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  1. Hello, I am not receiving emails from evernote forum since 3 months ago approximately as I show in the 2 pictures attach in the link, explanations of each screenshot in the note: http://www.evernote.com/l/AW4HeRAs1KBFpZvX7-KSiAXPDxPp3C13FaM/ I don't go into the forum everyday so getting mails with update was a very handy feature. Thanks for any help.
  2. In windows 7 with evernote (302292) public, In some changes, pasting a picture or formatted HTML from web or any substantial change, EVEN IF IT IS BY ACCIDENT, the note blinks and there is no more CTRL+Z available, loosing possibilities of going back in any change you make. If it weren't for the history access I would be screwed because, It had happen to me very often that I had a photo selected because I have been working with it, I want to make a Table but forget the picture is selected and when inserting the table the picture disappears, the note blinks and picture is gone forever because there is no CTRL+Z action available, I then go to note history and rescue last note version (lucky me I am premium), copy all content, paste it in screwed note, delete backup file. So my IDEA IS: Increase the buffer for after note update so I can go with CTRL+Z to the beginning and also keep the possibility to go back to the future also by keeping the actual note even if you went previously back, like in note history.
  3. Yeah probably it is like you say. I'll just be carefull and hopefully evernote will improve this in the future. Sorry for the delay answering but for some reason I am not getting emails from the discussions update, in options I have setup to sent emails but I dont get any, don't know if I have to open a new thread asking for this other thing about not receiving mails from this forum. Thanks Gazumped for your time and explanation.
  4. Hello Dave and thanks for helping. My fault for bringing out the note duplication matter, that is a completely different issue It happens when I try to open a file that is already open, instead of telling me it is open or prompt the active opened window to activate mode, instead of that it just creates a copy. Another way is if you are working with a file and the computer suddenly shuts down or evernote crash or you terminate the program from kill process, then evernote do not close the file in the trash and next time you attempt to open the file it just a copy because you manually have to go to the temporary folder of evernote to delete the file that tells evernote that you are working with it. This is how I understand it works: You open a file MyFile.doc If databases\Attachments folder is empty of files related to the OT file then: Evernote creates 3 files in the databases\Attachments ~$ MyFile.doc MyFile.doc.eninfo MyFile.doc You save changes in the file and close it. evernote automatically delete those 3 files and creates a new one: MyFile.doc.backup if you reopen the file, this time it will have 4 files, and no matter if you change the file or not, as soon as you close it, evernote kills the 3 files and updates the MyFile.doc.backup That is how it works if it goes right. If you reopen the file when its open, it will double the number of files by creating a new line with the ending (1) (2), ...., (N), as many copies as you double click in the file to open. ~$ MyFile[1].doc MyFile[1].doc.eninfo MyFile[1].doc MyFile[1].doc.backup ~$ MyFile.doc MyFile.doc.eninfo MyFile.doc MyFile.doc.backup If you don't realize in this moment that you are on a copy, then you will save the changes in the [1] file, and when you close it, evernote will remove the 3 of each line leaving only the backup, and when you reopen, you wont reopen [1], you will open the original one finding out (if you are lucky) that the changes you did does not exist and you have to be smart to go to the temp folder and open the backup file to copy the changes into the original one. All this if you closed the evernote right... What if evernote gets unexpectedly closed for example by hard plugging off your computer or by a crash of evernote for some reason or by selecting evernote in the process list and kill it? That you wont be able to open the original file until you delete all the related files in the temp folder MyFile[1].doc.eninfo MyFile[1].doc MyFile[1].doc.backup So... That's it, I have a workaround, I know how it happens, I know to avoid it I know what to do to make it less pain in the ass... But... It would be awesome if evernote just put a single checkbox in options for every single awesome automated stuff that thinks for itself because, if you think it, almost every problem anyone have with evernote is because evernote force the user to do what he think its right instead of let the user choose. Choosing is the key, I think there should be an option like this: [X] Create a copy of the file if there is a copy of it in the Temp folder when attempting to open the file. I would just uncheck it and would be happy, and the rest of the evernote users could happily make lots of copies of their files and reopen them as many times as they want that I would not care and we would all be happy with the customization possibilities. EDIT: I just realized, It could also be because it could exist different notes with same filename... when opening them at the same time, evernote just adds a [1] [2] etc and internally hook the handler to the file so it should not be a problem but.. I would not be here if there was not a problem at all, so another solution: What if it just, instead of sequentially increase a meaning less counter [1][2][3], .... [N] it would just take SOMETHING UNIQUE about the file, it hash, the ID of the container note or something that would not be confused by accident by another note and create those 3 files with that UNIQUE string?
  5. I really don't like posting to evernote things like this because its time consuming and I don't remember one single time I got evernote to fix or care about something I was crying about, so me writing this shows how annoying this problem is, enough of blah: I wish there was an option to deactivate duplicate notes or files. Countless times I have been modifying a file attached in a note that was actually a copy of my original note and I find out days after the changes when, after opening the file I don't see the changes I know I did until I see there is a little (1) or [1] at the end of my file name meaning I am working with a copy, WTF???? I go to the folder C:\Evernote_PATH\Databases\Attachments, and there are copy's of the same file, named something like this FILENAME[1].xlsm.backup and one with the original name, I delete everything and it works again normal until I attempt to open again the file when the file is already open... Ok.... so lets talk about workarounds. Deleting all that folder seems to work, I have a shortcut in my desk to the [Databases\Attachments] folder and now every time I open a file I look at it's name to see if it has changed and if it has changed, then I close the file, go to the folder, remove everything and reopen it, annoying but it works, the only problem is that I forget sometimes and it happens again. I have lost many hours counting together every time I forget and this happens because I lost all the work, when I realize some times I can fix it starting from the backup file in the evernote temp folder of ***** but other times I accidentally delete the original file, even if you do go with care its impossible not to make a mistake after hours, days, months.... we are humans so... I DID NOT want to come to evernote last year crying about this because I know I am not going to get a solution so , for my excel files, I created this macro so every time I open a workbook, the first thing its going to check is if the filename contains (1) or [1] meaning its a copy: Private Sub Workbook_Open() If InStr(1, Me.Name, "[1]", vbTextCompare) > 0 Or _ InStr(1, Me.Name, "(1)", vbTextCompare) > 0 Then MsgBox "OJO, estas trabajando con una COPIA: " & Me.Name End If End Sub It would be MUCH COOLER if evernote would let me choose if I want to create a new file or not. CREATING A COPY OF AN EXCEL WORKBOOK DOES NOT WORK FOR ME I do not need a copy of any of my files, If I want to make a copy, I ctrl+c and ctrl+v and rename to whatever I want... The automatic auto copy and rename of a file in the temporal folder [Databases\Attachments] is the worse time consuming piece of programming ***** I have step into evernote in the past 2.5 years and I literally hate not having control over my files. Also related with duplicating notes in the conflicting changes... I wish there were also an option to forbid evernote to duplicate any of my notes, I prefer loosing last changes rather than having a note magically duplicated by that global wonderful mind of evernote that always knows what is best for me. I don't expect any changes from evernote but.... like lottery, if you don't buy there is no chances of winning, and to find another reason to think that this letter was not a completely waste of time, I'd like to think that maybe someone with my same problem finds that VBA warning code useful for their excel projects integrated with evernote.
  6. CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE, yeah it's that, it's close to the C and did the same to other note. Thank you very much.
  7. Hello, I was trying to add a checkbox to a note in windows CTRL+SHIFT+C, I don't know what I did that I pressed something different and my note closed and when I reopened it was all in plain text without any format. I could not use CTRL+Z to undo because of the note closing so I have to revert the note from Historial (thanks I am premium) Ok, the thing is that I tried to reproduce my mistake because I want to know how it happened but I am unable to reproduce it. Does anyone knows what I am talking about and could please share the combination keys that did that mess? Thanks ahead,
  8. Windows 7 Professional ServicePack 1Evernote (276152) Public Just checking if this is normal behavior or a bug. I scroll down in a note, find a link, press on a link to another note that opens that link in the actual window, press back triangle at top left next to username to go back and the note appears in the top, but in the vertical scroll bar on the right it shows the correct position, so just clicking it and moving it a little up or down it you get to the screen point you were in the viewer window. Bug or normal behavior? PS: It doesn't bother me most of the time except with pictures, I explain it better: Since there is no option to resize an image not loosing quality on a note and viewing a huge image in a note its really annoying, I do the next: Create a note with the full image, and create a thumbnail in photoshop, I forget about the big image and put the thumb instead, link it to the big image and whenever I want to see the big image I just click on a link and then go back to keep watching images, but it becomes annoying that every time I go back, the page containing 100 images appears at the top and I have to scroll down to each one.
  9. Hello EN Team, I would appreciate any answer, i am really stuck with the sharing properties. Is there any way to at least preserve static a public URL even if you unshare and reshare? I care less about clonning issue or the two different url but I am really interested on a never changing public URL. Thanks again.
  10. Some questions about what is behind sharing un-sharing a public note. I have gone deep in trying to understand de basics of sharing a note, starting from this manual, followed by some interesting post I have found though this Google search bounded to this forum But I still don't get some things about sharing so I list them below accompanied with a title for each clue and videos to make it more entertainment to follow in case anyone even care about this, Title: Public multi URL (Android EN & Desktop EN) Why are there two public URL (that I know, maybe more) in a single note? Supposing that there are two public URL that links the same note, Why isn't there any section (apparently) to control the public URL generated in Android EN? and why one single checkbox in [Note / Share / Modify Sharing] controls both URL? A workaround to know whether the checkbox affects one or both URL: The combination of searching "Sharedate:*" plus verifying from a note in that search result that in options [Note / Share / Modify Sharing] the checkbox is unchecked is the only way I have to guess that the note is shared though Android EN, but this only works as far as the Checkbox is unchecked or in other words, if the checkbox is checked means that the Public URL from Desktop EN is activated and just in this case I have found no way of telling if both URL are activated or only the Desktop EN public link. Also noticed there is no textbox that allow us to copy the Android EN Public link (not that I need it, I still don't understand the need of more than one public URL, just pointing that out) Here is the video demonstrating the above explanation, "A video is worth a thousand pictures or a million words". EVERNOTE: Two different public links for one single note commanded by one only checkbox Tile: Public URL mutant ability: Why a public URL have to change after disabling / re-enabling the checkbox in the sharing options? So if I have posted a public note in a static web or shared it with someone, if for some reason I disable the public note, I will have to re-send the new URL to all the people that wants it (of course if I remember who I sent it to) and all web pages will remain with the broken link. The other day, someone asked me for the public link from a note, he told me how fabulous was to always have access to that information updated in real time from my note, he asked me if it was always going to be the same URL because he wanted to make it static, I said I could not confirm by saying yes and tried to explain how I think public sharing note works and he got confused and bored and that's when I thought that it is confusing for me too, I know how it works but from my point of view it's confusing. Here is a video where you can see how I regenerate three times the URL making the previous ones obsolete. EVERNOTE: Public URL changes after each time switching public sharing [on/off] Title: Note magic cloning property This is my favourite, there are some situations at which, if you are lucky, a note is magically duplicated without your knowledge. If you are not careful or you are unaware, this could be leading to some possible disasters; it has happened to me that, before I knew cloned notes goes to "Conflicting changes" notebook, I was editing the cloned note without knowing it even was a clone, and then when I discover it was duplicated I erased the wrong one because the clone date was higher and tricked me to choose wrong with the hurries of the moment. So If there where an option in somewhere that said "Check this if you want to activate the cloning note property ", it would have almost 100% chances to be always disabled. I really don't think that I am ever going want to see any of my notes duplicated, and if that day comes, I know there are many options to clone it but always with my permission. So here I share two videos showing two ways of creating "notes with conflicting changes", there are probably more ways, I can swear it has happened in at least 4 different situations but I could only reproduce this two that I share in the video, and if I have found four there are probably many more ways like the Easter eggs in computer games that for each one I found I miss three. EVERNOTE: A Evernote note that clone's itself after doing some sharing procedure (Episode 1) EVERNOTE: A Evernote note that clone's itself after doing some sharing procedure (Episode 2) So that's all for the sharing, feel free to comment on any of the questions, any revealing answer is highly appreciated. I hope you liked my review and the videos. Thanks for your time and Regards.
  11. Hello EN Team, I am interested in knowing if this feature of selecting image of your choice will ever be available and if it will, when will it be. I have read over the pages but there are many answers so I am a little confuse. Thanks for your time in answering.
  12. Here is the mobile phone picture: http://www.evernote.com/l/AW7wpCl476xL0rM58Zk8nXAj_H9LABE4Li8/
  13. Ok, my fault, "bla" was just an example, I thought it happed with anything that had a dot on it, in my example was with a .com that holds a backup of my domain so I guess it only happens in some cases, name the folder "anything.com" and try again. Next time I find any other bug I'll just come with the real example as it is. Sorry I forgot , the version I am using is " (275837) Public" I run Windows 7 Profesional
  14. Not sure if calling this a bug and is not even a problem, just so you know it exist. In windows 7, when creating a shortcut from a folder, I copy the folder and paste into a note, but if the name of the folder has a dot, like "MYFOLDER.BLA", when clicking the link will trigger a popup warning us from the risk of opening a file which in reality is a folder. Regards.
  15. Changing in the registry the 3 values (ShowContext, ShowContextFLE, ShowContextNotifications) works great under location regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote But for those who doesn't want to touch the registry I also get the same effect without touching the registry by un-checking all checkboxes under Tools / Options ---> in the tab [CONTEXT]
  16. How is it the locking feature request going? any news? it would be awesome to have locked secured notebooks, even if it goes out of the search, I am not friend of multi account and rather have everything in the same account. I have some very personal pictures in some notes and sometimes I want to show people something on EN and makes me nervous that I have to be very accurate in typing the keywords so EN doesn't accidentally shows any of the "secret" material I have. Regards
  17. I would suggest you delete them, they are going to be in the trash unless you confirm delete, you can restore them at any time but while in the trash they won't appear on searches or on any list and the only way to see them is going to the trash. I laugh every time I use this technique since I think so many people have the same issue and evernote refuses to even care so we have to be playing with the garbage all the time to have a workaround. Regards
  18. When trying to search for the word add-in in my notes, I get all the notes with the add word subtracting all the notes with the word in I know the symbol minos (-) before a word is to take the following word out of the results but for god heavens, not when the minus is part of a word with no spaces before the minus sign. For the search to trough the right results, I have to quote the word which is very annoying “Add-in” It should work like this Add-in (With no spaces) find all the notes containing string “Add-in” Add -in (With space before minus sign) find all the documents that contain Add but not the word in.
  19. Hello, thanks for the fast answer and sorry BurgersNFries for the confusing question, Yes spg SCOTT it was exactly those 3 questions, 1.Probably activating a gift card, thanks for the research. 2. Yes, I didn’t know if that was dangerous to share or not, I feel better knowing it is safe to share this way. 3. Ok, the steps I did are as follows, in Windows XP Professional with SP3, from Chrome with Evernote Web Clipper: I saved it as full page, then I opened it in Evernote Desktop, delete some stuff then from Sharing options, select option of "Copy Note URL to ClipBoard"I think it is because I took it in full page and then mess it up with deleting tables and stuff, I think it’s better to create a note from scratch or just save it from evernote Clip with just the article not the full page. Thanks for everything, I think all my questions about this matter are answered. Regards.
  20. Hello, I was just wondering how I got a gift in my account like a month ago. I attach an Evernote’s link with a snapshot of the description. The explanation details are in the note. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s366/sh/e300476f-b933-44ac-8186-44292df3040e/f81b49c9f559a19018d269fcd183b60a One last question, is there any chance that by clipping a note from my web account while I am logged with Evernote’s web clipper and then sharing that note like I have done now, put any of my information in risk? Like to say, my personal token or something like that? And one last last question, why is that shared note embebed in a really small frame inside another frame, both with a vertical scroll bar all inside a general also small Evernote Container instead of show a regular web page like what I see when I open the note in my web explorer? Thanks.
  21. Hello thanks for your reply I currently use Windows XP, and in my SG3 I use Android 4.1.2. I understand what you say and I will include the created time in the filename before uploading to EverNote so thanks for that tip. However, it would be great if EverNote implements the folder behavior I talk about in the first post. Thanks for your attention.
  22. I am Spanish, any weird construction of the sentences that may occur in my exposure of the problem could be because of translation problems. I may sound angry or mad but I am really not, sorry in advantage for that, I am a really happy user of EverNote with a recently purchased pro account and willing to upload all my documents as soon as I am able to upload them with the Created time on them. I have seen a similar question here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34308-controlling-date-used-by-evernote/ but instead of providing a solution, the answer is to explain that “there is no need to save that original data in the file”, those are not the exact words but, it says that the notes does save the creation time of the note“dohhh”, and that if you upload many files, which one would you use as the note creation time?. Ok that post was just to point out I am not the only one who thinks that loosing creation time or modified time in files it is a very big problem for people who depend of creation time of the files for many reasons that I don’t have to explain to anybody, it’s important to me and that is enough to take it under consideration for the developers or at least to provide an alternative to achieve that issue. HERE IS THE PROBLEM EXPLAINED. I have had many files been uploaded and downloaded for the past 10 years though many different services (ftp, mail, and recently those increasing cloud services (dropbox, google drive, etc)), and creation time never changes (except for some actions) most of the time it just doesn’t change after uploading and redownloading it, I know is not the same file, but most of those services takes the time to add to the copied file the modified and creation time of he original file to make a more exact copy of all the attached information inherent to the file though all its existence from the very first creation in the very first time, like for example: I take a picture, yeah it also lose the tags attach to them, geoposition, etc. Instead of this behavior (getting the exact same file after uploading and downloading ) that I am expecting, what I get is a recently created file, I’ll put an example to explain myself clearer. Maybe I am doing something wrong, this is what I do: 1. I create a note, it has the =now() time which is good, I want the note to have the creation time of the note and if I want to change that time, I also can (so here everything is good). 2. I attach a file to it, properties of my file in windows says: 3. I upload it to evernote lets say yesterday December 10, 2013 at 17:30h, 4. I download it in another or same location with the available options I could find in EverNote, and imagining it’s the next day 11, 2013 at 18:00h, now the file information says It doesn’t have the original information (December 26 June 2003, 08:29:56), nor even the information from when I uploaded (December 10, 2013 at 17:30h), It has the download time information so this is pointless in many ways. Sorry for the long post, the program is awesome but I wanted to make clear the importance for some people to preserve the created time of a file. It doesn’t matter how many files do I attach to a note I think the note should act as a storage folder for those files, like a folder from windows where the folder can have one created time (like the note in evernote) and the files under it can have their own creation time (like the files in a folder). Thanks for your attention.
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