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  1. This is a major problem for me as well. Seems every time we bring up a problem it get's blamed on either the operating system or some other 3rd party software. Time for EN to take responsibility for their bugs and/or design flaws. And try to do something about it!
  2. Well the copied note synced OK. But I'll be damned if I know what happened to the original. I'm going to delete it. It's unsettling because I work most of the time without checking on sync, I just assume it's working. Now I'm worried that there may be other "orphan" notes I know nothing about. Is there any way to check without having to do it manually? If you want to dig deeper let me know what I can give you.
  3. One of the suggestions online was to purge the trash which I did. So now it's empty. The situation remains the same. The note is in my Windows program but does not appear in either the web or iPhone app.
  4. This morning I created a note. When looking at my notes later I noticed there were 2 duplicate copies of it so I erased one. Now this note will not appear on my iPhone app no matter how many times I sync. I looked at the web and it's not there either. Any suggestions?
  5. Of these three I've found number 2 to be the best work around. If your attachments are photos they will convert. If your attachments are voice memos, sorry but there is still no way to retrieve these files. They are permanently locked in to evernote. I've abandoned using the built in audio recorder and have switched to using a hand held digital recorder, which gives me files I can easily upload into Word. But again this creates more work for me because I have to make sure my audio files are coordinated with the correct note in EN.
  6. It's not a word processor it's a note taker which makes it only all the more imperative that they have some kind of a functional export system to get the document into a word processor. This is one of the biggest downfalls of an otherwise very capable application. The fact that they have never recognized this or begun work on a solution, is just mind boggling.
  7. any progress on this annoying problem????? 6 years and no progress????????
  8. Your answer, along with most of the others above, begs the question: why is the solution always a work-around? Mature applications identify these kinds of problems and get to work on solutions immediately. From what I can gather here, this problem is not even on EN's radar, not even a priority. Not even some sort of acknowledgment like yeah we know the problem exists and we're working on it. Instead we get lame Mr. Fixit type advice. Nothing personal. There's a lot that's good in the application. But it's time for EN to step up to the plate and demonstrate they are listening to their users. No
  9. While taking notes I like to audio record certain portions of the meeting/lecture, either to document the speaker's style or to have a record of a speaker's tone & salient points. Or maybe use them in a multi-media presentation. There are many reasons. Currently there is no way to get these out of EN and into MSWord, or a media editor. This is big. A sophisticated export function can handle this task. A crude, brute cut & paste operation cannot. Using a third party app to do what EN should? Again, more unnecessary work. My work flow begins with note taking and proceeds to word pro
  10. Cut & paste? Really? That's a kludgy solution at best. What about formatting? What about audio notes? What about photos? Believe me I've tried both cut & paste and HTML export/import. They both require extensive re-formatting of work already done in EN. And a complete loss of audio recorded. If Apple's Pages can give us export to Word, why not Evernote? Believe me it is a big deal. No one wants to have to redo work.
  11. That answer in facetious. MS Word is the de facto standard for WP on PCs. Thus it should be a top priority. Evernote is great for taking notes but not for heavy document processing. You need a word processor for that. Not making it as easy as possible to export your notes into such is simply a glaring omission. And for many a deal breaker. Evernote may have other business reasons for not implementing this "must have" solution but certainly not the one you stated. Until they make this path from En -> MSWord easier, EN will remain a hobbled application.
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