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  1. I have the same issue. I know that the advice is to go back to the Legacy version but I also think it's useful for EN to see user's frustration. In one of the Behind the Scenes videos, they mentioned that a very small percentage (5%) are "committed" tags users. I find that hard to believe since it's such a great function.
  2. If Evernote would just post Mike P.s explanation in their Help section, it would make life so much easier.
  3. I agree. I have almost 6000 notes, as I mentioned before - pretty much my entire life. Yes, I know I know, I should merge, delete, pare them down. When doing a search I am now met with a long dropdown menu of filters AND suggestions, now that they've really fired-up the machine learning. It was so simple before...
  4. Thanks everyone, esp @Mike P. I wasn't even noticing the Notebook in the drop-down menu. Duh! Your step-by-step was most useful!
  5. I keep my life on Evernote and am finding the updates to be unstable at best (between my IPhone and PC I've had to reinstalled the app 4 times) and the search function is either terrible or I'm an idiot - not sure which. My main issue if that I select a notebook in which to search, then put in the search term - at which point the search reverts to All Notes. Suggestions?
  6. I use Web Clipper to save articles to a curated content folder for my admin to schedule and post onto social media. I usually write a comment for the social posting in the Remark section. I would like the Remark box to be able to be expanded so I can proof-read my comment before sending it to Evernote.
  7. Thanks, I noticed the change. Thank goodness they came to their senses.
  8. To add to a previous note I did. The Save button should be at the bottom, not top of the pop-up window so it's at the end of you - hopefully one day - easily choosing the notebook and adding a remark. Inexplicably, the lack of notice was not just for customers but for their own Help Desk! Truly remarkable.
  9. My two priorities Restore Remarks - I use it on almost every clip to communicate with my remote assistant - and make notebook selection less cumbersome. And please give a heads-up to your Chat personnel so this isn't a ten-minute convo where they ask lots of questions and request a screenshot.
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