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  1. Seems very good so far. A trifle aggravating (cough) getting there, but thanks!
  2. 8.9.1 is probably dated May 10. It does appear to be the latest one so far. Works pretty well AFAICT.
  3. Still not available on the Play Store here, but I was able to download and install 8.9.1. So far, so good.
  4. One thing in Evernote's favor is that I trust Microsoft as far as I can throw it. They insist on making their Office 365 apps as confusing to use and maintain as possible. This is not exactly by design, but it's perhaps because "an elephant is a mouse designed by a committee." Just about anything that could be "simple" is, in Microsoft-land, simply "not simple." And that's simply a shame.
  5. Charles, scroll up in this thread and find the instructions to downgrade to v8.8.1. It has been working well for many of us for days now Remember to disable auto-update of the app in the Play Store. This state of affairs does remain perplexing though, doesn't it?
  6. No it is not a big ask. Apparently the biggest issue with doing that is 8.8.1 has problems with two-factor authentication. Still, I'm thinking that this fix is taking way too long. This seems to point to management issues at Evernote, or spaghetti code, which is a management issue too.
  7. Evernote: you neglect to tell the users to set Evernote on Android to NOT allow updates after downgrade to 8.8.1. Unless I am wrong, please do this.
  8. Downgrade to 8.8.1 works fine for me, so don't worry about that. Hope it works for you. Remember to disable auto-update for the app and remember to not tap "update" for the app if you're in the play store and it asks you to. Totally shocking that they haven't fixed this yet.
  9. The current mess with the Android version is anything but smooth. Poor communication from the Evernote team, incomplete instructions for inexperienced users AND it's taking them much too long to solve the search issue that people with far fewer notes are dealing with. Going back to v8.8.1 helped tons, but there's definitely some grumbling as this issue drags on.....
  10. The package might not be damaged. You will need to uninstall the current version, and allow installation of the .apk as an "unknown source." Different Android versions do this in different ways.
  11. Look further up in this thread for my instructions on how to downgrade to 8.1.1 AND keep Android from updating Evernote to a later version. It's worse than silly that this issue is now going on for weeks. YMMV of course
  12. Something is going on at "Evernote Central" and it doesn't feel very good from this end. A cause for concern, to be sure! The issue could be caused by some embedded library, as many are having quite similar issues with the NY Times app. Nonetheless, Evernote should be more forthcoming about these things - we are being kept mostly in the dark here.
  13. I had the same issues. Scroll up for link to instructions to install previous version - 8.8.1 I believe. I don't think I was running a beta, but the latest production version. Good luck. Previous version now working well on Pixel 2 XL rooted (stock kernel) AND non-rooted (stock) phones.
  14. OK quick fix here - re-copied and edited from earlier in this topic: Link to older version: https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/ For this, download the apk and tell Android to install from this "unknown source." Different Android devices/versions may do this differently, so you're pretty much on your own. And HERE is how to disable auto-update for EN, and assuming that auto-update for all apps is already turned on: 1. In the Play Store, search for Evernote, and have its Play Store page on your screen. 2. Touch the 3 vertical dots at top right. 3. Un-check Enable auto update. That's supposed to do it. Note that if you go into the Play Store and select My apps & games, EN will still come up as an update choice. Be sure to not select "UPDATE ALL," and only pick the stuff you want updated. If you don't go there "manually" if auto-update for all apps is on, EN should still not auto-update.
  15. @mottalrd: you should find the instructions above to install a previous version of Evernote, and prevent it from updating. Will try and post the steps here later, but they are detailed above.
  16. And I, who "am" an old kid (over 60) just dump them in there and hope to find by search, which is GREAT when EN is working correctly.
  17. Thanks, Wux! EN could have done a few things. How about sending an email to all Android users with the temporary fix info? How about releasing an "update" to the Play Store that simply reverts to the previous build, and again sending an email to all Android users with a link to the (broken) newer version, if they really want it? How about being more responsive when folks are struggling with this search issue and reporting it to EN over and over? So yes, bugs happen - we are aware of this. How it's handled can make a huge difference.
  18. @webmanoffesto.. Thanks for the suggestion. I generally know my way around Android but I clearly don't know it all, so I looked it up. HERE is how to disable auto-update for a particular app, and assuming that auto-update for all apps is already turned on: 1. In the Play Store, search for your app, and have it on your screen. 2. Touch the 3 vertical dots at top right. 3. Un-check Enable auto update. That's supposed to do it. Now, WHY Evernote would not make all of this totally clear to all remains a mystery.
  19. BTW all of this has the appearance of a programmer or group of programmers holding back code / holding the company hostage. Or some kind of management gap. Why else would you see this kind of behavior? "Stupidity" alone doesn't quite feel right as an explanation.
  20. Be sure to shut off auto app updates in Settings in the Play Store, or you might update to the bad version again.
  21. Evernote's handling of this has been just awful. It feels as if we hardly matter to them.
  22. They seem to be treating this as a minor inconvenience. A bad sign.
  23. Just followed that advice and installed the previous version. Seems OK so far. Not a happy dude.
  24. EDIT! Nah. It broke again. Leaving my post below for historical purposes, but I am losing patience. Meanwhile they replied that yes they are aware of the problem (DOES ANYONE THERE TEST THIS STUFF BEFORE SENDING IT OUT INTO THE WILD?), and have advised me to install an earlier version. Oh, Joy. And here they are trying to ram an upgrade to the next level down my throat. ALL of us paying customers deserve a year of free service, starting AFTER this mess is fixed. **************************** POSSIBLE FIX: First of all, in my current Android version of evernote, I don't see an option to disable updates. Next, I seem to have fixed the problem by either clearing the cache and/or clearing the search history. Settings (then scroll down) / Search and Storage / Clear cache + (maybe needed but no big deal if it is) Clear local search history Interesting because uninstalling and re-installing evernote did not correct the issue, while this apparently has. On my 2nd 2 XL, it didn't work for a couple of tries, or maybe I needed to wait some time after clearing cache(s) for the fix to work. Seems OK for now. But (of course) evernote should be more responsive to support tickets, and provide this info. I did not know the setting was there. Clearing cache under the Android menus did not seem to help. This has been an enormous waste of my time.
  25. Many thanks, Luiz. I may have to resort to installing the older version, so that's a big help.
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