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  1. c_fulkan

    facilethings not showing image with note

    no but i might now " forgoe some of the GTD specificity it supplied for having everything in one place bumbling forward. " Only issues with facilethings are probably related to the gtd specificity ...(personally speaking...) kinda slows things down, but does help get the system sorted right out of the gate. It has a guided weekly review built in, too.
  2. c_fulkan

    facilethings not showing image with note

    Honestly, it's pretty good. A little slow, but it helps get GTD right out of the box. Kind of awkward in a few ways, but overall very nice. The toggle for kanban and sequential tasks is cool, too. The sync with En is great.
  3. had same issue. thanks. solved.
  4. c_fulkan

    facilethings not showing image with note

    solved. " Yes, PDFs can't be directly shown by the broswer, that's why it shows you a link to open it. Any other typical image formats can be directly shown: png, jpeg, etc. "
  5. Hey, I am trying to set up evernote with facilethings and am having a bit of a problem with images within notes not showing up in my facilethings inbox (or wherever the note is). It just has a link to the image.pdf. It says login into evernote for images to appear, but i am! Do the images need to be saved in EN as something other than .pdf? Really appreciate any help here!