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  1. Ok. I will just wait for next update hopping they will fix whatever is wrong. Thanks to both of you for your help.
  2. Ok, I tap magnifying glass, enter the word and not pressing any search button does not automatically show the full search results. Only displays a list of notes where the word is included in the title, so I guess it only works for title search. As an example, writing [amigo] shows 18 results and to get this same result in windows desk the equivalent search is [intitle:amigo*] but writing [amigo] should throw out 466 results instead of 18.
  3. Thanks for replying. How do I enter words without taping the icon? edit: I have some saved searches shortcuts that when I press it shows results really fast but, is this means that I have to add any word I want to search in the form of a shortcut?
  4. Android version: 7, Rom name: Superman-Rom, Rom Date: 23.12.17 Edit: My current version in evernote App under Settings / Support displays "current version is 8.9" This has been happening for about 2 weeks and today I decided to reinstall Evernote app and is still not working I have seen a similar problem in this topic with no apparently solution and I am not sure that is the same problem: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119365-search-not-working/ I type any search and a circle starts spinning like searching but that goes forever. Also, In the left menu, the synci
  5. Very annoying thing about this shortcut is, 0. It does not allow multiple notes, so you have to go 1 by 1 in the most annoying way: 1. I Ctrl+h, intro word, but pressing enter doesn't work, you have to go to the button with the mouse. 2. Go to next note and the dialog box disapear, you have to press Ctrl+h again, no problem but. 3. Text has disapear, you have to input the word again, and again, unless you use the paperclip. Not very friendly user from my point of view.
  6. Brilliant idea the searching and replace though all of your notes, I was looking for exactly same thing. About DTLow questions of if it should replace inside documents... I am assuming that he is referring only to plain text or at least that is what I would expect but if they are capable of implementing such a complex tax and offer it as options it would be awesome but... I doubt they will develop such a powerful tool. I also agree evernote should Completely agree, another great idea. People should come to this post and thumbs up so they can hear us finally.
  7. Same issue. It worked perfect a week ago and I have not install or do anything new. Long press on image and select annotate does nothing even after restart phone in sg7 android 7 and reinstalling evernote.
  8. You know what would be really usefull? A evernote historial where you could see what I have searched and the inmediate note I open right after I search it. And a counter or something, in that case, evernote could easily see I have searched like 200 times the word "killllll" and see the only note attached to it I always open after the search and the chances to loose a note would decrease considerally. Ok, it does not happen often, but if it happens how do you get it? is a riddle. The historial thing I just explained would save lots of trouble by linking a frequently searches to the
  9. I don't have a local notebook and the activity log under (help / activity log in windows) only shows activity for today and note has been gone for days because it is also missing in my laptop that I sync once a week and last time I used the note was like 2 weeks ago that is last time I restarted my computer... Unbelievable that a note magically disappeared, can not still believe it, so stupid the idea of a note disappearing in evernote xD. Like if I say now that the world is flat.
  10. It is the first time (that I am aware of) that a note has completely disappeared, like if it never existed, a note that I use a lot. The good thing is that the note was not important, it contained and excel xlsm that I execute manually every time I startup windows to kill laggy programs. One of its main keywords was killlllllll (unique through all my 15k notes) and now "killl" does not gives any results. I have look up in the trash and in the web and I just don't feel like contacting evernote because no one could ever fix the fact that a note has disappeared, vanished from “ever”note, and
  11. Thanks gazumped , I really appreciate your effort but I could not get the note back. There was no luck, it is completely gone, I can not explain what happened because I don't know. I have had that note for months and access its historical database many times and if I ever delete a note I do it manually and I am sure I didn't delete it because (I have delete button removed from my keyboard and I use context menu to delete if I want to delete something) I only have to go to trash but in this case it has not gone anywhere, its completely and absolutely gone, except some 3 magical clones tha
  12. Hi DTLow, I am paid user, I use history many times but in order to access note history you must first access the original note, (if there is another way to access history I don't know), I only have access to three clone notes of the original one but cannot find the original note that contains the history. I have not make those clones, I never clone a note. If it were for me, I would just disable the cloning feature that likes to clone a note every time it finds conflicting stuff creating all this cloning note stuff. But the point is that, I have three clone notes of the note I am looking
  13. Hello, One of my biggest notes that I almost use every day have disapeared, I have also found three clones of the same note, one from 2 days ago in conflictive changes and two in the inbox. They look exactely the same except two of them are missing the information I added yesterday and all of them has no history and I should have a long history of months editing and adding new info every day. I I have been using like this other 5 notes for different subjects and all of them have all their history, this has only happen once in three years that I have been with evernote but for me l
  14. Same thing to me with Chrome 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) under Windows 7 Professional with SP1, I have also reinstall the clipper extension. I saved my last clipped note from youtube was last Monday 2017-08-28 and the next day (last Tuesday) I was unable to clip normally. It basically treats YouTube as a regular web page and when it saves the page it doesn't prompt a pop up telling me I successfully clipped the page that I usually use as a shortcut to the evernote desktop application.
  15. Ok, now I am understanding better how it works, this happens in notes where the first thing you do is to add an image, then the image will be always rectangle even if you add some text if you fist add text and then the image, then the thumbnail become square. But in the case where the image is already showed as rectangle because it was first added with no text on the note, will always remain rectangle no matter how much text or images you add unless you cut the image (been the only image left) and then paste it (I say been the only one because if you cut it, the note chooses th
  16. Ok, I have founded a weird workaround... If the note has more than 1 picture, I remove all of them except the one with the icon I want, and copy that image, delete it and paste it again, and in order for this to work I have to add some text before the image then paste it and the icon square now appears. If some text fails then copy the notelink from another note and paste it into the new note, then paste the image and it should appear square, at least for me works and now I can keep working, sorry for my tone this was driving me crazy, not the best solution but is fast and let me keep goi
  17. Hello. This has been happening since years ago but it become more annoying while the more I get used to Evernote, no idea yet why it happens, sometimes the notes I create displays a rectangle thumbnail instead the square and I cannot find any option to disable the rectangle feature. I have search similar issues but no solution: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39674-archived-sometimes-bigger-thumbnail-of-image-included-in-the-note/?locale=es If I CTRL+A+Copy a note with square thumbnail and CTRL+A+paste in the conflicting note then it shows a square and now I can delete carefull
  18. In windows desk, the two icons ("at" symbol and "eye" symbol) on top left of an image for editing image annotations tends to disappear when image is inside a table and that forces me to move the image out for the icons to show up, edit it and then move it back to its original position and this becomes very difficult and messy and time consuming in long tables. Is this a bug? and if is not, how do I edit annotation without moving the image out of the table? Many thanks
  19. Hello EN Team, I am interested in knowing if this feature of selecting image of your choice will ever be available and if it will, when will it be. I have read over the pages but there are many answers so I am a little confuse. Thanks for your time in answering.
  20. I would suggest you delete them, they are going to be in the trash unless you confirm delete, you can restore them at any time but while in the trash they won't appear on searches or on any list and the only way to see them is going to the trash. I laugh every time I use this technique since I think so many people have the same issue and evernote refuses to even care so we have to be playing with the garbage all the time to have a workaround. Regards
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