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  1. Thanks, I was using the chat only about a week ago. Seems to be available for Professional subscriptions.
  2. Hi, Wondering if anyone knows how to access chat support now the new plans have been released? I was a "premium" subscriber, now i appear to have been what I'm saying is downgraded to "personal" which doesn't seem to let me access char support like it did. Any ideas? Wanting to ask EN if they have an ETA on when their paid for Android app will have any features whatsover that take less than 5 minutes to execute, or when most of them will actually work at all. Cheers.
  3. Good point might be possible with webclips, but some forwarded emails just have the HTML box around them. Don't think it's possible with emails. It's all about context and getting the task at the point in the note where the context is. Same thing goes for image annotations, tables, PDF markup etc. etc. It's all basically the same point with different media. That's where my hope is EN tasks will succeed where others fail.
  4. Totally agree, I'd prefer not to see the 'add new task'
  5. I too would love to be able to see due tasks synced on outlook and Google calendars.
  6. Sometimes I have a forwarded HTML email, where my task context is embedded in the HTML. While it's possible to select bits of the HTML text, it doesn't seem possible to create a task out of anything other than the whole HTML email. Would be great to be able to select just a bit of text like it is in a standard text note.
  7. I have a lot of notes that are just there for a single task. Like a forward email that I need to do something with. A result of this is that Task view can look a little cluttered with its expand/collapse for each note. I'd really like to see this compressed (or at least an option to do so) with just one task after another, without the note title above. Then maybe just a button to click to the right of each task that takes you to the note for context.
  8. Yes, would be similar to tables. Just another entity in which you can put your task. There's various stamps you can already put on images which unused to use for a kind of manual Todo/done. If there was just a stamp that added a task that would be great.
  9. @Jack Lynch great to hear. Don't forget filter by stack too
  10. @PinkElephant, just feels like if a task can be embedded at any point in a note in order to provide context, then those points should also include areas in images or PDFs. You can't really contextualise a task if it lives outside the content that makes sense of it.
  11. @buckethead, yes appreciate tasks are in notes, I'm just talking about filtering tasks in task view in the same way that notes can in note view (i.e. by tags and a few other things). It seems really obvious and odd that EN left this out. If someone (me) previously used tags to organise topics rather than notebooks, then it kind of forces you to use notebooks to organise topics if you want to also see your tasks per topic. Otherwise your tasks for every topic are all mixed up together. I think tags are so much more powerful because a note can belong to multiple topics by having multiple tags. Unlike a tag, a note can only be in one notebook, so being forced to use notebooks to organise your tasks takes a lot of usefulness away for me.
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