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  1. my status is so similar to this now I think the WIn version is getting messed up too, not sure about keep it, but maybe onenote, since they have a collapsible list which is a requested for so many many years along with other requested feature, for a paid users, I see the values is losing... apparently the company direction is to get more users by optimizing the mobile app, but the foundation is getting lose... i have been so loyal for so many years, and tbh this makes me feel sad
  2. I am organizing my Evernote notes on OneNote right now, and I really don't want to do this......!
  3. I have subscribed Evernote for almost 10 years and I am so disappointed that evernote never give us the collapsible text feature it's always so hard to get back onto where we are working on after closing a note with a lot of text evernote is a note editing software, and it is not allowing people to work on longer notes....................... setting so disappointed, please just give us this:
  4. do something for constant improvement please, Evernote otherwise it's kinda driving people off🙄
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