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  1. I paid for Evernote for 10 years before switching to Bear. After receiving this weird email, it makes me even more certain that I’m not coming back.
  2. Downgrade to the last functional version of Evernote before 8.
  3. .......what? If you did this on your own computer using your own iTunes, there's no way it could possibly know who "that user" is, or be connected to "that user" in any way. I have no idea what you could be referring to. The video worked for me using iTunes on my own computer.
  4. I actually was finally able to use the proxy workaround to download 7.18.1. The video here has helped: Also, the person in that video posted a link to the file in the description. SO much better. It's astonishing how they managed to ***** Evernote in version 8. Having been forced to use it for a few days, it's so nice to be back in 7.
  5. Would you be so kind as to provide me with the Evernote 7.18.1 ipa file so that I can downgrade (upgrade)?
  6. I tried that and the method unfortunately no longer works. The proxy exploit has been patched by Apple.
  7. I was able to restore my iphone entirely in iTunes so I got back 7.18.1 that way, but it was too late for my iPad. I'm still looking for the ipa file if anybody has it. iTunes doesn't seem to be copying the ipa files from my iphone for me.
  8. Evernote 8.0 is a steaming pile of garbage. I'd like to downgrade to the version that was available just prior, which is 7.18.1. Here are easy instructions. Thanks in advance to anybody that could provide this file. Please post here or PM me directly, as this thread will likely be deleted soon. How To Reinstall Older Version App For iPhone
  9. It's mind boggling that they buried tags under "account" then "settings". Tags are so fundamental to Evernote. This was clearly an idea by somebody who never uses Evernote. Even once I'm there, it's just a scrolling list of tags that I can look at. It provides no functionality. Ponderous!
  10. Saved searches are mostly broken (along with everything else) on version 8 iOS. If I touch on a saved search created prior to version 8, it says 0 results no matter how many there actually are, despite displaying several results.
  11. The necessary steps have been provided. You are, unfortunately, not able to assist in any capacity with this bug. Carry on with your blind allegiance.
  12. Here's a newly comical bug in version 8. I'm recording an audio note. The phone timeout locks while the audio is still recording, as I was always able to do in version 7. I come back to the note and it tells me that it has been DELETED! What? I haven't closed the note or touched "done" yet. I'm not submitting any bug report information as I refuse to support any further development of version 8. The release of this garbage version of evernote coincides perfectly with the inauguration of the new garbage president. The two events could not have been timed more perfectly in any universe.
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