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  1. I stand corrected then, as to responsiveness and a workaround, fo sho. I must have reaped the benefits of your travails in getting Evernote to respond/offer earlier apps; so thank you kindly. I still feel the same about expecting an almost immediate bugfix release (that is a big ask). Knowing now that others (you at least) did not have access to the workaround of reverting, I would say the company response is NOT as prime as I had thought. I think offering roll back to earlier versions when something breaks, is acceptable and even a positive customer service move. BUT, this should have been done immediately once the bug was known. I do not understand why users are mad at having to roll back; I DO understand being mad if that roll back is not available/hard to find. In lieu of immediate fixes being rolled out, the company SHOULD have made prior builds easily available, ASAP. Thanks for being civil and thorough in your reply.
  2. Wanted to give a diff view of Evernote's response to this bug. I got a message back from Evernote support, within a few hours of emailing them, and had a workable solution until they do release a bug fix. I have used Evernote since 2008 and my whole life is in it, so I was pretty put out by the lack of searchability on my phone. I followed the support email steps to revert to the prior apk, and regained full functionality. Based on your comments about cause for concern, that users are kept in the dark, and that it is silly this search bug has gone on for weeks, I wanted to let you know my experience contacting Evernote, and to share info about the software lifecycle.....I am a software engineer, so I live the pressured life of building apps, fixing bugs, writing bugs on accident, and deadlines. I do not work for Evernote, and I hope I don't sound preachy; really sorry if I do....I just wanted to give a different side, so people can know why bug fixes and updates are not instant. My perspective on the 8.9 release breaking a very important feature, followed by the company giving workaround instructions and not rapidly pushing another (fix) release: I am happy that Evernote improves this app often, I love updating, then looking for improved and added features. Evernote releases updates more than other apps, and this I see as a benefit. Each software release can include weird behavioral quirks on a new feature, or a previous feature could be changed unintentionally by the introduced source code. I think we get more cool tools in their updates, than flaws. If they slowed release cycle to do buttloads more regression testing, or slowed new features to try to stop all bugs (not possible), the tool would not be nearly as good. It is true an update to fix the search bug hasn't happened in weeks. Deploying a re-release that quickly would be amazing, it would require business analysts, developers, QA, and dev ops with unplanned man hours just laying around. The design, planning, troubleshooting, coding, testing, approvals, and deployment that go into a software fix/release are intentional (we hope) and take time plus sometimes devs like to go home after a long day of code and meetings. I'm so so sorry if I'm whining......I just bet people don't know what goes into making and editing software. Here is the support response I received in my email: Jasmin P. (Evernote Help and Learning) Apr 29, 00:57 PDT Hello there, Thank you so much for reaching out to Evernote Customer Support, and for taking the time to send us an email. My name is Jasmin, and I'm more than willing to assist you. Thank for bringing this to our attention. We are currently aware of this issue, and although I don't have an estimated date of when it will be resolved, I can assure you we're working diligently to fix it as soon as possible. If you would like to roll back to a previous version of Evernote that did not contain this issue, please follow the below steps: Before uninstalling Evernote for Android, make sure to copy the contents of any unsynced notes somewhere outside of the Evernote app. Any unsynced notes (notes marked by red/green corners) and photos are deleted when you reinstall the app. To save any unsynced photos to your Gallery, tap the options menu (three dots) and select Save to Downloads. Then follow these steps: Open the Play Store Search for Evernote, choose it, then tap Uninstall Restart your Android device Once Evernote has been uninstalled, please click on this link to download version 8.8.1. If you can't use the version from the previous link, then try this link. Please know that by going back a version, you will be exposed to some bugs we fixed already, the most noticeable of them being not able to login to your Evernote account in more than one Android device at the same time if you use two factor authentication. For now, I will close this ticket, but if you have any other questions please reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to help. Have a great day ahead! Sincerely, Jasmin P. Evernote Customer Support Representative
  3. I am using the latest Android Beta of Evernote (8.9, released April 15, 2019). My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB. Since the last update, I have been unable to successfully perform ANY search. Each one times out, or I have to force the app closed. I did uninstall and re-install, and this did not resolve anything. I am still able to use all search types from my desktop, and from the web.
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