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  1. I'm shocked that in 2020: a) this thread doesn't have a resolution ; and b) for three years no one has had this issue. Did I miss out? How do you associate two emails with one Evernote account. After reading all the workarounds, they are, in a word, lame. When is this basic capability going to be included in Evernote?
  2. Hello, I am a Windows 7 user as well and have the same challenges as brahmdup. I want alphabetical sort in normal order and have to set the list sort drop down to this each and every time I start evernote. The default on startup is always "Notes by Created" and "Reverse Sort Order". Is this a cookie saving or registry writing problem? I try to keep things locked down as tight as possible and am running Norton Security Suite. How would I verify that the settings are accurately being saved in the Registry (or not!)?
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