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  1. I am getting the same problem in Evernote Web 10.9.2-web (235). Running in Safari. By the way, how can I tag this topic? I saw some posts topic with tag on. I would like to tag this topic for Mac and Web.
  2. +1 I also use reminders heavily. Looking forward to a reminders widgets.
  3. Where can I find a copy of v7.14 (assuming that I will not need v10.0 side by side)? I don't want the grey Elephant Legacy v7.14.1. The below link does not has to 7.14. https://filehippo.com/mac/download_evernote_for_mac/history/
  4. When I click the Bell icon to Edit Reminder, sometimes it is not working. If I Quit Evernote completely and restart Evernote, it becomes ok, working. But this is getting irritating when I need to Quit and Restart Evernote. Is this a bug? Does anyone face this problem? 10.8.4-mac-mas-public (458463) Editor: v118.1.15148 Service: v1.28.1 macOS Big Sur Version 11.2 M1 MacBook Air
  5. I am already on the latest Evernote web 10.8.4. Don't need to get rid of some notes. My post is to let @kolenkid or whoever affected that the limit of 10,000 notes may have been lifted or at least it is not a hard limit, since I have about 10,800 notes.
  6. It was possible when I was using Android in 2018. I know it was (and is) not possible in iOS. I have since left Android and move to iOS. Not sure it is still possible to do multiple selection in Android.
  7. I also dislike this "You are leaving Evernote." extra prompt. I manage to find a workaround while waiting for EN to fix it. If you right click, instead of left click, the link, choose open link in a new tab or new window, it will open without the "You are leaving Evernote." extra prompt.
  8. For me, the reminder is still showing the same sort order as 10.4 (as my screenshot above). The earliest on top, the latest below. Somehow, it works for me, but not for @david grant and @Joe Pairman.
  9. There is no sort option. I create the same reminder as yours. It is exactly reverse order as yours. see attached image.
  10. Hi, my iOS (both iPhone and iPad) devices show earliest date at the top. The iOS Evernote is 10.4.
  11. The current reminders time format is 24 hours. Is there any setting I can change it to AM/PM? Instead of 13:00, I would prefer 1:00 PM.
  12. My current approach is simply revert back to v6.25.1.9091 (the last version before they change to v10), if you still have a copy. If I use the v10, my workflow is destroyed, like you. I have lots of lots of frustration very now and then, bad for health, bad for productivity/efficiency. I am happy with v6.25.1.9091 for now, till my subscription ends Jun 2021. If the v10 can catch up with all (or most) of the features in v6 that my workflow can restored. Then I will renew he subscription. Else I will stop. In the mean time, start looking for alternatives. If you don't have the
  13. No, for a HTTP link, it should open up the link directly. Not many other sites do that. When I paste a HTTP link in Google Calendar, if I click on it, it open the HTTP link. A floating diaglog/box that the new Web Client shows is really not required.
  14. In the Web Client, if you click on a HTTP link, it didn't open up the link directly. Instead, it shows you the HTTP link in a floating diaglog/box. You click the HTTP link, it open up a tab/windows that shows "You are leaving Evernote". Then you click "Continue", it finally brings you to the link you wanted. 3 clicks for every link! I rarely used the Web Client previously, until Desktop v10 is introduced. Was this the behavior previously? Is this the new v10 Web Client hehavior?
  15. Thanks. Will adapt to this feature (it is not a bug 😅).
  16. Or just use the legacy version and Web version. The Web version is almost identical to the desktop v10.
  17. I have a slight different problem with checklist. I used to be able to have a number list with checklist in v6.25.1.9091. Now, I can only have numbered list or checklist. I cannot have both numbered list and checklist together. If you add the next line/item, both the number and the checkbox will appear together. Does that mean that I have to use numbered list with checkbox in v10? If I use checkbox with numbered list, adding next line will have next number, but no checkbox.
  18. Do you still have the problem with the second issue? That is to use the web link (https link) in other app, such as google calendar, it open up the browser and then redirect to the desktop (Mac or Windows) Evernote app since it recognized that Evernote is installed. This used to be working. I test by putting a web link in my google calendar. I open it on my iPad google calendar, it open Evernote App, even though it is a web link. I open it on my Windows desktop chrome google calendar, it open Evernote Web. It didn’t open the Evernote Windows App.
  19. Thanks. I did a quick export to ENEX and HTML format. I can find Note Link (thus the Note-ID) in both exports. Did I miss something here? Even with that, I think it is still not easy to import/re-create the link in joplin (or any other notes app). The Note-ID seems to be a random/hashed id created by the notes app (evernote, or joplin) during noes creation. Thus the id if the linked note after imported will be different.
  20. With regard to Evernote recreate the internal note links, I think I will face this problem too, though I don't have many linked notes. But I think this is a tricky one. I will need to look at the code. Currently, I believe the import is simply a converting of Evernote format to Joplin markdown format. To recreate the internal note links will be a bit complex. What if the linked note is not imported? Anyhow, you can post this request in joplin forum. More can be discussed there. See how it evolve. @DTLow Care to elaborate how you solve this problem?
  21. Agreed. An editor should be wysiwyg for us to quickly enter/edit notes without worry about the markdown code. I think that is the reason they are working actively on a wysisyg editor. At the moment, I simply use Typoria as the external editor, until the Joplin wysiwyg editor is stable. Typoria is a wysiwyg editor, so you need not do any markdown code.
  22. Besides people who are able code, I see other advantages for non-developer too. You see, we spend so much in this forum trying to tell Evernote our frustration, our views. They all fall on deaf ears. Joplin provide a roadmap that you can see, ask questions, feedback and even influence. Evernote don't. There are many discussion, feedback, bug reports in the forum by non-developers. Most developers take pride of their work. If the bug is due to their work, they want to correct/fix them. And you can see the bugs being addressed, discussed and fixed. Unlike Evernote, we have no idea i
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