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  1. I have been barking on about the Table nightmare that is since EN brought out adjustable tables. It simply doesn't work as expected and don't get me started on sharing or presenting notes that contain tables...
  2. Am I missing something here... Customisable Toolbar is available but no real beneficial ways to customise it? It used to be there and could be used effectively, now I am just confused. Have you guys found ways to utilise the custom feature?
  3. You can stack in EN Business, but it reverts to a Personal Stack as opposed to a Business Stack... See their reply when I brought this to their attention when I first used EN Biz. My Query: When I create a stack of business notebooks, it defaults the stack to brown, should it not default that stack (business notebooks) to the grey for business? Is it something I have done wrong? EN Support Reply: Thanks for your question about this. This is a great question – and a good observation you've made. While you can stack Business Notebooks in your account, the top folder color will always be
  4. Trunk if I know...

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