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  1. Kruger2147

    Google Assistant is hijacking my notes!!!

    There's several ways to get there. The easiest is this: On your phone launch Google assistant, swipe up to view your Assistant inbox, tap on your profile in the top right, settings, slide over to Services, find Lists, you should be able to pick Evernote as your default. If this doesn't work, try saying "save a note to Evernote... test", that should change your default back to Evernote.
  2. Version 8.8, still and issue.
  3. The feature exists on Windows, Mac, and Android, please bring it to the web client as well. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313488-How-to-see-the-number-of-words-in-a-note
  4. Kruger2147

    Grab text from images using OCR

    Hence the feature request. Obviously the OCR can see, and highlight text after a search, I see no reason why it cannot then perform a copy/past function to "grab" text from an image. Again, the feature request.
  5. Just updated to 8.8_beta1, still and issue.
  6. I switched from Google Keep to Evernote because Evernote overall is way more powerful. The one feature I sorely miss from Keep is the ability to use OCR to grab text or handwriting from a picture and turn it into actual text in a note. This is incredibly useful for recipes, handwritten to do or checklists, homework notes, meeting notes, basically, this small feature is super useful. Evernote already has powerful OCR, and can search text within an image, I'd like to be able to pull the text out of an image and into an editable note.
  7. I would recommend making an individual note for each topic. Professional Development (Stack) > Stanford Machine Learning (Notebook) >> Logistic Regression (Note) This is how I have my "library" stack set up. I have a notebook for each book, an individual note for each chapter. Library > Book Title >> Chapter 1: The beginning
  8. Kruger2147

    Reading and book notes

    I suppose I could create a create a Library stack, and create Notebook for each book, then split it up into notes for each chapter. This would likely keep notes smaller, and easily searchable.
  9. Kruger2147

    Reading and book notes

    What tips, if any, do you have for taking down notes an important passages when reading non-fiction for both pleasure and education? My initial thought was to make my highlights, then take a picture of the page in the book. Then I thought as I go through the book, those notes will be filled with images, and get fairly large quite quickly. That would make for pretty slow load times, and slow search, there's probably a better way. What advice, tips, tricks do you have for taking important passages in physical books, and documenting them in Evernote?
  10. Another update today, no version change. Still an issue.
  11. Kruger2147


    The the three dots on your highlight pop-up.
  12. Whenever I click on my bookmark to Evernote, it always load All Notes. I'd like to to load my !Inbox notebook, so I can see what I need to take care of as soon as i load it up. I cannot find a way to do that, short of publishing my notebook, which would then create a public link, and I don't want to do that. Are there any ways that I can set my bookmark and/or browser homepage to go straight to my !Inbox notebook, without making it public?
  13. Just got the app update to Evernote 8.7, this is still an issue. I've tried turning this feature off and on again, force stopping and clearing the cache, didn't help.
  14. Kruger2147


    Agreed, drag and drop functionality for lists would be great.
  15. Kruger2147

    Unknown device listed in Devices list

    1) Definitely contact Evernote directly. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us 2) If you are changing your password to something similar to your old password, or any other password you use, stop. 3) Change the password for your email, and if it asks make sure you revoke access to all other sign ins upon your reset. (if it's Gmail you can do a full security audit of your account). 4)This isn't directly related, but definitely do some research into using a password manager. LastPass, KeyPass, Enpass, and BitWarden are all fantastic, but please do your research.