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  1. I voted, but I think this may be a 'nice to have' rather than a killer feature - can I ask how you would use it? Hi Guru, I work almost exclusively with emails, a fair number of which I transfer to Evernote where I clean off the unnecessary, pick out certain articles and forward these to clients. Some days I'm pulled away to other things and am unable to make my daily download. That means a lot piles up. In order to keep everything in its correct dated position I have to move each email one at a time. I just thought it would be lovely if I could accomplish this task in batches.
  2. Hey guys: I have one teensy, weensy little recommendation to make. We now have the ability to gather notes together, to combine notes, add tags to a number of notes, move notes to different notebooks. It would be lovely and most useful for me if we could move a clump of notes to a different "create date" all at once and easily. Please.
  3. I've been wondering about this for a while. What is Prepend or Append?
  4. I've been a Premium Member since the second month I signed up with EVERNOTE in 2014. I now have 37,000 notes with EVERNOTE. You better believe I'm sticking with EVERNOTE. For the small amount of increase for the Premium, I feel myself fortunate to have such an excellent service for so little,.
  5. I have experienced this problem off and on for several months. Last night I had to replace several tag subjects which are very extensive. A lot of time wasted.
  6. I would like to reinstall Evernote onto my iPhone 6 S Plus. This time I want to limit the content to one Notebook, and only one notebook. I need advise on how to accomplish this, Please.
  7. I have one rather serious problem with third party apps that work with EN, and that is too many of these apps work with the Apple products; some work with Android products, and too few work with laptops or desk products. For example, there is a product called "Sortly," that acts like an inventory control for the home, which allows the user to catalog their stuff including pictures of their stuff. There's a place to put the financials of a piece of furniture or electronic gadget. Very nice. Only problem is, the program only works initially with iPad or iPhone. It doesn't yet, (if ever) work with Android. It doesn't function with Windows or Window Apps. There are many third party programs that fall in the same category. I would like to see all companies and individuals who are developing useful products that connect with Evernote to give some serious effort to have programs that work with laptops and desk computers. Your thoughts please.
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