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  1. @Shane D. SInce there is a new section of the forums just for Beta's, why isn't the Web Beta listed there?
  2. Currently the only browser that supports attaching a file from Google Drive is Safari. This feature should be on all browsers, especially Chrome as it's the most used browser world wide. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218734618-How-to-attach-Google-Drive-files-to-notes
  3. I've made sure that Google Drive is connected to Evernote Web, I've even disconnected and reconnected the two services. I still do not have the Drive triangle icon in my toolbar. Advise? https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218734618-How-to-attach-Google-Drive-files-to-notes
  4. I don't have Evernote desktop, I'm on a Chromebook.
  5. I can open in other windows, that is what I do now. I have to open a new window, go to EN, find the note, size it, then start working. I know it only takes 30 seconds, but it would be so much nicer, if I could click a button and go to work. EN is all about efficiency, this would benefit that effort.
  6. I used Evernote primarily for school, I take notes and do research in class, then write papers. It would be wonderful if I could open a note (research) in a pop-out windows so I could have my notes and new paper side by side.
  7. This is useful and I use it, but I was more thinking commenting a la Google Docs. https://support.google.com/docs/answer/65129?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en
  8. So, theoretically I could take an epub, convert to HTML, then import the chapters as individual notes?
  9. I don't use tag's much for things like non-fiction books, as the different chapters are their own subjects the note title is enough of a description for me. I'll do a few generic tags, but I don't go crazy. The only tags I use for school is the class name. Then each note is titled for the topic, eg, Wk1 Discussion board, Wk2 Defining Project Scope, Wk3 HW Project Charter etc. Search is really easy, I select the one tag for my class, and all of my notes pop up, then I can search within that class. The only thing I go tag heavy on is articles that I've saved in a dedicated archive notebook. I use an asterisk * instead of star or favorite, and subject(s) for example:
  10. Throwing my support on this. Currently I'm buying paper books, highlighting passages, then using the Document Camera to take pictures of the book pages. Native EPUB with highlighting (and commenting for premium?) would be wonderful. I could buy an ebook, and import straight into Evernote, an entire library at my fingertips. This would probably take up less room on my account/Evernote's servers than loading it up with a bunch of pictures, search would be faster too.
  11. Dark mode is enabled in Evernote v8, that's the same version they dropped support for Android 5.x which is what that Kindles are based on.
  12. Google won't reply to your feedback, it's not a two way tool. If you want that I'd suggest using the product forums. https://support.google.com/assistant/?hl=en#topic=7546466https://support.google.com/assistant/community?hl=en
  13. Try saying "Save a note to Evernote" then let it ask what the note is.
  14. There's several ways to get there. The easiest is this: On your phone launch Google assistant, swipe up to view your Assistant inbox, tap on your profile in the top right, settings, slide over to Services, find Lists, you should be able to pick Evernote as your default. If this doesn't work, try saying "save a note to Evernote... test", that should change your default back to Evernote.
  15. The feature exists on Windows, Mac, and Android, please bring it to the web client as well. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313488-How-to-see-the-number-of-words-in-a-note
  16. Hence the feature request. Obviously the OCR can see, and highlight text after a search, I see no reason why it cannot then perform a copy/past function to "grab" text from an image. Again, the feature request.
  17. I switched from Google Keep to Evernote because Evernote overall is way more powerful. The one feature I sorely miss from Keep is the ability to use OCR to grab text or handwriting from a picture and turn it into actual text in a note. This is incredibly useful for recipes, handwritten to do or checklists, homework notes, meeting notes, basically, this small feature is super useful. Evernote already has powerful OCR, and can search text within an image, I'd like to be able to pull the text out of an image and into an editable note.
  18. I would recommend making an individual note for each topic. Professional Development (Stack) > Stanford Machine Learning (Notebook) >> Logistic Regression (Note) This is how I have my "library" stack set up. I have a notebook for each book, an individual note for each chapter. Library > Book Title >> Chapter 1: The beginning
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