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  1. Hi, Wondered if anybody has a solution to this. On evernote on iPad, if I choose tags from the main menu, search for a tag and choose it, I can't ever get out of the tags view. If I scroll right up to the top, it seems to miss off the top section of the menu (where 'back' and 'edit' normally live, leaving me with no way out. You can see from the attached photo there's nothing above the search box. The only way to get it to work is to delete the app and reinstall. I don't have this problem on my iPhone. Any ideas appreciated as it renders the thing unusable for me. Cheers, A
  2. Hi, iOS App Store upgrade still not kicking it, no response from support yet. Purchased via web so I can continue working, which works. Seems to be just a problem with App Store purchases as far as I can see? Either way, can somebody combing the forum please refund my App Store purchase? Ticket #266700. Thanks, A
  3. Same here. Ticket #266700. Upgraded via iOS, can't find order number I'm afraid. Cheers, A
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