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  1. I was gonna propose the same thing. For example I would love to have one (or two) "general info" notes pinned/featured/stuck on top of a notebook. Hope this will be realized.
  2. I web pages you can use # references, a similar functionality in EN would be great.
  3. Hello there, I use EN windows client a lot. On my private PC, on my office workstation... Currently the default notebook setting is shared on all devices. But I'd like to use a different default notebook on different installations (one for private use at home, one for work ... at work). Best regards, Tom.
  4. For notebooks it is possible to set a unique style. Please enable the same feature for notebook folders, too. Cheers, Farbauti.
  5. And? What's your point here? There's a shortcut key for print, new note, etc, too, but there are also buttons for convenience...
  6. There is no print-preview button to choose for the toolbar. Before I print a note, I need to check the preview. Nowadays I have to select print-preview from the function menu. See: http://www.evernote.com/l/AKbLxuThuuZIGo4ctpGsfThb9mwh-0rh5OU/ Cheers, Tom.
  7. It's funny that this most-basic function has to be discussed at all
  8. Please implement CTRL+SHIFT+V as "paste as text/plain" which inserts ASCII/UTF-8 characters only. Thank you.
  9. Hi, thanks gazumped for pointing me to this thread. Unfortunately I have the very same issue. In short: There is no way to paste text as actually plain text. And what's even worse: A pasted text with any format cannot be converted into "unformatted" at all. Please see details (my ticket) too: https://evernote.directly.com/p/evernote-how-to-paste-unformatted-text-3676309?r=3538833 It cannot be that I have to use a separate text editor as an intermediate step only to get rid of formatting! Cheers
  10. Now, 2 Years later I still have the same problem.... http://www.evernote.com/l/AKYQzolx0tNHV4o-CUkMwIxd-kmuq923jFA/
  11. I used to work a lot with the shortkey "win + print screen" to capture a part of the desktop. With windows 10 this shortkey is defined by windows itself (=save a screenshot automatically). Still Evernote's default for screen capturing is the same combo. Anyone know how to disable the windows internal shortkey?
  12. I have some notebooks shared with my wife. One of this notebooks is no longer visible at my wife's windows Evernote. Why is that? We tried to re-install (ha ha, always the first solution from support) EN. I took away the share and gave new permissions. All to no avail. Also the sharing dialog looks strange. I can 'publish' but not 'share'... So, what's wrong with sharing? And why does EN introduce new features (chat) when the existing features are not even working? Cheers.
  13. Hello there, I use one "shopping list" note that uses checkboxes. Regularly when I check/uncheck checkboxes, some are synchronized, some are not. So when I look at this note later, I find some boxes checked on Evernote/windows, but unchecked in the iPhone app. Or vice versa. Both applications indicate that their content is up-to-date, but apparently some info got missing. I already opened a ticket (#795174) for this issue. I was asked for details and was happy to provide them. But there is no progress at all. Quite disappointing. Cheers
  14. But it does not work in EN windows 5.7 either (sorry, I just realised that this thread covers an old version)
  15. Have Office & Outlook 2013 installed. All 64bit - no Evernote. Disappointing. Will there ever be a fix? Or everNote? Cheers
  16. You know, there is a difference between 'moving' and 'removing' right? Just because I don't need/want WORK CHAT on the most prominent postition of the sidebar does not mean, I want to get rid of it altogether.
  17. First of all let me thank you for this innovation. I'm happy to have a chat on my computer at last. Ok, sorry, this was sarcastic - I really don't see the need for yet another chat system, but that's just my gusto. Nevertheless I tried the chat and the first thing I wanted to get rid of, is the annoying notification that pops up with each and every response. How can this notifications be disabled? Second, it's a good idea to have "work chat" in the left panel, but I'd like to have this shortcut appear lower in the list. How can this item be moved? Cheers.
  18. EN Support just don't care. I offered my help, too. But no response
  19. Evernote sucks not. The idea behind evernote I find brilliant. It's just a pity that some apps really perform poorly. If you think the iPad app is bad, please try the app on surface rt - it will not even start
  20. Hello there, Since I have my Surface RT I struggle with this fine app (not even the beta - just the official one from the MS AppStore). I waited for some update - never came. I waited for Win8.1RT - it came, but no improvement to the EN app. Now it crashes every time I try to start the app. I really would like to send you a full set of logfiles (Applog, Eventlog, WERfile) but the form on your support page only let me attach graphic files. To be frank, I don't have the impression, EN support or developers really care about the Windows/Surface/RT app, what is disappointing
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