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  1. @JMichael - Sure why would they make it easy to leave Thanks as always for the reply!
  2. I see you can export all Notes, however when you import them will it maintain the Notebook structure?
  3. Is there a way to export all Notebooks from EN Business to EN Premium? It would be great if you could do this using the export functionality or indeed some DB export / import.
  4. I have been barking on about the Table nightmare that is since EN brought out adjustable tables. It simply doesn't work as expected and don't get me started on sharing or presenting notes that contain tables...
  5. Am I missing something here... Customisable Toolbar is available but no real beneficial ways to customise it? It used to be there and could be used effectively, now I am just confused. Have you guys found ways to utilise the custom feature?
  6. I had a question... How serious do Evernote take Evernote Business? So I went to the forum to see what the hive of activity was in the EN Business section. Most recent post about 5 star escort girls. I think this might go some ways to answering my question.
  7. Where they available online via the web console out of curiosity?
  8. I cannot see why they couldn't facilitate the request, as it is no doubt contractual and billing, they will have to escalate the ticket. I suppose not all people with Premium will host a Business account and hence the switching is enough as is the exporting Prem into Bus etc.. Your request seems legit so I would keep pushing if I were you.
  9. It is something I faced also, but as a user of both now, switching is perfect. I don't own this company therefore should I ever leave I will have a dilemma of detaching "personal" and "business" where as with switching you have two separate instances that can be toggled quickly, but information is stored in two separate databases. Best solution. That said, you can always export EN Prem Notebooks and import them to EN Biz as advised also.
  10. If your in an EN Note and you annotate an image, you then exit the annotation and fall back into the Note. On the Mac it seems to loose the cursor and the only way to get it back is to exit the Note and re-enter? Issue anyone else has seen?
  11. The only really way to "notify" them which is sort of after they have figured it out is to "subscribe to reminders in this notebook" which will allow them to receive change notifications in future. It still doesn't resolve the first join to the Biz Notebook. Something that is lacking in my opinion.
  12. I use a Mac and EN Premium and EN Business on one machine and can switch between both on the Mac. What I suggest you check is the location on the Databases, this might be your issue with EN business 1 and EN business 2 on the one machine, but I cannot see how. If your on Mac (not sure on Windows, sorry) go to EN>About Evernote and then hit the alt key on Mac, it should open a hidden URL - Open Database Folder. What you should see here is possible two folders, in my example my EN Prem and EN Business. But the key is they are not in the same folder / database. What do you see? With respect to the phone, I just use EN Prem on mine. Haven't switched yet, but to be honest, trying to convince myself to roll out EN Business is another discussion!!
  13. It would be interesting if you could share you replies from EN Support. I am also testing a 2 man installation which could grow to 20 and my frustrations are growing, I share the issues you have, sync issues and reliability are the biggest issues for me. OneNote might have to be evaluated soon.
  14. There are sync issues in my opinion on each Application within the Evernote Platform. Be it EN, EN Business, Skitch they all are suffering from reliability and that is what EN was built on. It is asking you to use it to remember everything and it looses your work or isn't making life easy with these issues. I too have had sync issues with EN Business. Same from support, remove, re-install and see what happens. I recently had a case open where I ended up deleting problematic notes, restoring them, sync, delete, empty thrash, sync and somewhere in there I managed to get it back on line.... It is annoying how this product is slipping in my opinion... Maybe OneNote might be worthy of a look... I hate to admit it...
  15. Happened me again today... SO ANNOYING.... You find yourself marking something up slightly, exit to sync, it worked, go back in, mark up, sync to see if it is continuing to work. Not how it should be used!
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