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  1. Not sure what you meant by "burying it in a link" but, I did find a solution in case anyone else happens across this: When making a link you can just select PART of a line of text so if I wanted to create a "small" link out of the word model, I would do the following: Model: Where I select only "Model" and leave out the colon. This creates an in-line text link, rather than the big bubble link. Then I just remove the colon and ... all better!
  2. Now in some of my notes all evidence of items linked to google drive have just gone blank. They're unclickable, and contain no evidence of what was linked there; It's just an empty frame... So much for linking docs in evernote, this doesn't work.
  3. Hey! Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I have tried this and even with google access revoked, it still won't let me input links as a regular hyperlink. Now the drive "balloons" come up and just say "google unavailable" instead of "connect now."
  4. Unfortunately I don't see any option that would allow me to do that. I'd happily ditch other features to get rid of these giant balloons... Oh Well; thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Hello - A recent update to evernote has changed the way google drive files interact with notes. I link a lot of google drive files (and other links, etc) as project organizers, but the update makes it so that instead of a crisp hyperlink it comes in as a big "file balloon", for lack of better description. The attached file shows "Survey - Admin/Public" links in the new format, while I'd like them to display the same way they used to, as shown by "Sample Link." I can't find anything in settings to change this back to the old, standard link format, and the big balloons really make my notes unwieldy quickly. Does anyone know how to change this back to the old way with standard hyperlinks, and ignore google drive integration? Thanks!
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