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  1. @JMichael - Sure why would they make it easy to leave Thanks as always for the reply!
  2. I see you can export all Notes, however when you import them will it maintain the Notebook structure?
  3. Is there a way to export all Notebooks from EN Business to EN Premium? It would be great if you could do this using the export functionality or indeed some DB export / import.
  4. I have been barking on about the Table nightmare that is since EN brought out adjustable tables. It simply doesn't work as expected and don't get me started on sharing or presenting notes that contain tables...
  5. These threads are getting ever so quiet... I must admit that I have downloaded OneNote and so far my testing is going well. I am not here to bash Evernote, but it is simply missing what it set out to do. The pain of having to stay with the troubles is getting, well - too much. OneNote is pain free, easy enough to use when you break the hump and doesn't suffer what we have seen with EN over the past, what year? As a Beta tester, we highlight issues and it seems even EN have stopped listening?
  6. Tables seem to be my testing area on these Beta's, so I will continue to focus on that and others. ISSUE: If you have a table 2 x 2 (for example) and populate all rows / columns.Moving the size of the first column seems OK, text changes to the re-size.Now move the second column to shrink or re-size. All seems OK...Try change the size of the first column again... I hope you can't, because I can't..It seems that the first row re-size is locked out the minute you adjust column 2. I guess it would be the same for any amount..? I tried this with a 3 x 3 and it is the very same, you can re-size column 1 and then column 2 and then column 3, but when you adjust column 3 you loose the ability to re-size column 1 and 2. LIGHT BULB! I exit the note and sync, go back in and you have focus on column 1 and 2, until you touch the 3rd column... I don't think this is normal behaviour. This behaviour used to happen with annotation, where you would loose focus once you annotated anything.
  7. Am I missing something here... Customisable Toolbar is available but no real beneficial ways to customise it? It used to be there and could be used effectively, now I am just confused. Have you guys found ways to utilise the custom feature?
  8. @PaperQeen, I tried (I hope) to replicate your issue, I cannot. Using latest 6.0.8 As you say it wasnt showing an active sync, but the behaviour would indicate that sync (background?) was causing this strange behaviour? https://www.evernote.com/l/AVtsEs-t4x9BfoapVhxRdGZYGEcdpshLzIg
  9. JMichael - I had a feeling I was missing something.. Further to this, which is what I expected to happen, showed me that in Expanded Card View, you highlight all Notes and then the Tag button in top right needs to be clicked. Not so user Friendly...? If you are in the other views, it works as described / expected and very user friendly.
  10. It might be a stupid question, but I need to ask it. My structure is that I have a Notebook called Cisco CCNA and inside I have several Notes relating to the Notebook. I want to have consistency on the Tags inside and want each Note to have "CCNA Course" "Cisco" "ICND1" "Training" Can you not group several Notes inside that Notebook (at the minute I am having issue with that crashing my EN) and tag them collectively...? Please help..
  11. My EN has crashed at least 2-4 times from yesterday up until today... Sent crash reports.. One from memory was when I grouped two notes together to see if I could add Tags to both notes.. Can this be done? Either way, it crashed. Another was when I updated to GA and re-opened.. Crash... Seems to be working now.
  12. @JMichael I see my table bug is still present in 6.0.7 GA... Now I am no experienced coder, but if you have BETA testers highlighting errors which are not being resolved or simply being ignored, told that they do not exist - yet we can easily reproduce, what is this forum for? I have been highlighting errors around Table Testing since they released the adjustable tables and some are still there. Worse it is getting and for one I agree with your post relating to the 100M users, I can assure you personally it is one less as my wife's premium subscription is up and I am not paying for it. I have Premium personally and also Business. I will let my Premium expire and look at OneNote for my wife's collaboration. As far as Business is concerned, I cannot get buy in...
  13. I guess this is a closed thread now? No replies from EN to the issues raised..?
  14. Since the Beta update my tables are useless.. I can screen share with any EN Support Engineer who wants to look into this...
  15. There's no reluctance to adding functionality or fixing issues but I have to prioritize what gets worked on based on a number of criteria including the number of people impacted, the frequency, severity and difficulty of fixing the issue and the strategic goals of the company. I appreciate you bringing this up but there are number of issue that rank higher on my fix list for example the crash and the attachment issues reported below. I'm not saying we'll never fix it but we're still working through a number of major issues. We have not fixed the column issue in 6.0.7. This is one of those things that's been difficult for us to reproduce and unfortunately the crash information we're getting back is incomplete. It's really strange that some people see the issue all of the time but most don't. These are the toughest bugs to fix and take a really long time because there aren't any clues for us to go on and the developers can't reproduce the issue so they can see the reason for the crash but we'll keep plugging away. I'll message you directly if we need additional information to help track it down. I think we've finally fixed the context menu being wrong on attachments in 6.0.7. We fixed a majority of the issues in 6.0.6 but there was one more use case where the menu would still be wrong which is probably what you're seeing. I don't think the fix is in the beta but will be in our final release. Unfortunately we still can't reliably reproduce and fix the issue with the attachment inline settings not being remembered. You're right it feels random which makes it even more perplexing. Out of everyone at Evernote, only 2 people run into this issue and we have no idea why only those 2. Again, these are the hardest issues to fix because we can't fix what we can't reliably reproduce. Since it appears to be random and only a small group of people run into the issue it means there isn't something wrong in the logic of the code but it's more subtle than that. For example it could be an OS incompatibility. Are you both on Mavericks? Anyway, we'll keep plugging away. If you happen to figure out a way to reproduce this reliably or see a consistent pattern please send me a direct message. I haven't seen any table issues in 6.0.7 or issues with presentation mode. We actually didn't touch Presentation Mode in 6.0.7 so I'd be really surprised if it worked differently than 6.0.6. If you are seeing issues, please provide more details about the issue you're seeing. A screenshot would help a lot. Thanks to everyone who has tried the beta and commented here in the forums. We are reading through these and it's helping me prioritize upcoming fixes. My table testing - https://www.evernote.com/l/AVsRwczC-PJBhYH_GHGzZn0r0rEjLLR5hxw
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