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  1. Roy that does seem very apt. Dont have an ipad anymore but its definately is a problem on my Iphone so much so I have now removed the app to remove the temptation to use it. It was as automatic as turning the light on when it gets dark to just send stuff to evernote but its just too risky now. Fortunately I rescued that one really important note but I have no idea if I lost any others as the point was to put it in evernote so I didnt have to remember it!!!
  2. William and Ian Thankyou I will do this and hopefully will be able to save the contents. I think once this is done at least for the time being I will need to remove Evernote from my phone to remove the automatic nature of using it so as not to lose important content. I am so used to doing it this way it is just an automatic action. I have not contacted Evernote support as having looked a little on the forums over the last week it looked like it might be a pointless exercise. Very sad as it has been a perfect filing cabinet and one of the few apps/services I was willing to pay for......
  3. It’s not a legacy note. It was created on the new version it has the symbol that it is uploading but is simply not doing so. As I said I don’t want to get rid of the note as then it has gone and I have lost the contents which i need otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered saving it in the first place!
  4. Until the last week I really hadnt use the "new" evernote. I have to say I am unimpressed in both formats I use. My current problem is that I have created a note on the IOS version. It is photos of items I need to retain but have now been binned. I created the note on Sunday and it has still not uploading despite being connected to the internet for virtually all this time. I do not want to restart the app etc incase I lose the note as I no longer have the originals. I am sure that someone will come on and say "well you shouldnt have diposed of the originals". The point however being that the app should do what it is meant to and has never not before! If I wanted to simply keep the originals and not digitise things I wouldnt have the app and Id just keep a massive pile of unorganised paper. Is this a known problem or and if so is there a get around or fix so that I do not lose my note. I dont really know where all this is going now as there seem to be so many things that dont work and I am only a lite user. I appreciate people have said you can return to legacy on other platforms but this is not possible on IOS and I have auto update plus why should/would you check whether a app is working correctly before you update it, surely that is the developers job? I'm confused.... Ultimately how do I save this note everything else is a consideration for another day.....
  5. I seem only to be able to copy note links for 50 notes at a time so this isnt the same feature
  6. Yes please or at least allow selection of more than 50 notes so this can be done manually!
  7. Thanks all, sorry for delay in replying, well not like you are all hanging around for me to answer😂 Have I missed something or has it seemingly rectified itself? If I now go in the desktop relocated items shortcut (yes I sure everyone else has deleted by now but Im taking it slow) there is now only the note telling me what is in the folder which is now just that. If I search relocated I get the folder, that file, two random text docs and one item that I know is an evernote note attachement. My plan of action for just now was to open the list of files and then check these against their notes in evernote to see if they were still there. I know there were loads the other day otherwise I would have probably just ignored it and not worried about it. It was only because I scanned through them and that I have literally nothing saved on the mac as yet, other than the programs including evernote (that I linked/logged in) that I knew this is what they were. Also apologies for the many typos this is not a new thing for me and the mac I always do it!
  8. Thanks all. The ones I looked at still seemed to be there. I am new to mac so I dont know where the Evernote stuff is stored on the mac. I was confused to see them in there as I didnt think the "notes' where saved seperately on just in one block file. None of them are ones that have been created on the Mac as I have done very little on the Mac not having had it long and I was waiting to do the Catlina update before I got into it. So are you just leaving the whole of the relocated items folder as is?
  9. Hi All I have last night done my Catalina update, only had my Mac a couple of months so a bit scary. I now have the "reolcated items" folder. Most of the items in here I can identify as being items, mainly PDF's, attached to notes in Evernote. What do I need to do with them? Can they just stay where they are? Am I safe to delete them? Any ideas would be most welcome. Thanks
  10. So far so good. All the items I had kept a note of that I wanted to clip from last week have now clipped, and seem to have only saved once. They were from various diffent sites and have been clipped as article and screenshot so fingers crossed it should be fixed. Thanks to all who commented and those who have done the hotfix
  11. I upgraded chrome... I removed and readded wedclipper I article clipped from the "webclipper weclome page" and it worked in the same sort of time as when it "worked" and no duplicates I then went to article clip one of things that was not working earlier in the week and it still just hangs ......................
  12. So we are in agreement that there is a problem and its seems that there is nothing specific as in OS or browser it just seems its an update issue. Has anyone contacted support and asked, I have not I cant remember whether I get direct support and I didnt want to bother support initially in case it was just me.
  13. Few not just me then, not that that really helps ?
  14. I use the webclipper a lot, its a great feature. However I think for about the last week it is taking FOREVER to clip if it does it at all and then sometimes when it does it then saves multiple times! But then only shows after a really long delay. I have had a quick look on the forums and can see a couple of people mentioning it before but not recently. I checked my webclipper version and its seems it was updated yesterday. It has now been trying to clip something for about 20 minutes and it doesnt seem to have done it. Anyone else having issues?
  15. The alternative to "view" in my world would be "store". I can only assume this is the exact difference between web/Ios and the windows app, that the windows app stores but the other two do not which seems weird as the web surely is also a store. My attachments have to be downloaded every time I go to the note..... I do want to preview anything I just want to see it without downloading it all the time (I have to download all the time on web as well same as ios) I don't want to do anything with the file system ios it's just I don't know where things go so was only assuming what happened, was open to correction by someone who did get it. Conclusion I don't understand it but it can't do it.
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