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  1. Having been a user/customer of Evernote for many years. I have been forced onto the community forum only because I have experienced problems with the version of the software. I can understand trying to make the system common across all platforms, but if that means there are losses to everybody, then is this direction correct? If somebody could sum the quantity of times that the recommended solution is to use the 'legacy' version, then perhaps there may be a rethink of the 'across all platforms' requirement. However, I expect there will not be a change. Suffice to say that when the legacy version is no longer functional (for whatever reason) and if fonts and printing are not resolved, then I'll be taking my subscription elsewhere.
  2. Add me to this thread please. A gigantic leap backwards. All the fonts are missing. I've gone back to the legacy version. I can also print from the legacy version which I cannot from the new version. What is Evernote doing? Awful. And we pay for this crud.
  3. We can change font colours in the Windows version, but not in Android. Font colour change is very useful - can I please request that this be made possible in the Android version.
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