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  1. I have the same problem with 7.6.1 chrome clipper in Windows 10.
  2. I'm having the same issue with 1 of my 3 Win 10 computers that I use. This started about 3-4 months ago.
  3. I'm not sure I'm glad it isn't just me, but maybe this will let someone at EN know about it and figure something out. I was able to email it to myself also, so there do appear to be a couple of ways to recover it. Thanks!
  4. I have been noticing that PDF files (could be other file types, I just use more PDF's) will occasionally not be viewable in a note. I use the snippet view, and you can see the outline of data in the middle snippet, but on the RH side where you normally can view the note, it's not there. I emailed it to myself and it still comes through in an email, but I cannot click on it to open the PDF. I'm trying to upload a couple of snips of the evernote desktop to show what I'm trying to say. The 2 files that I highlighted are supposed to be the same thing...in one (20150921102719.pdf) you cannot see anything but the file name while in the other you can see the start of the letter. Ideas or help?
  5. Been a happy Nook user until today when they tell me EN no longer compatible with my Nook Tablet...today I don't recommend the Nook. Maybe some day I will again, but not today!
  6. I just got out of my 4th chat help (of the day) with Nook and this 4th guy finally told me that Evernote is no longer compatible with my Nook Tablet. Of course this was AFTER I had done an unregister, re-register, etc. Why the 1st person couldn't have told me this instead of having me unregister, I'll never know. Supposedly because Evernote upgraded, now the Nook won't handle it. I finally got him to send it to the techies to see about upgrading the Nook. Of course, this will probably take some time, but the more people go to Nook help chat and complain the fast it will get done. And remember, DON'T unregister your Nook...it WILL NOT help!
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