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  1. I'm trying to go paperless by scanning my business cards, documents, and receipts into Evernote (or transferring the already made PDFs into Evernote). Tagging seems like a great way to find these items without having to create an overly complex Notebook structure. However, I've noted lately that a lot of my tags are getting deleted on their own, forcing me to go over and re-add tags throughout my account ....over-and-over. Why is this happening? Does this have to do with how my account is set up to synchronize with Evernote? What option do I need to change so that tags don't get automatically deleted? I only want them deleted if done so manually. I did install Evernote into two other devices recently - an Android device and a second Windows computer. I always synchronize my files on my main computer before closing Evernote, but maybe the tags were deleted because after signing into the Android device or a second Windows computer, it didn't finish synchronizing, causing a problem?!?! I really want to trust Evernote's system, but I don't want to get down the rabbit hole too much if can't trust the back bone of how my files are organized to just go away on a whim! All help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: The tags themselves still show up in my Tags section- it's just some of the notes have lost their respective tags. So all the business cards I have scanned, for example, are still in a notebook; However, random notes are missing the respective contact name and/or business name that corresponds with the business card note. *sigh*
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