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How to toggle subscribe & unsubscribe from Reminders within a particular notebook in Evernote Legacy

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As per this image - Once I click yes/no, this dialog no longer appears. 

If I click yes, it shows up in ALL Notes view and I am unable to hide it (at most I can only collapse the list of reminders to the header) 

If I click no, there's no option to show them in ALL notes view again. 

May I know how to toggle them after the fact?

Also, after so long, is there a recurring reminders feature in the latest Evernote client for Windows?



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I can't comment on the Legacy question. I haven't used it for two years...

The V10 apps don'thhave recurring note reminders but the new tasks have the option to recur and tasks can have a reminder. Using a task would be the best option in V10.

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