALL notes that contain EITHER of those words, and not only the notes that contain BOTH those words. A pain but I can live with it for now. NoteJoy support says they're working on this, but I won't hold my breath.
  14. I understand about the erratic results. Forgot to mention, as this was only a recent thing with me. Had to close and re-open the Windows app for results to be OK. Takes seconds on this machine so it didn't bother me much. I'm now on the free version, plus still checking out NoteJoy, and putting all new entries into that. Aside from the search issues (annoying), it seems to be good.
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